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College students say they want a degree for a job. Are they getting what they want?

A poll found that two-thirds of 14- to 23-year-old students want a degree to provide financial security. Colleges have been slow to react to this shift in the mind-set. College is increasingly seen by high school students as a means to an end: getting a job. Since the Great Recession, surveys of teenagers — and the […]
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Job market ripe for college graduates

A bachelor’s degree might secure work, but compensation will vary. Makeila Lundy finished her computer science degree in June. By the end of summer, the Oregon State University-Cascades graduate had been hired in Bend by Systema, a German-owned company specializing in automation for manufacturers. Source: Job market ripe for college graduates; A bachelor’s degree might […]
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Panel encourages hiring formerly incarcerated people

Second Chance Tour stops in Bend Tuesday. With Oregon’s unemployment rate near a historic low, Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation is hitting the road to encourage businesses to consider hiring more people with felony convictions and a history of incarceration. Source: Panel encourages hiring formerly incarcerated people; Second Chance Tour stops in Bend Tuesday

Hermiston employment: Just add water

Hermiston was responsible for the majority of job in Umatilla County in 2005-2015. When it comes to attracting employers, Hermiston has a lot of advantages. Those advantages have helped spur job growth in the area: According to census data assistant city manager Mark Morgan shared with the city council recently, from 2005 to 2015 the […]
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July 2018 Employment and Unemployment in Oregon’s Counties

Benton County had Oregon’s lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 2.7 percent in July 2018. Other counties with some of the lowest unemployment rates in July included Hood River (3.1%), Washington (3.2%), and Wheeler (3.3%). Eastern and Southern Oregon had higher unemployment rates in July 2018, which were still close to their record low unemployment […]
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Employment continues upward trajectory

It took a long time for Jackson County employment to regain its footing following the Great Recession. Since then, the local economy has seen steady job creation. Over the past 12 months, county employers have added 2,820 positions, a 3.3 percent gain from July 2017. Statewide, job growth has been 2.4 percent over the past […]
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Cellphones, construction and cannabis: Meet 10 of Oregon’s fastest-growing companies

Growing companies love to crow about their success – especially if it gets them in a national magazine. Source: Cellphones, construction and cannabis: Meet 10 of Oregon’s fastest-growing companies

With strong economy, state jobs go unfilled

Oregon is actively trying to fill more nearly 400 of the 5,800 authorized state government positions that are vacant. Amid a strong economy and a tightening labor market, private employers across Oregon are struggling to fill job openings. And while state officials say there’s no definitive data on the subject, anecdotal evidence suggests that state […]
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In future employment in Northwest Oregon, education will pay

Service sector could have one-third of growth. Northwest Oregon is projected to add nearly 8,000 new jobs through 2027. But with about 60 percent of vacancies and expansions concentrated in lower-paying jobs that require only a high school diploma or less, earning a family wage will largely depend on education. Source: In future employment in […]
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How the US economy is doing now in four charts

Corporations are on a tear, but maybe just because they’re stockpiling for a trade collapse. While he was on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised to grow the country’s economy by more than 4% per year, a rate not seen since the mid-2000s. On Friday, his prediction came true. The government reported that gross domestic product […]
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