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Governor Brown appoints Glen Diehl to Morrow County Justice Court

Governor Kate Brown announced today that she will appoint Glen G. Diehl to the position of Justice of the Peace of Morrow County, filling a vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Annetta L. Spicer. Diehl, who is currently a community service work crew supervisor in the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office, has worked in law […]
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New Oregon rule blunts ICE courthouse arrests

The rule is intended to maintain court access for immigrants. But ICE has signaled it’ll continue to make arrests. Citing a need to protect the integrity of the judicial system, Oregon’s top judge adopted a rule Thursday, Nov. 14, intended to restrict the ability of federal immigration agents from making arrests in the state’s courthouses. […]
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Editorial: Deschutes court system steps up on foster cases

If Oregon is going to improve the way it cares for children in its foster system, it’s going to take commitment and leadership. That’s why residents of Deschutes County should be proud of the judges and staff of the Deschutes County Circuit Court. They have made the state’s most vulnerable children a priority, giving them […]
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When mothers allege child abuse by fathers, the mothers often lose custody, study shows

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story via the link below, state employees can access this Washington Post story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Too often, advocates say, family courts don’t believe mothers’ claims of […]
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Pendleton no longer can jail poor for court debt

Angela Minthorn in 2017 spent 55 days in jail for owing little more than $1,000 to the Pendleton Municipal Court. She sued the city in 2018 because of that incarceration. The city settled with her in April and agreed to pay out $130,000. The city also had to stop throwing poor people in jail for […]
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Oregon courts would no longer inquire about defendants’ immigration status under bill sent to Governor Brown

Courts in Oregon could not ask criminal defendants about their immigration status under a measure approved along party lines in the Oregon Senate Wednesday. Source: Oregon courts would no longer inquire about defendants’ immigration status under bill sent to Governor Brown – oregonlive.com

Texts remind defendants to show up

C u in court. Courts around the country are embracing text messages as a way to nudge people into showing up for their hearings. On any given day, up to half of defendants fail to show up for their scheduled proceedings. No-shows cost the courts time and money, and can cost defendants their freedom. Public […]
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Veterans court may be collateral damage in immigration fight

Three decades ago, Lori Ann Bourgeois was guarding fighter jets at an air base. After her discharge, she fell into drug addiction. She wound up living on the streets and was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. But on a recent day, the former Air Force Security Police member walked into a Veterans Treatment Court after […]
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In Clatsop County, a pretrial release policy shows promise

Data analyzed after first year. One of the biggest fears of pretrial release is that criminal defendants who get out of jail will commit new crimes. In the year after Clatsop County created a pretrial release policy that takes a scientific approach to measuring risk, the initial data is reassuring. Source: In Clatsop County, a […]
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Can Technology Make the Civil Court System More Accessible?

The number of people involved in a civil court case without a lawyer has increased ninefold in 25 years. Pew Charitable Trusts wants to fix that problem with the help of technology. Pew Charitable Trust wants to make the non-criminal legal system easier to navigate without lawyers, and technology is a key component to their […]
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