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Oregon, Washington assess impacts of Trump’s emergency declaration, wall funding plan

Officials in Oregon and Washington are assessing the impacts of President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border and his plan to fund a wall there. Trump plans to spend $8 billion on the border wall project. Much of the funding will come from diverting money from elsewhere through executive actions. […]
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Oregon Lawmakers Concerned About National Emergency Declaration

The region’s Democrats and Republicans had equal concerns over President Trump’s national emergency declaration Friday. Republican Oregon Rep. Greg Walden said in a statement that he does not agree with the President’s willingness to spend money outside of Congressional authorization. Source: Oregon Lawmakers Concerned About National Emergency Declaration | Jefferson Public Radio

Oregon cap and trade would benefit economy, study says

The climate policy would add 2.5 percent to the state’s GDP through 2050, according to state-commissioned study. Oregon’s economy would get a 50,000-job boost from cap and trade over 30 years as the climate policy prompts technology innovation and adoption, reduced total energy costs and increased spending on locally sourced services, an economic consultant hired […]
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Locals see cap and trade as threat to economy

Among the top initiatives being pushed by Democrats in the Legislature are ones that seek to limit greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. However, at least one proposed method to do that is seen by local business owners and officials as a threat to Malheur County’s economy. Source: Locals see cap and trade as threat […]
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Oregon leaders hope to repeat Quebec’s cap-and-trade success

State lawmakers wrestling over proposal see bright spot in Canadian province’s experience with carbon cutbacks. As Oregon considers limiting carbon emissions to spare the environment, experience in Canada with a similar effort yields clues to what might happen. The province of Quebec’s cap-and-trade program, started in 2013, has proven a boon to the economy and […]
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Ghost town in a shutdown

Friday morning, Randy Lehman and his wife, Gloria, left their Prospect home and drove north to Union Creek for breakfast. The whole time they sat in Beckie’s Cafe, him eating French toast and her clam chowder, only one other table filled, with two customers. Back at their own business, Prospect Pizza, Lehman sat facing his […]
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Government shutdown cost economy $11 billion, budget office says

Of that $11 billion hit, $3 billion is gone forever, a Congressional Budget Office report found. Federal employees went back to work Monday after the longest shutdown in government history — but the economic effects will be felt for a long time. A report released Monday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the economy took […]
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Trump rollbacks for fossil fuel industries carry steep cost

As the Trump administration rolls back environmental and safety rules for the energy sector, government projections show billions of dollars in savings reaped by companies will come at a steep cost: more premature deaths and illnesses from air pollution, a jump in climate-warming emissions and more severe derailments of trains carrying explosive fuels. The Associated […]
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How the shutdown caused lasting pain for craft breweries trying to expand or innovate

The government agency that approves new labels and licenses new breweries was shuttered, causing delays and hamstringing businesses. Chris Burns thought he had escaped the uncertainty of working for the federal government when he left his IT contracting job five years ago to open a craft brewery in the D.C. suburbs. But even with the […]
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Government shutdown poses increasing risk to the broader economy

The shutdown’s biggest effect on the economy is likely to be the cutback in federal spending. But consumer spending is another important factor. At this time of year, John Sprinkle and his wife would normally be planning their summer vacation. Not now. Sprinkle, a furloughed federal employee, is about to miss his second paycheck since […]
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