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Coos County, an Economic Update

As the wet months of winter and early spring are now behind us and last year’s economic data have been checked and rechecked, now is a good time to take a look at Coos County’s economy. Usually, we analyze business activities on the basis of business type and ownership — is the business owned by […]
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Tour touts benefits of keeping USDA grants

A tour highlights how farms used USDA grants that the White House argues should be eliminated. A farm tour in northwest Washington Monday showcased the rippling economic gains from USDA grants, which the White House says the government shouldn’t be handing out. The Northwest Agriculture Business Center, which helps farms apply for grants, organized stops […]
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Job Stability and Instability in Oregon

In a typical quarter, about 30 percent of Oregon’s workers are in jobs that are considered not stable – they either recently began or will soon end. From the fourth quarter of 2015 through the third quarter of 2016 (the most recent data), an average of 525,035 people per quarter had jobs that were either […]
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‘Help wanted’ signs are everywhere

North Coast employers get creative to get find employees. When Steve Sinkler, owner of The Wine Shack and Provisions 124 in Cannon Beach, decided to expand his business to include a small deli, he didn’t think finding someone to work part time making sandwiches would be so difficult. It was 45 days before he filled […]
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Unemployed in a time of so-called full employment

Good-paying jobs elusive despite booming economy in Washington County, the driver of Oregon’s economy. Depending on how you define it, Washington County has reached an era of “full employment” — at or near 3 percent unemployment. For academics, the term “full employment” can mean that everyone who wants a job has one. For economists, the […]
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Rural counties are where jobs are needed most—and that includes jobs pumping gas | Editorial

Pull up to a gas station in Oregon and it’s easy to determine whether someone lives in the state or not. If the driver moves to start pumping their own gas, it’s a sure tell that they’re from out of state. Oregonians don’t have to pump their own gas and haven’t done so since 1951. […]
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Oregon Businesses Report Record 62,625 Vacancies in Spring

Private businesses in Oregon continued their strong hiring demand this spring. They had 62,600 job openings at any given time in the second quarter, the largest quarterly total since we began asking them in 2013. Source: Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: Oregon Businesses Report Record 62,625 Vacancies in Spring

New kind of tech job pushes for skills over a degree

A few years ago, Sean Bridges lived with his mother, Linda, in Wiley Ford, West Virginia. Their only income was her monthly Social Security disability check. He applied for work at Walmart and Burger King, but they were not hiring. Yet while Bridges had no work history, he had certain skills. He had built and […]
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A ‘very credible’ new study on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage has bad news for liberals

Seattle officials wanted to help poor workers when they voted to boost the minimum wage, but a new study says they may have done the opposite. When Seattle officials voted three years ago to incrementally boost the city’s minimum wage up to $15 an hour, they’d hoped to improve the lives of low-income workers. Yet according to a […]
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Why Don’t Homeless People Just Get Jobs?

The refrain of “Get a job!” is as old as poverty and panhandling. But one of the hard truths of homelessness is that many people who qualify as homeless work hard and still can’t afford rent. There’s Shorty, camping along the I-205 bicycle path, who last month showed a reporter a cellphone image of his […]
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