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Editorial: Canal piping project improves water management in the Deschutes Basin

Drink water? This should matter to you. The Upper Deschutes basin has an estimated annual median water shortage of 135,000 acre-feet with up to 350,000 acre-feet in dry years. An acre foot is the amount of water to cover an acre in one foot of water. In short, it’s short a lot. Source: Editorial: Canal […]
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Northwest partnership aims to create early warning system for drought 

The Pacific Northwest Drought Early Warning System wants to hear from Northwest farmers and ranchers about how drought is affecting crops and livestock. Source: Northwest partnership aims to create early warning system for drought | Agriculture | eastoregonian.com

Drought: North Unit Irrigation District dials back water allotments again

Farmers get just 1.25 acre-feet of water, fallowing fields widespread. Fallowing fields has become an unwanted habit for farmers in Jefferson County. Phil Fine has been doing it three years running. Fine, who grows primarily carrot and grass seed plus some alfalfa and barley, is leaving a quarter of his fields this year unplanted, or […]
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Northwest partnership aims to create early warning system for drought

A regional collaborative group wants to hear from Northwest farmers and ranchers about how drought is affecting crops and livestock. The Pacific Northwest Drought Early Warning System includes state climatologists and USDA representatives from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and western Montana. Its mission is to provide timely information for communities to better anticipate and manage drought-related […]
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Drought affects parts of Oregon, Bend urges conservation

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown last week declared a drought emergency in seven counties. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the governor’s July 1 emergency drought declaration covers regions where agriculture relies on scant water: Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson in central Oregon, Douglas and Josephine counties in southern Oregon, and Gilliam and Wasco counties in the Columbia River […]
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Senate passes technical fix to aid drought-stricken Klamath Basin

As severe drought grips the Klamath Basin, the U.S. Senate has passed a bill intended to help local farmers and ranchers hard-hit by water shortages. The bill is a technical fix to the 2018 Water Resources Development Act, which included a provision for up to $10 million annually to establish a water banking program in […]
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Willamette Valley having cool and wet summer, but Central Oregon could become wildfire hot spot

This is what an Oregon summer is supposed to feel like. In terms of temperature and precipitation, this summer is sitting close to average, right in the middle of the pack, according to the National Weather Service in Portland. “I think people’s perception is that this has been a cooler summer,” National Weather Service meteorologist […]
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Guest Column: Fight wildfires with collaboration and investment

Wildfire season is upon us. With Deschutes County in severe drought and hot temperatures forecasted, large and severe fires like the Milli (2017), Two Bulls (2014), Pole Creek (2012) and Rooster Rock (2010) are very possible this year. Fires like these threaten homes, disrupt tourist activity and recreation, impact mature forest habitat and fill our […]
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As Drought Grips Oregon’s Dry Side, Bend Warns To Conserve Water

Even with a mountain spring source, Bend warns of water shortage and irrigation districts push for emergency aid. Drought is gripping Oregon’s dry side this summer.Last week, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declared an emergency in seven counties. By Monday, the city of Bend alerted its residents to conserve water. Source: As Drought Grips Oregon’s Dry Side, […]
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After drought declaration, Bend residents asked to use water responsibly

No mandatory action required at this time. The city of Bend is asking residents to be responsible with using their water. In light of a drought that has been declared in Deschutes County, Bend City Manager Eric King has declared a stage 1 water curtailment alert for the city of Bend. Source: After drought declaration, […]
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