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Opinion: To improve education in Oregon, invest in early childhood

Investing in programs that help children even before they enter kindergarten are critical to ensuring that children reach their full potential, writes Swati Adarkar with Children’s Institute. Source: Opinion: To improve education in Oregon, invest in early childhood – oregonlive.com

Capitol round-up: Helt named to state school board

Voting, housing and roadkill also in the news. State Rep. Cheri Helt, R-Bend, has been chosen by Secretary of State Bev Clarno to replace a controversial activist as the office’s representative on the state Board of Education. Helt’s new role was one of the highlights of the past week in the Capitol. With 75 days […]
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Who will teach the nurses?

It’s a classic catch-22. With a severe nursing shortage just around the bend, aspiring nurses are applying to Oregon’s nursing schools in droves. Most qualified applicants, however, won’t get in. There simply aren’t enough instructors to teach them. Laurie Post, director of the nursing program at Blue Mountain Community College, doesn’t mince words in explaining […]
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Guest column: SMART is key piece of the education puzzle

We’ve been hearing a great deal about what our elected officials are working on as the 2019 legislative session moves ahead. On the Legislature’s docket is a long list of pressing and complex issues for Oregon — at the top of the list — how to improve and adequately fund our beleaguered public education system. […]
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Guest column: Oregon trivializes Holocaust education

In a world increasingly deluged by information, advocacy groups in the U.S. have been pressing for legislative mandates to compel teaching about the Holocaust in primary and secondary schools. In February, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., reintroduced the long-stalled Never Again Education Act to make Holocaust teaching mandatory in all 50 states, up from the […]
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Governor’s Group Responds to ODE Audit With Recommendations for Oregon, PPS

At a special Oregon Board of Education meeting Thursday, Governor Kate Brown started the meeting with a few words of context. “I think we have a critical opportunity this legislative session to make a significant investment in our education system,” said Brown. Source: Governor’s Group Responds to ODE Audit With Recommendations for Oregon, PPS . […]
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The Energy 202: A wave of state bills could threaten science and climate education

More than a dozen such bills have been introduced so far in 2019, the National Center for Science Education says. State lawmakers from Connecticut to Florida are proposing measures that some groups say could threaten how science and climate change are taught in the classroom. Source: The Energy 202: A wave of state bills could […]
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The sweet spot on free college: Why 14 is the new 12

Not everyone needs a college degree, but a high school diploma isn’t enough these days, either. Pretend you’re a politician running for office. You’re in a town hall meeting in front of a camera surrounded by an audience of typical voters assembled to test your fitness to lead. An earnest citizen rises and asks: Are […]
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The diversity gap for public school teachers is actually growing across generations

Over the past 40 years, it appears that teaching has slowly grown less attractive to people of color. The public teacher workforce has been slowly growing more racially diverse over the last three decades. A notable study from Richard Ingersoll and Lisa Merrill finds the number of teachers of color more than doubled between 1987 […]
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Educational Attainment Continues to Increase 

A few years ago we looked at educational attainment across generations here in Oregon. What it showed is that educational attainment is increasing over time. That is, Millennials are obtaining college degrees at higher rates than Gen X which did so at higher rates than Boomers and the like. In the latest Census data these trends continue. […]
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