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Climate activists prepare options if Oregon clean energy bill fails again in 2020

Climate action groups will call on Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to use executive authority to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if legislation fails in 2020. Source: Climate activists prepare options if Oregon clean energy bill fails again in 2020

Oregon Expands Non-Discrimination Protections To Include Gender Identity

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Friday signed an executive order to strengthen and update state protections for people in the LGBTQ community. The new order makes updates to an order issued in 1987 that prohibited state agencies from discriminating against people based on sexual orientation. It also expands the language to include gender identity. Source: Oregon Expands Non-Discrimination […]
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Gov. Brown convenes Behavioral Health Advisory Council

Gov. Kate Brown convened a Behavioral Health Advisory Council with Executive Order 19-06 on Thursday. The council will make recommendations to the governor and the Legislature with a focus on care for adolescents and adults with serious mental illnesses, including those with simultaneous substance use disorders. “Behavioral health systems remain largely fragmented and separate from […]
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Gov. Brown Signs Executive Order Bolstering LGBTQ+ Protections

On October 25, Gov. Kate Brown signed Executive Order 19-08, which reinforces protections for Oregon’s LGBTQ+ citizens. It refines and expands protections  regarding sexual orientation, as well as extending state protections to include gender identity. The order builds upon a 1987 executive order, which prevented discrimination by state agencies and employees on the grounds of sexual […]
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Democratic governor to Trump: Oregon ‘is a sanctuary state’ and will continue to accept refugees

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) said this week that her state will continue to accept refugees in light of an executive order issued by the Trump administration last month that allows states to turn away refugees. “No one chooses to be a refugee. Refugees are just like us. They have jobs and families: they are […]
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Our view | Vaping ban a wise course of action

The fact that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is moving ahead to formulate plans to execute Gov. Kate Brown’s order that bans vaping products is good news. A spokesman for the agency said in a story in this newspaper this week that once the commission OKs the ban, its staff could begin inspecting retailers immediately. […]
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Brown’s exec order slaps six-month ban on vaping products

Two people in Oregon have died from illnesses linked to vaping as national cases rise to 1,000. Source: Brown’s exec order slaps six-month ban on vaping products

Oregon flavored vaping ban expected by week’s end, ninth illness reported

A ban on the sale of flavored vaping products in Oregon is expected to be implemented this week through the emergency rule-making process of two state agencies. Spokesmen for the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Liquor Control Commission said the agencies are collaborating on the sets of rules, the former dealing with nicotine vaping products, the latter […]
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A Tour of Portland Convenience Stores Shows Little Compliance With an Impending Flavored-Vape Ban

Portland-area convenience stores are in no hurry to comply with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s impending ban on flavored vaping products. On Oct. 4, Brown issued an executive order that bans the sale of flavored vape pods and additives, effective later this month. Brown’s decision comes in the wake of two Oregon deaths linked to vaping. Source: A […]
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Oregon’s Flavored Vaping Ban Includes All Non-Cannabis Derived Flavors in THC Vapes

The ban will apply to any non-marijuana derived terpenes—including terpenes extracted from plants other than cannabis. This morning, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declared an emergency six-month ban on all flavored vaping products and additives. That decision immediately raised questions. Among them: How does the state define “flavor” in cannabis vapes? Source: Oregon’s Flavored Vaping Ban […]
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