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Editorial: Lawmakers should end elected officials’ sweet deal

Elected officials in Oregon have, by and large, a sweet deal when it comes to Oregon’s public records law. It’s time the Legislature closed the loophole that comes close to guaranteeing elected officials have nothing to fear from the law. Ginger McCall, the state’s former Public Records Advocate, made the case for the change in […]
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Our view | Elected, public leaders answer to the public

Occasionally it is prudent to remind voters in Oregon of a few, fundamental elements regarding our access to government. In Oregon, the presumption is always government is, and will always will be, open to public scrutiny. This scrutiny promotes our form of democracy and also furnishes a degree of transparency. Source: Our view | Elected, […]
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Guest column: Keep Salem from becoming like D.C.

Rarefied air used to fill the halls of the Oregon State Capitol. The high ceilings seemed appropriate given the size of the giants that guided our state forward. Leaders like Mark Hatfield, Tom McCall, Norma Paulus, Vera Katz and Ted Kulongoski approached their respective offices humbly and heroically. For example, Hatfield referred to himself as […]
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Editorial: Conflict of interest won’t vanish from PERS

Rep. Ron Noble, R-McMinnville, plans to introduce legislation to remove lawmakers, statewide elected officials and judges from the state’s public pension system. He hopes it will eliminate a conflict of interest when they have to make decisions about the Public Employees Retirement System. Removing conflict of interest is a good impulse, and we can’t wait […]
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Oregon’s Top Elected Officials Maintain Positive Approval Ratings, Poll Says

A new poll finds that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and the state’s two U.S. senators continue to have more supporters than detractors among Oregon voters. Source: Oregon’s Top Elected Officials Maintain Positive Approval Ratings, Poll Says . News | OPB

Term limits would remove 25 legislators from office

Analysis by the lawyer for SEIU Oregon State Council shows Democrats and Republicans would lose significant number of lawmakers under Initiative Petition 19. Voter approval of a proposal to enact term limits for state lawmakers would instantly wipe out nearly one-third of the Oregon Legislature membership, according to analysis by a lawyer for SEIU Oregon […]
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Regional leaders endorse state transportation funding plan

We have two choices to preserve our quality of life: We can take action now, or let the challenges deepen as the fixes get more expensive. This is bigger than any one city, county or metro area. This affects us all, which is why we must all work together. Leaders from throughout the metropolitan region […]
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Our View: Leaders agree – Act now on transportation

As mayors, county chairs and regional leaders, we see it throughout our region’s communities. Our constituents feel it when they wait in traffic for an hour – just to move a few miles. They feel it when they have to apologize for being late to work … again. They feel it when they worry about […]
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Senate leaders likely to block Oregon impeachment resolution

Oregon will likely stay the only state without a way to impeach and remove its governor, despite bipartisan efforts by House lawmakers to change course. Senate Democratic leaders plan to quash the House’s efforts to crimp a governor’s right to remain in office. Source: Senate leaders likely to block Oregon impeachment resolution | OregonLive.com

Democrat intros bill to fix so-called ‘Buehler loophole’

Nearly a month after the Democratic Party of Oregon filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend., a Democratic lawmaker has introduced legislation that would close what the party calls the Buehler loophole in state laws governing required public disclosure of payments to elected officials by those who do business with the state. Source: […]
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