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Editorial: Canal piping project improves water management in the Deschutes Basin

Drink water? This should matter to you. The Upper Deschutes basin has an estimated annual median water shortage of 135,000 acre-feet with up to 350,000 acre-feet in dry years. An acre foot is the amount of water to cover an acre in one foot of water. In short, it’s short a lot. Source: Editorial: Canal […]
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Deschutes Basin habitat conservation plan decision expected by December

Plan would increase winter flows of Deschutes to support frogs, fish. A decision on whether or not to approve the Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan, which seeks to establish flow rates for the Deschutes River for the next three decades, is on track to be made by the end of this year. The U.S. Fish […]
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Guest column: $1 billion is too much to give irrigation districts in these times

A recent guest column author argued that the solution for water shortages in the Deschutes River Basin is large canal piping projects for irrigation districts funded by the public, instead of much cheaper water market solutions. What he completely ignores is the cost of the large pipes, around $1 billion. In this economic crisis that […]
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Editorial: Basin could use some help for solving water issues

Millions of dollars. Widespread agreement on contentious issues. Changes in laws and regulations. With those three things, all of the water issues in the Deschutes Basin could be solved. So it’s simple, right? Source: Editorial: Basin could use some help for solving water issues | Opinion | bendbulletin.com

Swalley Irrigation District to pipe entire canal network

For more than a century, Swalley Irrigation District has tapped the Deschutes River with a series of antiquated canals and ditches, technologies that by themselves cause water loss due to seepage. Now the district says it will fully reverse this trend and pipe its entire canal network. Source: Swalley Irrigation District to pipe entire canal […]
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Comment period extended for Deschutes Basin plan

The public comment period has been extended by 15 days for the Deschutes River Habitat Conservation Plan, a potentially landmark document that will impact how water is used in the Deschutes River basin for decades to come. The public comment period, which was set to expire Nov. 18, will close on Dec. 3, according to […]
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Guest column: What about water quality in the Habitat Conservation Plan?

Last June, Portland General Electric released a comprehensive, multiyear water quality study of Lake Billy Chinook, the rivers that supply it and the lower Deschutes River into which water is released. Among other things, the report showed the Crooked River contains significant amounts of pollution. This pollution combined with sunlight generates suspended algae on the […]
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Deschutes basin conservation plan under public scrutiny

Plan will raise water levels for fish and frogs. The Oregon spotted frog, steelhead trout, bull trout and other fish species that inhabit the Deschutes River and other local waterways could benefit from a proposed 30-year water conservation plan that seeks to balance the needs of farmers and wildlife, along with other water users in […]
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Deschutes River Conservation Plan Seeks Slow Change 

A long-awaited plan to conserve water in Central Oregon’s largest river was published Friday, calling for hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild irrigation systems, and decades more time to broker a compromise between water users and endangered species. If approved by federal regulators and adopted, the Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan will allow eight Central Oregon irrigation […]
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Central Oregon districts seek irrigation improvements 

Two more irrigation districts in Central Oregon are taking the first steps toward modernizing aging infrastructure to conserve water, reduce energy costs and protect endangered species in the Deschutes River Basin, including the Oregon spotted frog. The Ochoco and North Unit irrigation districts announced they are in the process of developing watershed plans with the […]
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