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Cellphones, construction and cannabis: Meet 10 of Oregon’s fastest-growing companies

Growing companies love to crow about their success – especially if it gets them in a national magazine. Source: Cellphones, construction and cannabis: Meet 10 of Oregon’s fastest-growing companies

With strong economy, state jobs go unfilled

Oregon is actively trying to fill more nearly 400 of the 5,800 authorized state government positions that are vacant. Amid a strong economy and a tightening labor market, private employers across Oregon are struggling to fill job openings. And while state officials say there’s no definitive data on the subject, anecdotal evidence suggests that state […]
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In future employment in Northwest Oregon, education will pay

Service sector could have one-third of growth. Northwest Oregon is projected to add nearly 8,000 new jobs through 2027. But with about 60 percent of vacancies and expansions concentrated in lower-paying jobs that require only a high school diploma or less, earning a family wage will largely depend on education. Source: In future employment in […]
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How the US economy is doing now in four charts

Corporations are on a tear, but maybe just because they’re stockpiling for a trade collapse. While he was on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised to grow the country’s economy by more than 4% per year, a rate not seen since the mid-2000s. On Friday, his prediction came true. The government reported that gross domestic product […]
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June 2018 Employment and Unemployment in Oregon’s Counties

Benton County had Oregon’s lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 2.9 percent in June 2018. Other counties with some of the lowest unemployment rates in June included Gilliam and Hood River, with 3.1 percent. Eastern and Southern Oregon had higher unemployment rates in June 2018, which were still close to their record low unemployment rates […]
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Construction boom seen across U.S., trickles into Portland

Construction employment in the U.S. increased by 13,000 jobs in June, according to a report by the Associated General Contractors of America. The added hires bring the construction job market to 282,000 added jobs since June of last year. The Associated General Contractors of America analysis indicates a 10-year high for the industry, one officials […]
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Editorial: End no-poaching employment practice

Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon’s attorney general, has joined her counterparts in nine other states and the District of Columbia in their effort to investigate the hiring practices of fast-food franchises. The AGs are looking into no-poaching agreements that generally prevent one Burger King, for example, from hiring workers at another Burger King. That kind of agreement, […]
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‘Not your father’s labor market’: Hiring is strong, but workers still aren’t seeing big raises

Unemployment is at 4 percent, but companies still appear hesitant to significantly raise pay. The U.S. economy added 213,000 jobs in June, the Labor Department reported Friday, as the unemployment rate rose to four percent. The small increase in unemployment — up from 3.8 percent in May — appears to be the result of more Americans searching for work, according to Labor Department figures released Friday. Source: […]
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Beer industry creates more jobs in pubs than breweries

And it turns out that Bend is not the beer capital of Oregon. Oregonians who want to work in the brewing industry have better odds of finding a job in a pub than a production house. That’s according to a new report from Central Oregon Regional Economist Damon Runberg, who found that brewpubs account for […]
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Is it great to be a worker in the U.S.? Not compared with the rest of the developed world.

America’s unemployed and at-risk workers get very little support from the government, and their employed peers are set back by a weak collective-bargaining system. The U.S. labor market is hot. Unemployment is at 3.8 percent, a level it’s hit only once since the 1960s, and many industries report deep labor shortages. Old theories of what’s wrong with […]
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