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Gomberg: How Did it Get to Be November?? | Opinion

Fall Back – or Not?? Feeling sleepier than normal? The sun will be coming up earlier, and the home commute will be darker as Daylight Savings Time ended yesterday. But didn’t the Oregon Legislature vote to keep daylight savings time year-round and eliminate the changes? Yes we did! Washington did too! But before we can […]
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Daylight time all year? Not this year

If you’re still adjusting to the time change that kicked in Sunday, you’re not alone. Americans have griped about it for years — while consoling themselves with the “extra hour of sleep” that comes with the fall-back return to Standard Time. It does see like a disruption that doesn’t need to happen, and state legislatures […]
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Editorial: Reconsider move to permanent daylight time

Oregon lawmakers decided during the 2019 legislative session that Pacific Standard Time had to go. They approved a bill that could drop standard time in favor of daylight saving time for all of Oregon but the portion of Malheur County that is on Mountain time. It was an ill-thought-out idea, and lawmakers should repeal the […]
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Editorial: Time-change tyranny returns this weekend

Saturday night or Sunday morning will bring a recurrence of the dreary ritual in which we drag our weary, sleep-deprived selves through our households and duly change every clock, not to mention every device that features some sort of clock. The only good thing is that since we’re switching this weekend from daylight saving time […]
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Clocks change again Sunday. But hey, didn’t our lawmakers vote for year-round daylight time?

It’s time to fall back again this weekend. You’ll get to change your clocks from daylight time to standard time for maybe the last time. More likely though, it won’t be the last time as West Coast states and provinces strive to sync their adoption of permanent daylight saving time. Source: Clocks change again Sunday. […]
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Oregon lawmakers embraced permanent daylight saving time, but time will rewind on Sunday anyway

Get ready for an earlier sunrise — and afternoon commutes in the dark. Daylight saving time ends Sunday. Source: Oregon lawmakers embraced permanent daylight saving time, but time will rewind on Sunday anyway – oregonlive.com

Oregon’s Daylight Saving Legislation Is Law, But Is It Living On Borrowed Time?

November 3rd is when Oregonians move the clock back an hour. But what’s that? Didn’t the legislature and governor nix Daylight Saving Time this year? As KLCC’s Brian Bull explains, yes…and no. Senate Bill 320 was signed into law this year.  It keeps most of Oregon in year-round Daylight Saving Time, meaning no switching hours. […]
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Oregon Passed a Permanent Daylight Savings Bill, But We’ll Still Be Falling Back This Year

Despite the passage of Oregon Senate Bill 320, which is intended to put Oregon on daylight saving time permanently, clocks will still be “falling back” an hour in November.  The bill itself was passed and signed into law this June, and will come into effect January 2020. However, its implementation is a bit more complicated. […]
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Oregon gets ready to fall back

Oregon passed a law earlier this year that would abolish the clock changes, but Oregonians will still be in the business of “falling back” one hour to standard time or “winter hours” on Nov. 3. Source: Oregon gets ready to fall back

Year-round Daylight Saving Movement Gets Another Nudge, This Time From Canada

The movement to “ditch the switch” just got a push from British Columbia, where residents signaled they are keen to join Washington state and Oregon on permanent daylight saving time. But in California, a new snag cropped up. Source: Year-round Daylight Saving Movement Gets Another Nudge, This Time From Canada . News | OPB