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Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People

Middle-aged white people without college degrees are increasingly likely to die of suicide or drug and alcohol abuse. The lack of a pathway to solid jobs is one reason, two economists say. Source: Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People : Shots – Health News : NPR

A tale of two letters to Oregon high schoolers: Tim Nesbitt

At this time of year, many of our high school seniors are waiting expectantly for letters from the colleges of their choice. But there are many more who could benefit from letters of a different kind – the kind that students in Albany and Corvallis are receiving from local employers with invitations to advance on […]
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Oregon Metro Size and Employment, 2016

Yesterday we looked at job growth across the U.S. based on metro size, including rural areas. Today we’ll take a similar look at growth here in Oregon. Overall we know our economy is more volatile than the typical state. We fall further in recession but grow faster in expansion. Given the economy spends many more […]
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Government-Sponsored Report Tallies Small Business Growth From Legal Marijuana

  When it comes to state jobs vs. federal drug law enforcement, Oregon tallies 12,000 employed in the legal marijuana industry States with legalized marijuana are enjoying new tax revenues and decreased crime as customers move from back-alleys to well-lit shops. But conflict looms as Attorney General Jeff Sessions signals stronger anti-marijuana law enforcement. Source: […]
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Metro Size and Employment, 2016

Back by popular demand, here is an update on job growth across the country based on metro size. BLS just released the 2016q3 QCEW data on Tuesday for the entire country. This is the detailed data of employment and wages based on unemployment insurance records. It comes with a time lag — again the q3 […]
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Alcohol vs Software (Graph of the Week) 

Happy Friday! In the showdown you didn’t know you wanted but now glad you have, Oregon’s alcohol cluster has added more jobs than the state’s software industry since the start of the Great Recession. This edition of the Graph of the Week has been a regular in our office’s slide deck for some time now […]
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Employment data shows continued recovery 

State data indicate the local economy continues to climb out of the recession. The mid-Willamette Valley’s unemployment rates stayed low in January, and Linn and Benton counties also have added more than 1,400 workers over the past year, according to figures released by the Oregon Employment Department on Tuesday. Source: Employment data shows continued recovery […]
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Economists highlight highs, lows on the coast

The North Coast’s beauty and proximity to Portland can be both a charm and a challenge economically During Thursday’s Columbia Forum, regional economists Erik Knoder and Josh Lehner explained why the North Coast’s beauty and proximity to Portland can be both a charm and a challenge economically. Lehner works for the Oregon Office of Economic […]
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Strong economy impacts temp agencies 

Temporary employment agencies have a front row seat to watch changes in the economy, but those can manifest in different ways. Staffing firms in Albany have plenty of jobs to fill, but, like many companies, are struggling to find workers due to the strong economy and low unemployment levels, representatives said. “The lack of qualified […]
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Oregon timber industry optimistic Trump administration will bring back jobs

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump made a big promise to the Oregon timber industry: to bring back family-wage jobs. Many attending the Oregon Logging Conference say they are optimistic that President Trump will make good on those promises. Source: Oregon timber industry optimistic Trump administration will bring back jobs | KVAL