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Oregon’s Congressional Democrats Push For National Vote-By-Mail

Oregon’s six Democrats in Congress want to spread the state’s vote-by-mail law across the country. Source: Oregon’s Congressional Democrats Push For National Vote-By-Mail . News | OPB

Oregon could join National Popular Vote Compact

Salem, Ore. – A bill that would award Oregon’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote for President of the United States has passed the… #electoralcollege #oregon #politics Source: Oregon could join National Popular Vote Compact – KOBI-TV NBC5 / KOTI-TV NBC2

Voters in a positive mood | Opinion

Four years ago, Lane County broke a long losing streak when 57 percent of voters supported a five-year levy for jail operations and juvenile justice services. That’s a comfortable margin of victory. On Tuesday, 73 percent of voters approved a five-year extension of the levy. That’s a landslide. The two results show how local governments […]
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Deschutes County unveils new ballot system

Electronic system will make counting, inspecting ballots faster A new ballot-counting system, unveiled in time for Deschutes County’s Tuesday special election, is expected to make the vote-tallying process quicker and more transparent. The $150,000 software-base system, called ClearVote, converts the ballots into electronic versions and inspects which ballots need to be reviewed further by election […]
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Salem City Hall toes ethics line with election spots

Alfredo Ruiz wasn’t happy seeing Jerry Moore talk about cramped conditions at the downtown Salem police station. But the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office cleared the city’s informational spots. The state granted the ads what officials call “safe harbor,” immunity from complaints about impartiality under state law. Source: Salem City Hall toes ethics line with election spots

Some Marion County, Oregon, Voters Receive Empty Ballot Envelopes

Roughly 318 South Salem residents received empty ballot envelopes as the Marion County election day looms just two weeks away. Source: Some Marion County, Oregon, Voters Receive Empty Ballot Envelopes . News | OPB

Editorial: Electioneering rules still too murky 

It’s springtime in Albany, and that means it’s the time of year when flowers bloom. It’s also the time of year when complaints alleging electioneering become part of the local political scene: For the third straight May, officials are grappling with electioneering complaints. Source: Editorial: Electioneering rules still too murky | Editorial | democratherald.com

A New Approach To Redistricting – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, Oregon’s highest ranking Republican, tells us about his new plan for redrawing the boundaries of  state legislative districts. It involves a redistricting commission, a constitutional amendment, and a computer algorithm. Source: Remembering Ben Linder | A New Approach To Redistricting | Uber . Radio | OPB

Editorial: Richardson’s idea for redistricting deserves a look

There’s almost nothing more partisan than deciding the boundaries for Oregon’s political districts. The boundaries of 30 state Senate seats, 60 state House seats and Oregon’s congressional districts are at stake. And how does Oregon do it? In a highly partisan way. Oregon’s process essentially leaves it up to state legislators. Source: Editorial: Richardson’s idea […]
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Our View: Give Richardson credit for expanding access – Opinion

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s proposed change to voter eligibility rules seems to contradict moves elsewhere in the country, where Republican officials have tended to try to restrict access to the polls rather than expand it. Richardson, the first Republican elected to the state’s second-highest office in three decades, is proposing to extend the time […]
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