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Unaffiliated voters lag behind parties in voter turnout

When Oregon created the “motor voter” bill, which automatically registers people to vote when they get an Oregon driver’s license or update their address with the DMV, the move was hailed as a progressive step to increase voter registration. A look at turnout rates for unaffiliated voters in the state suggests there is still some […]
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What to do about the campaign cash tsunami?

In an increasingly polarized, divisive political landscape, where all we seem to see is red and blue, one issue unites us: the corrupting influence of money in our elections. The tidal wave of cash flooding our campaigns each election cycle is particularly troubling in Oregon, one of only five states that have zero caps on […]
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State officials are at the front line of 2020 election security

Inside a hotel ballroom near the nation’s capital, a US Army officer with battlefield experience told 120 state and local election officials that they may have more in common with military strategists than they might think. Source: State officials are at the front line of 2020 election security

Many new voters in Oregon are unaffiliated

A quirk of the Motor Voter Act. Anyone getting or renewing their driver’s license or state ID in Oregon since 2016 has been automatically registered to vote, thanks to the passage of the state’s Motor Voter Act. The secretary of state sends a card informing people of their registration and asking for a political party […]
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More election security funds headed to states as 2020 looms

Congress is poised to give states a last-minute infusion of federal funds to help boost election security with voting in early caucus and primary states slated to begin in February. Under a huge spending bill, states would receive $425 million for upgrading voting equipment, conducting post-election audits, cybersecurity training and other steps to secure elections. […]
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Secretaries of State Fighting Misinformation on Twitter

Election officials nationwide came together under the hashtag #TrustedInfo2020 on Thursday to help ensure voters have access to accurate election info, hoping to prevent foreign influence on the democratic process. There’s no question — the U.S. election system is vulnerable. In fact, it’s even more vulnerable than originally reported following the 2016 election. Government executives […]
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Oregon State Rep. Jennifer Williamson Will Resign To Focus On Statewide Campaign

One of the leading candidates in the 2020 race for Oregon Secretary of State will step down as a lawmaker later this month. State Rep. Jennifer Williamson, D-Portland, the former House majority leader, announced Friday she’ll end her nearly seven-year tenure in the legislature on Dec. 30. She’ll dedicate her time to her current campaign. […]
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Guest column: Oregon should move to ranked choice voting

A respect for personal autonomy is at the heart of both political parties, though expressed in different ways on different issues. For example, Republicans insist on a small government that frees up individuals to pursue their business, beliefs, etc. On the other side, Democrats generally promote a woman’s right to choose how to proceed with […]
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Officials laud election security as 2020 vote looms

With Tuesday’s low-profile local vote fast approaching, many eyes will soon be turning to election security in 2020. Local and state officials say elections are more secure than ever before and they’ll remain vigilant to stop any potential interference or ballot tampering. “Things are going well for us,” said Lane County Clerk Cheryl Betschart, who […]
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Why These 5 States Hold Odd-Year Elections, Bucking The Trend

If you follow politics, you’re probably inundated by news of the 2020 presidential race by now. But did you know that 2019 is an election year too? This month, five states will hold big general elections. Voters in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia will elect either a whole slew of state lawmakers or […]
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