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Americans’ energy use broke record in 2018

Americans burned a record amount of energy in 2018, with a 10% jump in consumption from booming natural gas helping to lead the way, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says. Overall consumption of all kinds of fuels rose 4% year on year, the largest such increase in eight years, a report this week from the […]
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Editorial: Bill would cost power customers more

Oregon House Bill 3174 surely is among the shortest in the Legislature this session. Sponsored by Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Winston, and Rep. Gary Leif, R-Roseburg, the measure directs the state’s Public Utility Commission to order natural gas and electricity utilities to allow residential customers to use analog meters instead of smart readers, and to use […]
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Some Central Oregon gas stations see supplies running low

Snowblower owners buy up ethanol-free gas. From La Pine to Redmond, Central Oregon gas stations were slammed with customers filling up with gas to power snowblowers, heaters, snowmobiles, trucks and cars. If that wasn’t challenging enough, those companies jockeyed workers around to cover shifts from snowed-in workers. Source: Some Central Oregon gas stations see supplies […]
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Oregon’s Energy Intensity and Household Spending

Energy costs can have big impacts on the economy. This has certainly been the case historically with the 1973 oil crisis and U.S. recession being a prime example. More recently we can observe the impact of gas prices on American automobile purchases. When gas is near $4 per gallon, we buy more cars, but when […]
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Trump Backs Wood Power Scientists Call Dirtier Than Coal

The Trump administration endorsed burning trees and other biomass to produce energy on Thursday, vowing to promote a practice some scientists have declared more environmentally devastating than coal-fired power. The Environmental Protection Agency joined the departments of Energy and Agriculture in a letter to congressional leaders committing to “encourage the use of biomass as an […]
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Electricity generation reaches highest level since the 2008 recession

The increase marks a turning point over the last decade. America’s electricity generation reached the highest level since before the economic recession, just-released government data shows. Why it matters: Electricity generation in the U.S. has been largely stagnant for a decade, fueled by a slow-growing economy after the 2008 financial crash and the resulting lackluster […]
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Opinion: Are the days of big regional energy projects over? Not by a long shot.

In decades past, the Pacific Northwest met its electricity needs by developing large regional energy assets, first hydroelectric dams and then coal generation facilities. More recently, the green wall of California, Oregon and Washington has been charging toward a clean energy grid powered by wind and solar. Source: Opinion: Are the days of big regional […]
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Editorial: Bitcoin miners may threaten NW’s low-cost power

PUDs, utilities wise to go slow with supplying power to cryptocurrency crowd. The quest for bitcoins, the cryptocurrency that exists only in cyberspace, probably doesn’t weigh heavily on the minds of most farmers. But it should. Bitcoin “miners” are proliferating around the world, but the Pacific Northwest and its low power rates make this region […]
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Energy Supplies And Prices Have Grown More Unpredictable

Energy analysts are getting worse at predicting how much oil and gas will come out of the ground in the future, a new study finds. A lot of smart people spend a lot of time trying to predict how much oil and gas is going to come out of the ground in the future. Lately, […]
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PGE study: low-carbon grid is doable, affordable

The energy and transportation sectors are not only capable of executing steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, doing so could save households and businesses money in the long run, according to a study that Portland General Electric  circulated this week. Source: PGE study: low-carbon grid is doable, affordable