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Liquor, home, hobbies and cars — an obsessively detailed look at sectors that are surviving the retail apocalypse

Department stores got hammered, but 2017 was the year even some of the strongest retailers were hurt. Retail jobs got smoked in 2017. The sector dropped 66,500 jobs even as the economy as a whole added more than 2 million. But it’s not fair to dub it a “retail apocalypse” when retail is one of […]
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Oregon’s state parks injected $1B into economy, study says

A study by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has found that visitors to the state’s parks contributed more than $1 billion to the economy and supported 16,000 jobs in 2016. The report released this week measures how communities near state parks benefit from that presence. Source: Oregon’s state parks injected $1B into economy, study […]
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Advocates outline fire season’s harm to Oregon economy, seek legislative aid

Businesses of all sizes were hurt by wildfires this year, a problem the state needs to address, Oregon business advocates and lawmakers said Tuesday. Source: Advocates outline fire season’s harm to Oregon economy, seek legislative aid

A healthy economy can shorten life spans

The health of a nation’s economy and the health of its people are connected, but in some surprising ways. At times like these, when the economy is strong and unemployment is low, research has found that death rates rise. At least, in the short term. In the long term, economic growth is good for health. […]
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Kesey economics | Opinion

In 1995, when Hyundai-turned-Hynix courted, and ultimately chose, Eugene over cities in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas to build a $1.5 billion computer-chip factory, it was a coup for the city like no other. “Today’s announcement,” a beaming Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber said, “is another indication that Oregon is truly among the global leaders in the […]
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Are the ’80s finally over? | Opinion

Oregon’s economic history in the post-World War II era is divided into two periods: the decades before the recession of the 1980s, and the decades that followed. Before that recession, marked by a permanent loss of employment in the wood products industry, household incomes in Ore­gon were closely in line with the national average. Afterward, […]
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Wildfires Across Pacific Northwest Take A Toll On Local Economies

A total of 26 wildfires are burning in Oregon, 13 in Washington and 23 in Idaho. Many are close to towns and are having a noticeable effect on their economies. Source: Wildfires Across Pacific Northwest Take A Toll On Local Economies . News | OPB

Stable ag, dynamic ag | Opinion |

The state Department of Agriculture reported recently that greenhouse and nursery products had recaptured the No. 1 spot on the state’s list of agricultural commodities, with a dollar value of $909 million in 2016. Nursery products had slipped behind cattle and calves during the two preceding years, as ranchers and feedlot operators rode the crest […]
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My View: Workers without legal documents still pay taxes | Opinion

With anti-immigrant action and rhetoric emanating from the Trump administration, it is important for Oregonians to take stock of the contributions undocumented workers make to our state’s economy. Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Workers without legal documents still pay taxes

What’s Theirs is Mines

For economic future, Eastern Oregon looks to its past Chance Dewitt is sowing grass seed on a farm outside his hometown of Lebanon, Oregon. But this isn’t where he makes a living. After a week at home, he’ll be flying back to Elko, Nevada, and working 12-hour shifts for two weeks straight mining gold amidst […]
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