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Editorial: Housing ‘protections’ would hurt

Oregon lawmakers are once again considering a variety of ways to “protect” tenants in the state, and it’s likely at least of couple of them will gain serious support in the 2019 Legislature. With luck, however, both Gov. Kate Brown and more moderate Democrats will view the schemes in the light of the serious damage […]
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We have a right to counsel in criminal cases. Why not in evictions?

Losing a home can devastate a family. Don’t they deserve a fair hearing? Our Constitution guarantees the right to an attorney to those accused of a crime, as upheld in the landmark Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright. But for those at risk of losing their homes, there’s no such guarantee. That’s because Gideon covers […]
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Oregon lawmakers need to prioritize renter protections

City and state leaders in Salem can no longer pretend the worst of the housing crisis will pass over our community. People are in trouble and it’s time for action. As the Statesman Journal reported on June 22, landlords for two apartments buildings that used to be affordable issued mass evictions over the course of […]
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In 83 Million Eviction Records, a Sweeping and Intimate New Look at Housing in America

  Before the first hearings on the morning docket, the line starts to clog the lobby of the John Marshall Courthouse. No cellphones are allowed inside, but many of the people who’ve been summoned don’t learn that until they arrive. “Put it in your car,” the sheriff’s deputies suggest at the metal detector. That advice […]
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Reading, Writing, Evicted

-Multi-part series- In Portland, skyrocketing rents and no-cause evictions are forcing children by the hundreds to switch schools mid-year, inflicting academic and emotional setbacks. Source: Reading, Writing, Evicted | Oregon Education –

Tenants’ advocate: Housing is a civil right

But Katrina Holland tells League of Minority Voters forum that Oregon lawmakers are not ready to lift a ban on rent control by local governments or ban no-cause evictions. The leader of a tenants’ right organization says housing is as much a civil right as other human rights. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Tenants’ advocate: […]
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Seeking shelter

Ashland resident Mara K. Owens, homeless off and on since 2005, is delighted to now live in an affordable apartment, but worries about others who struggle to make rent. As a disabled senior, she fears Ashland is becoming “a playground for the rich,” a consistent theme in an Southern Oregon Tenants Union protest on the […]
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5 Things for a summery Monday, including some real news and a festival first

Off we go into another week — but not before these Five Things set the stage. Journalism at its finest Service with a smile A Portland festival first Landlords will pay Road relief Source: 5 Things for a summery Monday, including some real news and a festival first – Portland Business Journal

Oregon lawmakers head home after passing transportation tax and fee plan, but failing to agree on new tax on business

A difficult session for state lawmakers came to a fraught end on Friday, with the Senate forgoing the traditional joint “Sine Die” ceremony and adjourning more than three hours before the House was ready to. The split ending — the first for the Legislature since 2003 — followed a hectic final week marked by bitter […]
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Editorial: This legislative session’s legacy is “less bad”

When their work is done and Oregon lawmakers head home in the next few days, they’ll leave behind a legacy that can, in part, best be described as “less bad.” Some of the most important pieces of legislation they approved were not good, perhaps, but were certainly less bad than when first introduced. Source: Editorial: […]
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