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Trump wants to remove these immigrants. An ugly bit of history tells us what it could do to the economy

During the Great Depression, frustrated Americans expelled between 300,000 and 400,000 Mexicans and Mexican Americans to Mexico. Researchers have teased out what that shock did to the economy. It isn’t cited much in contemporary debate, but one enormous, racist episode in U.S. history could forecast the potential economic fallout of the Trump administration’s decision to terminate the […]
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Tax changes could mean business investments

Ag and timber sectors see benefits. Large and small businesses in Grant County could see immediate benefits from passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December — from agriculture to timber — but the hospital could see increased costs from an increase in uninsured patients. Source: Tax changes could mean business investments – […]
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Major dam project could empty Detroit Lake for years, in fish recovery plan

A project intended to improve conditions for endangered fish could mean essentially emptying Detroit Lake for one or two years. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to build a 300-foot tower and floating screen at Detroit Dam to improve water temperature and fish passage for salmon and steelhead in the North Santiam River. Source: Major […]
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Our view: Marijuana money rolls in – Editorials

The results are in: Marijuana receipts in Pendleton — the only municipality in northeast Oregon to allow recreational and medical sales — are far beyond initial expectations. In the current fiscal year, which started in July and still has six months to go, the city has already brought in $131,963 in tax money from marijuana. […]
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Downtown Portland’s paradox: Crime, public perceptions threaten growth, retailers say

So far, solutions that are both compassionate and effective have evaded city leaders. By many measures, downtown Portland is flourishing. Employment and wages are up, and more businesses have opened than have closed. Vacancy rates remain near historic lows. Skyscrapers command record prices, and cranes loom over the skyline as development dollars and new residents continue to pour in. […]
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Commissioners concerned about proposed dam projects

The proposed construction of a water mixing tower at Detroit Dam on the North Santiam River — and possibly a similar project at Foster Dam on the South Santiam River in the future — has Linn County Commissioners Roger Nyquist and Will Tucker concerned about the economic effects long-term projects would create on nearby communities […]
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Legal California pot could cut into Oregon sales

California is a little late to the West Coast pot parties thrown in Oregon, Washington and Colorado, but that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm as the Golden State celebrated cannabis legalization starting Jan. 1. Source: Legal California pot could cut into Oregon sales – News – MailTribune.com – Medford, OR

Will automation really kill jobs on the Oregon Coast?

Techno-optimists and techo-pessimists square off on automation and the future of the coastal economy.  At the Oregon Leadership Summit this month, futurists warned the audience that when the robots come for our jobs, they’re heading straight to the Oregon Coast. Source: Oregon Business – Will automation really kill jobs on the Oregon Coast?

Economic impact of Oregon State Parks tops more than $1 billion per year

Visitors to Oregon state parks in 2016 contributed $1.1 billion to the state’s economy and supported 16,000 full- and part-time jobs, according to a report released today by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The report, Economic Activity from Recreation Use of Oregon State Park Properties — System Report, measures how communities near parks benefited […]
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Snowfall has billion-dollar effect on business, Olympians

A study commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the athletes’ group Protect Our Winters found that the 23 million people who participate in winter sports added an estimated $12.2 billion each year to the U.S. economy. Source: Snowfall has billion-dollar effect on business, Olympians – News – MailTribune.com – Medford, OR