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My View: Oregon Legislature should give kids a Ticket to the Future

An Education Savings Account is analogous to a debit card for qualifying education expenses. It gives parents who want to opt out of a public school that is not meeting their child’s needs a portion of the per-student state funding to spend on their child’s education in other ways. Source: Oregon Local News – My […]
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20 best and 20 worst graduation rates: Oregon’s mid-sized and large high schools

Graduation Day is almost upon us again, a time of celebration for students, parents and educators at high schools across the country. It’s also a time to evaluate what’s going right at our institutions of learning and what isn’t. Source: 20 best and 20 worst graduation rates: Oregon’s mid-sized and large high schools | OregonLive.com

REBROADCAST: The Lives Of Teachers

We spend the hour learning about the lives of two Oregon teachers. Travis and Valerie Overley are a young couple living in Bend. He teachers social studies at Summit High School. She teaches 6th grade science at Pilot Butte Middle School. Source: REBROADCAST: The Lives Of Teachers . Radio | OPB

Conscious discipline making a difference in Sutherlin

When students arrive at their classroom in the mornings at West Intermediate School in Sutherlin, it’s like a greeting party every day. Shannon Grauf’s fifth-grade class is just one of the classes in Sutherlin that uses a program called Conscious Discipline Building Resilient Children. Exercises and music are used to get students focused and excited […]
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Students shortchanged | Opinion

The Eugene School District and the public must not lose sight of the fundamental point revealed by a survey of the amount of time that students spend in class: Many are not getting as much instructional time as the state requires. That point is too easily obscured by the details of how instructional time is […]
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Most Eugene schools fall short on classroom time

Students in the majority of Eugene district schools have not been getting enough class instruction time, most likely for a number of years, district documents show. The district recently discovered that students were in class between two and 118 hours fewer than required by law. Source: Most Eugene schools fall short on classroom time | […]
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Protecting the Public Commons

At a moment when institutional distrust is surging, there’s an urgent need to support civics education. The debate about the role technology plays in society is as old as humankind’s ability to use tools and techniques to change our world. The technologies we have in our hands today would be magic to our forefathers, from […]
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Redmond seniors will graduate on time with extra support

New approach gives at-risk students a second chance at success Juniors and seniors in the Redmond School District who are a year or more behind now have more options — and support — when it comes to catching up on credits. This school year, the district brought students who are a year or more behind […]
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KCC moves the needle on developmental education

Strong partnerships among Klamath Community College, regional high schools, and Southern Oregon communities are producing results. Recent data from KCC shows the percentage of developmental education credits attempted by KCC students fresh out of high school has been slashed by more than half in the past four years. Source: KCC moves the needle on developmental […]
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Simplified tax can mend broken system | Opinion |

Oregon is at a crossroads. For the past 2½ decades, since the passage of Measures 5 and 50, school districts and state legislators have been forced to patch budgets together based on a broken revenue system that puts nearly all of the burden on individual taxpayers. Source: Simplified tax can mend broken system | Opinion […]
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