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Tribes break ground on new education center 

The building boom on the Umatilla Indian Reservation continues unabated. Months after the new Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center opened and amidst serious plans to expand the Wildhorse Resort & Casino, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation held a groundbreaking ceremony Friday for a new educational facility that will house Nixyaawii Community School, a charter […]
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Disruptive students rattle Medford schools

The academic year is done, but school districts have an ongoing assignment: figuring out how to address an increase in disruptive behaviors by students. Screaming at teachers, throwing objects ranging from musical instruments to chairs, and leaving class without permission but with loud outbursts are just a few of the behaviors parents and teachers say […]
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Invest in STEM. But don’t forget about the arts and humanities.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine study stresses the need for integrating STEM disciplines with arts and humanities. What is the future of work? From business forums to think tanks to Congress, leaders are grappling with the question of how new technologies are reshaping employment in the 21st century — and how America’s institutions of […]
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Why America needs a new approach to school desegregation

State Library Ed. Note: Author is a professor at the Univ. of Oregon. Better funding, integrated neighborhoods and a diverse teacher workforce are among the things needed to dismantle a long-standing racially segregated school system, a scholar argues. Source: Why America needs a new approach to school desegregation

Congress’s SNAP work proposal could hit people in their 50s 

House farm bill adds work requirements for food stamp recipients in their 50s. Advocates say older workers would take longer to find employment. Republicans won’t soften the proposal, though. They say states can ease program rules, if they want. Sabrina Christ is 59 years old and receives about $300 a month in food-stamp benefits for […]
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26 Oregon seniors from 19 schools win top National Merit honors

Six will graduate from Beaverton public schools this spring. Five attend Portland-area private schools. And three hail from tiny rural towns. They are judged to be the best of the best among National Merit Scholars, with what the organization says are the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills and potential for success in college. Source: 26 […]
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Op-Ed: Eastern Oregon schools offer wide-ranging opportunity for students

In late April, the Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on Student Success continued its statewide tour with small group meetings and public hearings in Eastern Oregon. We spent three days touring facilities and talking with students, parents, administrators, teachers, and community members in Baker City, Hermiston, Pendleton, Morrow County and Arlington. We began each day hearing […]
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Free textbooks? Federal government is on track with a pilot program.

The federal government’s first major investment in the free use of textbooks remains on track, Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) said Monday in a letter examining a pilot program by the Education Department. Congress designated $5 million in the fiscal 2018 budget to support the creation or expansion of open-educational resources: peer-reviewed academic material released under an intellectual […]
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Nelson: Hermiston principals exercise a little too much caution

I’m a big fan of Battle of the Books. My son was on his middle school team some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. And it’s more important than ever to encourage kids to read books of all kinds. But when adults take it upon themselves to limit those opportunities, even with the best of […]
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Worried about risky behavior? Make school tougher for teens

All parents of teenagers worry their children will engage in risky behavior, including drinking, smoking and drug use. The more time they spend doing healthier extracurricular activities — soccer, piano, cleaning their rooms — the better. It turns out that what they do in school can also affect their choices outside the classroom. A paper […]
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