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Oregon farmers hope high vole numbers take cyclical nosedive

With the population of voles apparently peaking in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, farmers hope the destructive rodent’s numbers will soon take a cyclical nosedive. Though estimating the pest’s specific population isn’t feasible, damage to crops indicates their regional numbers are “astronomical” — likely in the millions, said Nicole Anderson, field crops Extension agent with Oregon State […]
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Northwest Family Farm Bankruptcies Increase

Family farm bankruptcy filings are up across the country. They’re growing fastest in the Northwest. Source: Northwest Family Farm Bankruptcies Increase

OSU hires new wheat extension agent for Wasco, Sherman counties

Oregon State University has Jacob Powell as a new extension agent for dryland wheat growers in Wasco and Sherman counties. Source: OSU hires new wheat extension agent for Wasco, Sherman counties

Roots Of An Oregon Farm Bankruptcy: When Tariffs, Mother Nature And Geopolitics Collide 

The federal bankruptcy court in Portland was almost empty when apple farmer Richard Blaine walked in. It was mid-October and harvest was in full swing on his orchards in Oregon and Washington. As workers plucked Granny Smiths and Golden Delicious from his trees, Blaine shifted in his seat and absorbed the bankruptcy hearing playing out […]
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Senate OKs ag appropriations with Oregon funding

Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said the Agriculture Appropriations bill that was voted out of the full Senate Thursday will help Oregon’s rural communities—from investments in rural housing; to research into the impacts of wildfire smoke on crops; to hemp, which is becoming a major cash crop for Oregon. Source: Senate OKs ag appropriations […]
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Roots Of An Oregon Farm Bankruptcy: When Tariffs, Mother Nature And Geopolitics Collide

How tariffs, frost, labor strife and a Russian invasion conspired against a Hood River farming family. President Trump made it easier for family farmers to seek bankruptcy protection. This Oregon farm needed relief from his trade wars. Source: Roots Of An Oregon Farm Bankruptcy: When Tariffs, Mother Nature And Geopolitics Collide . News | OPB

Oregon Farmers Work To Grow Pasture

Agricultural operations can be very different, from each one to the next.  Just think of the variety: from orchards of fruit trees to cattle ranches and beyond. Dairy farmers and people in similar operations have joined forces in the Oregon Pasture Network, a program of Friends of Family Farmers. Source: Oregon Farmers Work To Grow Pasture […]
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IRS extends relief for Oregon farmers and ranchers affected by severe weather

The Internal Revenue Service has extended tax relief for farmers and ranchers who were forced to sell livestock due to drought, flooding or other severe weather in recent years.Among the Oregon counties eligible for federal assistance are Baker and Union counties. Counties that border those listed are also eligible for federal aid. Source: IRS extends […]
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Diversifying Crops Is Good For The Planet. But Can It Be Good For Farmers’ Wallets?

There is a swath of the Gulf of Mexico that’s virtually devoid of life, because algae blooms have choked out marine plants and animals; scientists say it is growing and getting worse. One of the culprits lies to the north, in the massive amounts of fertilizers used on corn and soy farms throughout the Midwest. Source: Diversifying […]
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Growers eye crop quality after hard freeze

Impact of early cold in parts of Idaho, Oregon varied by crop, site. Idaho potato growers have been bouncing back from an early freeze that in some locations delayed harvest and raised quality concerns. “They are taking advantage of the beautiful weather we have right now and getting the rest of the potatoes out of […]
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