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Economy booms, budget stumbles | Editorial

To take the poet T.S. Eliot completely out of context, April can be the cruelest month for certain proposals facing the Oregon Legislature: The legislative calendar this month contains a handful of deadlines that will mark the end of the line for hundreds of bills. (Although it’s not unusual at all for bills to rise […]
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Oregon’s economy soars yet state budget gap grows: here’s why

Oregon has never seen times quite like these. Unemployment is the lowest on record. Wages are rising at a 4 percent annual clip. The state is enjoying an unprecedented housing boom, and even lagging rural areas are adding jobs at a steady pace. Source: Oregon’s economy soars yet state budget gap grows: here’s why | […]
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What to expect after Oregon’s wettest season since 1999

This season has been so wet that even the heartiest Oregonians have invested in umbrellas. Two record-breaking months for rainfall — October and February — fueled what has been Oregon’s wettest season since 1999, according to hydrologists. Source: What to expect after Oregon’s wettest season since 1999

CTE funding is (still) sorely needed

The crippling of the education pipeline for construction and other basic industries must end. As Spring Break comes to an end for many of Oregon’s students, you can almost hear the familiar sighs in the hallways as students reluctantly head back to class. Source: Oregon Local News – CTE funding is (still) sorely needed

Our choices on climate are better than you may think (Opinion)

In a time where economic growth is on everyone’s mind, and putting “America first” is a stated priority, it makes no sense to step back from leading the way on climate action. Protecting our environment and growing our economy are not mutually exclusive goals. Source: Our choices on climate are better than you may think […]
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My View: Clean energy vital to state health, jobs

Why Oregon? It is true that the carbon contribution of Oregon to global warming is a small percentage of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. So why should our small state take the trouble to set in place a system like this? The Oregon Legislature has an opportunity this year to create a mechanism that puts […]
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Oregon DOT reports look at bridge and road condition impact on state’s economy

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has released two reports that review the state’s current investment in transportation projects, and how that will impact road and bridge conditions and the state’s economy. Source: Oregon DOT reports look at bridge and road condition impact on state’s economy | Equipment World | Construction Equipment, News and Information […]
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Biggest issues  at Legislature move slowly

Lawmakers in Salem are about to wrap up the second month of this roughly 51/2-month session, and yet some of the biggest issues before them have been slow-going at best. Here is a roundup of some of last week’s biggest developments and a recap of the toughest decisions that still loom: Tobacco | Marijuana | […]
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Capping pollution, unleashing economic opportunity (Opinion)

Whether growing a successful business or a strong state economy, true leaders must capitalize on opportunities and realistically assess risks. Oregon’s proposed climate legislation for clean energy jobs offers the opportunity to do both: to better prepare for climate risks, and to lead the way toward a strong, sustainable low-carbon economy. Source: Capping pollution, unleashing […]
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Pardon the dust

Portland International Airport construction is growing the economy of the whole state “PDX” is the International Air Transport Association’s code for the Portland International Airport. Appropriately, these three letters have become a moniker for the city itself. Source: Oregon Local News – Pardon the dust