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Self-serve gas: It’s time to let it happen

Don’t look now, but one of those quirky things that makes Oregon unique is being debated again in Salem, and could become a thing of the past. No, not the income tax “kicker” — that would be too much to hope for, and in any case would require a constitutional amendment. We’re talking about self-serve […]
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Central Oregon unemployment rates remain unchanged

Despite the 35-day federal government shutdown at the start of the year, Central Oregon’s unemployment rates remained relatively unchanged in February, the Oregon Employment Department reported. “The region’s employment and unemployment levels bounced back from the temporary shock due to the partial federal government shutdown,” Damon Runberg, Central Oregon Regional economist, said in an email. […]
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Oregon Completes Database Combining Public School, College And Employment Information

Oregon officials announced the completion of a vast database of student information, even as the state acknowledged a security lapse of personal data in another part of state government. The Statewide Longitudinal Data System has been formally in the works since 2015, though the state has invested state and federal dollars in an expanded student database […]
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Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: Oregon’s Unemployment Rate 4.4% in February

Oregon’s unemployment rate was 4.4 percent in February and 4.3 percent in January. Oregon’s unemployment rate has ranged between 4.0 percent and 4.4 percent since November 2016, with the low of 4.0 percent occurring in May, June, and July 2018. The U.S. unemployment rate declined to 3.8 percent in February from 4.0 percent in January. […]
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January 2019 Employment and Unemployment in Oregon’s Counties

Benton County had Oregon’s lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 3.4 percent in January 2019. Other counties with some of the lowest unemployment rates in January included Hood River (3.5%) and Washington (3.7%). Seven of Oregon’s counties had unemployment rates at or below the statewide unemployment rate of 4.3 percent and the national rate of […]
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Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: Oregon Adds 11,000 Jobs in January

In January, Oregon’s nonfarm payroll employment grew by 11,000 jobs, following a revised loss of 1,700 jobs in December. Six industries each added at least 1,000 jobs in January. Strong gains in the goods-producing industries topped the list as manufacturing added 2,500 jobs and construction added 1,800. Four other industries added at least 1,000 jobs: retail trade(+1,600 jobs), professional and business […]
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Job vacancies in Eastern Oregon reflect growing area

Though Eastern Oregon saw hundreds of vacancies in construction, manufacturing, and natural resource jobs in 2018, a local economist says it’s not because people are quitting their jobs, but rather because there’s more growth happening in the area than before. Chris Rich, an economist with Oregon Employment Department, published a report on Monday entitled “Help […]
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Bills would block workers from being fired for using pot on off hours

Business groups oppose laws they say will clash with federal prohibitions. ou can buy it, sell it, grow it, smoke it, eat it, rub it on as a cream. Storefronts and billboards advertise it, doctors prescribe it, the state taxes and regulates it, and business groups promote it. But if your employer finds out you’ve […]
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Oregon Employment Forecast: Clear Skies for Now, Clouds Appear Next Year

Oregon’s economy closed the books on 2018 up 38,000 jobs over 2017 for a growth rate of 2.0 percent; the slowest pace in six years, yet still fast enough to absorb new workers entering the labor force and keep the unemployment rate near record lows. Despite slowing growth, the outlook for 2019 remains positive according […]
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Toking up off the job? Lawmakers want to keep you employed

Two bills that proponents say would finish the process of legalizing marijuana and stifle black market sales. Oregonians would no longer be compelled by employers to avoid off-duty use of marijuana under a proposal being considered at the Legislature. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Toking up off the job? Lawmakers want to keep you employed