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Our View: Give Richardson credit for expanding access – Opinion

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s proposed change to voter eligibility rules seems to contradict moves elsewhere in the country, where Republican officials have tended to try to restrict access to the polls rather than expand it. Richardson, the first Republican elected to the state’s second-highest office in three decades, is proposing to extend the time […]
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Editorial: Don’t adopt public financing of state campaigns

All the gobs of money in politics can breed bad things. It can mean candidates are spending inordinate amounts of time sidling up to donors begging for contributions big and small. It can mean trading in influence. The problem is, proposed solutions are often worse than the problem. Source: Editorial: Don’t adopt public financing of […]
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Guest Column: Come to forum, learn about popular vote plan

In the spring of 1968, Robert F. Kennedy flew in to The Dalles Municipal Airport for a presidential campaign rally and packed the junior high gymnasium, the largest facility in the area at the time. Today, presidential candidates pay very little attention to “blue” Oregon. We in National Popular Vote believe in the principle of […]
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Oregon Senate Backs Voter Pre-Registration At Age 16

Sixteen-year-olds in Oregon could soon be registered to vote under a bill the state senate passed today. These teens would still have to wait until they are 18 before they could cast a ballot. But supporters say the measure would help increase turnout among younger voters. Source: Oregon Senate Backs Voter Pre-Registration At Age 16 […]
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Editorial: Legislators should err on the side of disclosure

Money doesn’t win elections all by itself, but it sure can help. And money doesn’t determine the way a politician votes, but it sure can make a politician interested in a what a contributor has to say. That’s why so much ink and effort is spent to come up with ways to control the influence […]
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Pre-Paid Mail-In Ballots – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Sen. Michael Dembrow, D-Portland, tells us about his bill that would include paid postage for all Oregon ballots. Source: Pre-Paid Mail-In Ballots | Palindromes | Tides . Radio | OPB

Oregon Mulls Joining National Popular Vote Movement

Oregon legislators are considering a proposal to elect the president of the United States by popular vote for the fourth time in the last eight years. Source: Oregon Mulls Joining National Popular Vote Movement . News | OPB

Secretary of State visits Klamath Falls

Statewide elections, water and party inclusion were top talking points for Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Saturday evening in Klamath Falls during the Lincoln Day Dinner hosted by Klamath County Republicans at Oregon Tech. Richardson roughly eight weeks into his term, shared a letter he wrote to President Donald Trump where he addressed President […]
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Editorial: Two voter turnout bills aren’t necessary

They’re all the rage these days: new laws that make it easier to register to vote and to actually cast ballots. Now some Oregon lawmakers want to expand on both the state’s motor voter and vote-by-mail laws. Neither suggestion has much merit. Source: Editorial: Two voter turnout bills aren’t necessary;

Other Views: Oregon’s voting system is secure

Here’s a message from Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson to President Donald Trump: If you’re looking for evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 general election, you’re wasting your time looking in Oregon. “I’m pleased to report that in Oregon we have reviewed the processes and we are confident that voter fraud in […]
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