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Oregon may sell a state forest that’s no longer profitable

Last month on Valentine’s Day, the members of Oregon’s State Land Board sat side-by-side at a table under fluorescent lights, facing an expectant crowd. They were about to take a consequential vote on whether to sell 82,500 acres of public land. It was the culmination of a decades-long fight over how the state should manage […]
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Editorial: Gov. Brown’s Elliott forest plan is a new way to lose

The case to sell the Elliott State Forest is about money for schools. Gov. Kate Brown’s case to keep some of the state forest in public hands has some admirable elements, but it’s not a smart way to use state resources. Source: Editorial: Gov. Brown’s Elliott forest plan is a new way to lose;

Resolve Elliott dilemma | Opinion 

Revenue bonds would be best solution It’s hard to find anyone who is enthusiastic about the prospect of selling the Elliott State Forest, the largest remnant of a vast patrimony of lands granted to Oregon by the federal government before statehood. Most of those lands were sold for a pittance, often in transactions involving fraud, […]
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Senators consider bill to ax forest sale

Lawmakers take up the governor’s proposal to keep the Elliott State Forest in public hands Source: Senators consider bill to ax forest sale | Local | Eugene, Oregon

My View: It’s finally time to sell the Elliott State Forest

State Land Board members have never wanted to sell, but there is no public ownership option that would allow the board to fulfill its fiduciary obligations to maximize revenue for the public schools. At the Feb. 14 meeting of the State Land Board, members voted 2-1 to enter into negotiations with a private consortium to […]
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My View: Privatizing forest a bad deal for state

Is it really wise to forever trade away the recreation, hunting, fishing, wildlife and climate mitigation values of the Elliott State Forest for the $220 million price that the Land Board is considering (barely 4 percent of the annual school budget)? Source: Oregon Local News – My View: Privatizing forest a bad deal for state

Elliott State Forest meeting pushed back until May

The Elliott State Forest’s fate will have to wait until May. Oregon’s State Land Board, comprising Gov. Kate Brown, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and Treasurer Tobias Read, won’t meet again until May 9. Source: Elliott State Forest meeting pushed back until May | OregonLive.com

The decision was made, now Oregon should sell the Elliott State Forest (Opinion)

For more than two years, the Oregon State Land Board, Oregon Department of State Lands and Oregon Legislature have engaged the public and each other in a discussion about the future of the Elliott State Forest. Oregon’s first state forest, the Elliott is required by the Oregon Constitution to generate revenue to help fund Oregon schools. Source: The decision was […]
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 Governor’s staff lobbies treasurer on Elliott Forest proposal

The governor has proposed an alternative to selling the forest, but her plan would require approval by the Legislature. Source: Oregon Local News – Governor’s staff lobbies treasurer on Elliott Forest proposal

Conservation groups lobby to nix sale of Elliott State Forest

Officials at the Department of State Lands are both negotiating a sales agreement for the forest and researching a public ownership option. Opponents of the planned sale of an 82,500-acre swath of the Elliot State Forest to a private partnership are lobbying members of the State Land Board to change their vote and keep the […]
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