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Opinion: New gross-receipts tax will hurt Oregon consumers, affordable housing

I am a general contractor and small business owner and have specialized in building homes and structures across Oregon. As a general contractor, I have built a business and created many jobs in our community. I have been owner and operator of Custom Construction Services since 1987, specializing in the design and construction of custom […]
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Editorial: Leave bill is too complex, too expensive

If If Oregonians are lucky, the legislative clock will run out before lawmakers make House Bill 2005 law. The bill creates a new and expensive insurance program to provide paid family, medical or “safe” leave to almost every working person in the state. Safe leave would be available to employees who have been victims of […]
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Cap and trade: What could Oregon’s carbon policy cost you?

Debate over the controversial proposal to enact a carbon cap and trade scheme in Oregon has intensified, with a solid wall of Republicans and a few stray Democrats criticizing the bill’s hefty impact on fossil fuel prices, jobs and the state economy. Source: Cap and trade: What could Oregon’s carbon policy cost you? – oregonlive.com

Our view | Businesses can’t wait to locate where taxes and fees are high

Businesses in Oregon face $1 billion in newly passed taxes earmarked for education reform. Climate change legislation pending in the Legislature promises to increase fuel and energy costs for all businesses, and those businesses that will be required to buy carbon emissions permits will see huge increases in costs. As you might expect, business interests […]
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Jordan Cove: Temporary jobs vs. permanent easements

The company pushing for the Jordan Cove natural gas pipeline and export facility is touting an economic analysis it commissioned that says the project will mean billions in construction spending, millions in tax revenue and thousands of jobs. That may sound enticing, but the vast majority of the jobs are temporary, and the project comes […]
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Pendleton to commission impact study for UAS range

In recent years, city of Pendleton officials have shared anecdotes about busier restaurants, full hotel rooms, and even purchased houses to demonstrate the value of Pendleton Unmanned Aerial Systems Range and the significant public investment that’s funding it. Now the city is seeking numbers to back it up. Source: Pendleton to commission impact study for […]
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Report: Cash would flow into Oregon from gas pipeline project

A proposed natural gas pipeline would generate more than $5.3 million annually in property taxes in Jackson County and employ an estimated 203 people in the county during construction, according to information on the economic impacts of the project. The Portland-based economic analysis firm ECONorthwest prepared a report on the economic impacts of the project […]
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As We See It: Carbon bill will boost mid-valley

The Clean Energy Jobs Bill, House Bill 2020, is a carbon reduction program designed to protect the economic and environmental interests of Oregon residents in the face of climate change. As board members representing the 4th Congressional District 4 on the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board (CUB), we support passage of HB 2020. Oregon CUB was […]
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Our View: Cap and trade bill would be disastrous

We’ve taken a wait-and-see attitude towards Oregon’s carbon cap-and-trade proposal, which has been winding its way through the state Legislature this session. The so-called Clean Energy Jobs Bill (House Bill 2020) would set a 52 million metric ton cap on greenhouse gas emissions. Companies that produce at least 25,000 metric tons of emissions per year […]
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Southern Oregon attractions brace for unwanted summer visitor: wildfire

Business owners in southern Oregon don’t like to talk about it, and some hold onto hope, but fire remains a big concern. The residents of southern Oregon have every reason to be nervous about summer. After two years of devastating wildfires, managers and owners of businesses, parks and attractions have grown weary of the choking […]
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