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Cities worry about prevailing wage bill’s impact on development 

A bill aimed at regulating construction wages has cities worried major developers will look elsewhere. House Bill 2406, passed out of committee last week, would require private companies to pay prevailing wages on construction projects in Oregon covered by enterprise zone tax incentives. Projects under $20 million would be exempted, according to the bill’s current […]
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Walden: ‘Enough is enough’

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden’s tone in a speech on wildfires and clean air to the Chamber of Jackson County/ Medford on Monday afternoon was far from dampened by the steady rain. The congressman repeatedly pointed to forest management measures that he believes hold the keys to conquering smoky summer skies in Southern Oregon. “Enough is […]
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Trade Wars on the Home Front

Protectionism has sector-specific impacts in the Northwest. The tit-for-tat trade war being waged by the Trump administration has drawn criticism from business and economists. While the impact in the Pacific Northwest is felt in pockets of the economy, overall, it has not been severe, say experts, including several at Oregon State University. This is, in […]
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The Kombucha Party

Oregon lawmakers introduce bill targeting taxes on kombucha. Oregon lawmakers pushed their acronym skills to the max when reintroducing legislation that would update federal alcohol taxes on kombucha companies in Oregon and throughout the U.S. Source: The Kombucha Party – Eugene Weekly

Editorial: A most important treaty

Farmers are closely watching the Trump administration as it negotiates new trade treaties with Asian nations such as China and Japan. But another treaty negotiation closer to home could have an equally far-reaching impact on farmers in the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia River Treaty talks between the U.S. and Canada will profoundly impact how the […]
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Guest column: Don’t let opponents weaken climate bill

House Bill 2020, the Clean Energy Jobs bill currently in the Oregon Legislature, is a comprehensive effort to engage Oregonians to combat global climate change at the state level. Opponents have challenged the bill on many fronts, but the following arguments deserve firm rebuttals: Source: Guest column: Don’t let opponents weaken climate bill;

Tobacco tax would limit significant sales from Washingtonians, state economist says

With a much lower tax, Oregon experiences a high number of tobacco sales from out-of-state smokers looking to save on cigarettes. New revenue generated from increasing Oregon’s tobacco tax would come with an additional decline in sales because Washington buyers would likely stop crossing the river to buy, economists said Wednesday during a legislative informational […]
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Controversial Oregon bill would define ‘independent contractor’

Bend Chamber of Commerce says measure hurts startups, remote workers. An Oregon bill that would restrict the use of independent contractors has drawn opposition from the Bend Chamber of Commerce and others who fear it will squelch startup activity and limit opportunities for people to work remotely. Proponents say House Bill 2498 would prevent businesses […]
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Guest column: Cap-and-trade bill will cost local jobs

As the president of the United Steel Workers, Local Union 1097, I work alongside 600 hardworking union members at Georgia-Pacific’s Wauna paper mill. We are proud of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We work in facilities that were green before being green was cool. Oregon-based mills rely largely […]
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Time to stop debating climate action, start tackling it

Oregon’s Applegate Valley has been called “the Goldilocks of wine regions.” It’s historically dry and warm here, but not too dry and warm. We’re just a short drive from the shops and restaurants of Jacksonville, but you feel like you’re truly in the wilds of wine country. That’s why tourists flock here for wine tasting. […]
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