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$320 Million Tobacco Tax Package Thunders Back To Life With Voter Referral Add

Gov. Kate Brown’s $320 million tobacco tax package, considered by many observers to be on life support just a week ago, has roared back into the spotlight in the legislative session’s final days. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: $320 Million Tobacco Tax Package Thunders Back To Life With Voter Referral Add | […]
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Democrats back off campaign contribution limits

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this Portland Tribune story without logging in, you can request via the State Library or access via the Medford Mail Tribune HERE. With opposition looming in the Senate, supporters say they’ll push for constitutional changes in another session. Bowing to the pressures of time and differences of […]
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Oregon Lawmakers Again Fail to Limit Campaign Spending

Reformers hoped Phil Knight’s multi-million-dollar checks in the 2018 governor’s race would bring change. Nope. Expecting lawmakers to voluntarily cut themselves off from the unlimited campaign contributions Oregon’s Constitution allows them might never have been realistic. The Oregonian reports that the primary reform bill lawmakers worked on this session, House Bill 2714, is dead in […]
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Portland Political Candidates’ Campaign Ads Will Now Have to Identify Funders, Judge Rules

Mixed ruling finds local campaign limits would violate Oregon Constitution but greenlights greater disclosure. Voters in future city of Portland candidate elections will get a higher degree of disclosure from campaigns thanks to a ruling this week from Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Eric Bloch. In 2018, Portland voters overwhelmingly approved a slate of campaign […]
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Governor signs bill to change the way Oregon helps choose the president

Oregon’s Electoral College votes could potentially be awarded to a presidential candidate who doesn’t get the most votes in Oregon. That’s because of a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Kate Brown. Source: Governor signs bill to change the way Oregon helps choose the president – oregonlive.com

Lawmakers want to tamp down self-promotion by elections officials

Oregon lawmakers advanced a measure Monday that’s meant to keep county clerks from splashing their names across election materials. Source: Lawmakers want to tamp down self-promotion by elections officials – oregonlive.com

Guest column: Oregon needs to pass campaign finance

At the end of March, Bend’s Republican Sen. Tim Knopp put forward Senate Joint Resolution 18, which would help Oregon rein in election spending. The newly formed Senate Campaign Finance Committee (where Knopp was vice chair) created this bill to refer a constitutional amendment to the voters on the 2020 ballot. An amendment to the […]
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Oregon House Passes Campaign Finance Limits

A bill that would impose the first limits on political donations in more than two decades passed the state House Thursday – as did a measure that would also require so-called “dark money” groups to disclose their large donors. A three-bill legislative package, which now moves to the Senate, is aimed at ending Oregon’s status […]
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Campaign finance reform worthy of support

A package of campaign finance reform bills that passed the Oregon House on Thursday are a start — but only a start — toward reining in Oregon’s unfettered system of political contributions. And the contribution limits contained in one of the bills will take effect only if voters agree to amend the Oregon Constitution. Federal […]
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Legislature poised to send amendment to voters

Following the 2020 election, for the first time in more than 20 years, people could see limits on the amount of money they’re allowed to donate to candidates for state and local office in Oregon. Oregon is one of 11 states with no cap on how much individuals can donate to a candidate’s campaign, aside […]
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