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Billy Williams has a chance to save Oregon’s pot industry: Guest opinion

Billy Williams, the United States Attorney for Oregon, recently outlined five prosecution priorities for his office related to cannabis, including overproduction and interstate trafficking, protection of children, public safety, organized crime and environmental protection. Source: Billy Williams has a chance to save Oregon’s pot industry: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com

Tariff hikes hit Oregon products

Just last month, Oregon Beef Council CEO Will Wise was standing next to the meat case of a high-end grocery story in Shanghai and observed a consumer choosing U.S. beef. The steak that the woman chose cost the equivalent of about $50, he said. “It’s cool to see people picking up expensive U.S. beef,” Wise […]
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In Bend, child care may be harder to find than housing

When Wintress Lovering decided to return to work and started looking for child care for her young daughter in February, she heard the same response from several centers: they were full, but maybe she could try in the fall — of 2019. Lovering eventually found a program that will take her two children — a […]
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Escalating trade tensions fuel uncertainty for Oregon businesses

Oregon cherry growers are accustomed to dealing with the unexpected. A sudden cold snap or a burst of hail can prove ruinous, wiping out a whole season’s crop. This year the farmers are coping with another force of nature: President Donald Trump. Source: Escalating trade tensions fuel uncertainty for Oregon businesses | OregonLive.com

Trump hits China with tariffs on $50 billion in imports

President Donald Trump followed through Friday on his threat to crack down on China for its “very unfair” trade practices, announcing that he is imposing a 25-percent tariff on $50 billion in Chinese imports. Beijing already has promised to retaliate with equivalent measures of its own, designed to hit the president’s supporters in farm states […]
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Railroad tunnel collapse reroutes local lumber shipments

Local lumber mills have been suffering from delayed deliveries since a railroad tunnel collapsed near Oakridge on May 29. Part of Union Pacific Tunnel number 11 near Oakridge collapsed, according to a release sent out to local lumber mills and posted on its website after the cave in. The tunnel is supported with steel liners […]
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The Finance 202: It’s U.S. states that will bear the brunt of Trump’s tariffs

Watch Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Beer. Cheese. Newsprint. Those are just a few of the many U.S. industries that could be significantly affected by President Trump’s burgeoning trade war – especially his slapping of tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, including on NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada. The president has also imposed the punitive levies on […]
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#MeToo, #NoMore, now #HowMuch? What is the cost of sexual harassment?

What is the economic impact to the workplace of men (mostly) who impose their warped notions of sexual superiority on female colleagues? There’s #MeToo and #NoMore. Now it’s time for #HowMuch. The #MeToo and #NoMore movements have heightened the public’s awareness of sexual harassment and the determination of women to fight against domestic violence and […]
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The Last Time Oregon’s Christmas Tree Farmers Faced Down A Trade War

Mexico and the European Union announced this week that they’re striking back against President Trump’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum — with tariffs of their own. Mexico will impose around $3 billion worth of tariffs on U.S. exports like pork, apples, potatoes and cheese. And those tariffs are worrying agricultural businesses across the Northwest. […]
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Salem water crisis puts businesses in a pinch

Restaurants are scrambling to find enough bottled water to keep their businesses going. The toxic water pouring from Salem taps has sent businesses in the city scrambling for nearly two weeks to reassure customers, find alternate water sources or simply stop producing. Source: Salem water crisis puts businesses in a pinch