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Editorial: Facebook adds value in Crook County;

Yes, social media giant Facebook gets a tax break on its facilities in Crook County, as does Apple. But the breaks don’t mean either company avoids property taxes completely, and it doesn’t mean the county and city of Prineville don’t benefit in other ways. While Apple is less transparent about its dealings in Oregon, Facebook […]
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Guest column: The unreported positive benefits of tax exemptions for data centers

An Oct. 25 article in The Oregonian that appeared two days later in The Bulletin attacked property tax exemption decisions through Oregon’s enterprise zone program that small, often rural towns use to attract jobs and new industries. While the focus of this piece was on Amazon’s data center development in Eastern Oregon, all large tech […]
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Opinion: Jordan Cove project would help southwest Oregon share in state’s prosperity

All of Oregon needs to share in prosperity. When I was beginning my career, I never worried about being able to find work in Coos Bay. Southwestern Oregon offered opportunity and hope for its residents, and our vibrant and thriving rural communities were well supported by bustling manufacturing and maritime trade. Storefronts and restaurants in […]
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Oregon’s Hispanic Population is Growing Faster Than the State as a Whole—And Hispanics Are Employed a Far Higher Rate Than White Oregonians

Despite anti-immigrant sentiment, research shows immigration is a big positive for the state’s economy. Although anti-immigration groups continue to look for ways to target non-natives, the demographic and economic news about Oregon’s growing Latinx population is all good, according to new state research. Compared to white Oregonians, a report from the Oregon Employment Department found, […]
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Oregon wines continue to put up big numbers

Annual report lauds the growing health of the wine industry over the past year. The demand for Oregon wine continues unabated, according to an industry group. The Oregon Wine Board released its annual “Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report” on Sept. 12 and the document opines that the industry continued to increase momentum in 2018, with […]
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As The Climate Warms, Companies Scramble To Calculate The Risk To Their Profits

Every year, the company Ingredion buys millions of tons of corn and cassava from farmers and turns them into starches and sugars that go into foods like soft drinks, yogurt and frozen meals. Lots of things can go wrong along the way. Weather can destroy crops. Machinery can break. Source: As The Climate Warms, Companies Scramble […]
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U.S. ‘green economy’ generates $1.3 trillion

If the U.S. wants to extend economic growth, it should double down on cleaning up the environment and fighting climate change, which are fueling both jobs and revenue, according to a new analysis by University College London researchers. Source: U.S. ‘green economy’ generates $1.3 trillion;

Vaping fallout: Small stores suffer as vapers turn away

The thousands of shops that sprang up in cities and towns across the country over the past decade to sell vaping products have seen a stunning reversal of fortune, with their sales plunging in just two months amid news reports that vaping has sickened around 1,300 people and killed dozens. Source: Vaping fallout: Small stores […]
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Vape shop owners concerned over potential ban

With the threat of a potential temporary ban on e-cigarettes in Oregon, vape shop owners fear for their futures. Marcus Nettles has owned and operated Rose City Vapors for about five years. Through that time, he has been mixing and selling his own e-liquid as an alternative to cigarettes. He claims vaping is less toxic than smoking […]
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Oregon agriculture hit hard by US-China trade war

The trade conflicts impact Oregon agricultural producers more than other states because about 40 percent of Oregon’s agricultural exports head abroad, compared to 20 percent for the rest of the U.S. Rancher Jerome Rosa sat in his mud-spattered pickup truck, glumly watching some of his cows resting on a grassy slope in Oregon’s fertile Willamette […]
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