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Oregon’s Special Election Tuesday Starts The 2018 Progressive Wave 

This Tuesday, Oregonians are joining millions of progressives who have turned out in record numbers to vote in Special Elections across the country since Trump took office. Source: Oregon’s Special Election Tuesday Starts The 2018 Progressive Wave – Willamette Week

Voting Center | Crab Fishery | Carbon Pricing Plans – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Multnomah County Elections Director Tim Scott joins us to talk about who’s using the new Voting Center Express that just opened in Gresham. This year’s Dungeness crab season in Oregon and Washington has been significantly delayed. It was pushed back from Dec. 1 to Jan. 15 due to the fact that the crabs needed to fill out […]
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Editorial: Streamline the rights of Oregon voters

Editor’s note: Secretary of State Dennis Richardson rescinded these proposed rules after the deadline for this editorial. It should surprise no one that Our Oregon, the political mouthpiece for Oregon’s public unions, is taking Secretary of State Dennis Richardson to court. If Richardson wins, ordinary Oregonians will have a better chance of putting ballot measures […]
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Editorial: Paid vote-by-mail proposal is unfair

As the Oregon Legislature gears up for its even-year short session, lawmakers and staff are fine-tuning at least some of the bills the former will deal with starting Feb. 5. Among them is one that would give counties, cities and districts the right to decide for themselves if they want to provide prepaid envelopes so […]
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The ‘voter fraud’ fraud | Opinion 

President Trump abruptly dissolved his Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity Wednesday, claiming that foot-dragging by state elections officials prevented the panel from doing its work. The commission never documented any of the widespread voter fraud that Trump claims cost him a popular-vote victory in 2016, but not because states wouldn’t cooperate. The panel came […]
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Hey! There’s an Election in a Few Weeks! | Editorial

Vote ‘yes’ on Measure 101. We don’t do this for the accolades, but holy sh*t should you be thankful that we sat through a debate over Measure 101 so you don’t have to. Source: Hey! There’s an Election in a Few Weeks!

Capitol roundup: No holiday for Oregon politics

It’s just the first week of the first month of the year, but Oregon politics never takes a day off. A tidal wave of money continues to flow into the campaign for governor, while voters have only three weeks until they will be asked to cast their first election-year votes. Democrats want to hold on […]
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Nelson: Senate race will be a lively one — Opinion

With a third Democrat entering the race for Republican Alan DeBoer’s Senate District 3 seat, the contest is heating up even before the election year begins. DeBoer, who won a special election for the seat after Sen. Alan Bates died in 2016, says he will decide in January whether to run again. Whoever the nominees […]
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Oregon election policies revised; public comment sought

The Oregon Elections Division on Thursday released the election manual updates under consideration for the 2018 election cycle. After considering public feedback, the Elections Division intends to finalize manual changes effective January 1, 2018. Source: Oregon election policies revised; public comment sought

Court rules health care ballot title is unclear

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the ballot title on the referendum on the states health care funding scheme must be clearer. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Court rules health care ballot title is unclear