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The Trump administration might be deregulating more than you know (or could know) 

Why doesn’t OMB review have a public comment period, too? Since President Trump took office last year, his administration has been working to undo many Obama-era regulations affecting clean water, national parks, energy production and more. Most recently, President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has proposed weakening Obama-era regulations on coal-fired power plants. But there could be still more deregulating underway […]
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Editorial: WOTUS ruling muddies regulatory waters

Farmers, ranchers and regulators need clear guidance on the true extent and limit of the government’s authority. The controversial Waters of the United States rule lives again, at least in 26 states — including Oregon, Washington and California. The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wrote the rule in the hopes […]
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California, Oregon attorneys general oppose Trump ‘Two-for-One’ executive order

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced June 5 that that they oppose a Trump executive order mandating that in order to create a new regulation, most federal agencies must repeal at least two existing regulations. Source: California, Oregon attorneys general oppose Trump ‘Two-for-One’ executive order | Legal Newsline

Williams prioritizes pot trafficking, public safety

U.S. Attorney says he will ‘not make broad proclamations of blanket immunity from prosecution to those who violate federal law.’ Oregon’s chief federal prosecutor says his top priorities in enforcing cannabis laws will be threats to public safety and interstate trafficking fueled by over production of marijuana since the state legalized medical and recreational use. […]
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The digital divide: Why federal regulations are holding back internet innovation in rural Oregon

Replacing outdated federal policy is key to delivering cheaper, reliable broadband in Oregon The Technology Association of Oregon has been advocating for and empowering technology businesses in Oregon for many years. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: The digital divide: Why federal regulations are holding back internet innovation in rural Oregon

Staying on course to fix West Coast’s fisheries ‘disaster’: Guest opinion

As the New Year approaches, we have good news to share with everyone who cares about America’s supply of sustainable seafood. West Coast groundfish populations — dozens of rockfish, sole and cod species — are more abundant today than they have been for decades. Source: Staying on course to fix West Coast’s fisheries ‘disaster’: Guest […]
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Oregon Business – Who you gonna call? Dronebusters

As consumer and commercial drones increase in popularity, a Portland startup confronts the safety and security threats. In a fourth-floor office overlooking the Pearl District, Jake Sullivan mimed shooting down a drone with a Super Soaker-sized radio frequency jamming gun. He calls the device the “Dronebuster.” Sullivan kept his finger off the trigger. Squeezing it […]
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Commentary: Mandates help motorists, economy in long run

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Should we keep Obama-era fuel economy standards?” The U.S. government regulates greenhouse gas emissions through two primary mechanisms: corporate average fuel economy standards, known as CAFE standards, and greenhouse gas standards. The CAFE standards are set to rise for light-duty vehicles in order to achieve a 54.5 […]
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Post-fire logging bills would weaken forests | Opinion |

It is President Trump’s ninth month in office, and we are starting to see some of his horrible ideas for forest management come to fruition. If stripping protections from beloved national monuments weren’t enough, two bills recently introduced in Congress aim to gut federal environmental protections and expedite irresponsible logging on our public forest lands. […]
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U.S. push for self-driving law exposes regulatory divide

 As the U.S. Congress moves quickly to pass the first federal law governing self-driving cars, some state and city officials are pushing back over fears that the measure will limit their ability to regulate vehicle safety at the local level. The debate highlights the challenges of rolling out a new technology that does not fit […]
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