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The cafeteria conundrum

The third lunch period at Lincoln Elementary School started at noon during last school year, and like the other lunch periods at the school, lasted 20 minutes. At least, they lasted 20 minutes on paper. “If you are around here long enough you’ll hear us say ‘on paper’ a lot. The reality is different.” said […]
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Elizabeth Hovde: Meet the gender unicorn, parents

Have you met the “gender unicorn?” Your children might have already. Parents should be introduced to the gender unicorn, too, ya know, because some of us are trying to raise the children we had, help them understand our world and offer help navigating it. Source: Elizabeth Hovde: Meet the gender unicorn, parents | OregonLive.com

Oregon close to banning ‘lunch shaming’ in schools

Summers are meant to be fun and carefree for many families with children out of school. For others, it’s a means to their next meal. Selena Coile and her daughter Mackenzie go to Alberta Park every day to take advantage of the free lunches provided by Portland Parks and Recreation. Source: Oregon close to banning […]
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Oregon Will Keep 100 Percent Graduation Goal For Class Of 2025

The Oregon Legislature wrapped up its work July 7 after five months of work that will affect everyone in Oregon — including public school students in the class of 2025. Source: Oregon Will Keep 100 Percent Graduation Goal For Class Of 2025 . News | OPB

REAL Oregon aims to develop agricultural leaders

REAL Oregon — an acronym for resource education and agriculture leadership — is targeting participants from all sectors of the agricultural, timber and fishing industries, including farming, ranching and processing. REAL Oregon, a new effort to cultivate leaders in the state’s natural resource industries, will convene its first class this fall. Source: REAL Oregon aims […]
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Lawmakers call for more computer science in California schools

Half a dozen bills before the state Legislature address the growing concern that California students don’t have the computer science skills necessary to thrive in the modern workforce. Educators and tech industry leaders would like high schools to teach students more than just how to use a computer – the goal now is for students […]
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Oregon Senate Approves Funding For High School Initiative

An Oregon initiative aimed at funding programs at public high schools passed the state senate Thursday. The statewide teachers union argued Measure 98 was an unfunded mandate: $290 million of worthy goals without a funding source. Source: Oregon Senate Approves Funding For High School Initiative | Northwest Public Radio

19 AGs sue DeVos for delaying for-profit college rules

Democratic attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia sued U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Thursday over her decision to suspend rules that were meant to protect students from abuse by for-profit colleges. Source: Document: 19 AGs sue DeVos for delaying for-profit college rules – America’s News

Oregon’s Legislature: Robbing Peter to pay Paul | Guest opinion

Last week, the Oregon Legislature passed an $8.2 billion biennial schools budget. But even though that represents an 11 percent increase over the previous biennium, that $8.2 billion figure will leave our schools and the children they serve desperately short of resources, with devastating consequences. Source: Oregon’s Legislature: Robbing Peter to pay Paul (Guest opinion) […]
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Measure 98 funds for school dropout prevention cut in half

Oregon high school students may get a bit more than half of the roughly $300 million that voters in November mandated be spent on career-technical education, college-prep and other dropout-prevention programs over the next two school years. Source: Measure 98 funds for school dropout prevention cut in half | KATU