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First Day Hikes returns to state parks, fees waived

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) invites Oregonians outdoors on New Year’s Day for the annual First Day Hikes event. Visitors can choose from 37 hikes in 31 parks across the state. All hikes will be guided by a park ranger or volunteer who will share stories about the park’s history, geology, wildlife and plants. […]
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UCC board approves tuition, fees increase

Tuition and fees at Umpqua Community College will increase at the start of summer term 2020, after the college’s Board of Education unanimously approved the administrator recommended hike during its regular board meeting on Wednesday. Source: UCC board approves tuition, fees increase | Ucc | nrtoday.com

State parks will be free for Black Friday in Oregon, Washington

Oregon and Washington state parks will again waive parking fees for the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday continues to get a little greener across the Pacific Northwest. This year, parks departments in Oregon and Washington will once again waive parking fees on the day after Thanksgiving for state park sites around the region. Source: State parks will be […]
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Mon 8 AM | Oregon Prepares To Hike Car Registration Fees

Drivers of cars that use little or no gasoline can smile as they drive past gas pumps.  But in Oregon as of January 1, 2020, the smile may slump come time to renew a vehicle registration. Because another set of fees clicks into place with the new year, designed to increase the revenue for Oregon’s […]
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Guest column: How much will your next hike cost?

I just received my Oregon property tax statement. It is an interesting document that provides a breakdown of where your tax money will be spent over the next year. If you’re like me you might not agree with all of it, but every item appeared on a ballot at one time or another and was […]
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Editorial: Reasonable fees for records must be based in reality

The city of Portland lost a lawsuit the other day. It wasn’t a big one, but for those who believe the state’s public records law really does give the public access to government records, it was important. Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Shelley D. Russell ruled that fees the city charged to fill a records […]
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New license fees confusing but needed

Expect some confusion at the DMV when you go to renew your vehicle license next year. That’s because Oregon is shifting to a mileage-based fee schedule. If you think you’ll pay more if you drive a gas-guzzler, think again. The lowest-mileage vehicles will pay the least, and owners of high-mileage hybrids and electric vehicles will […]
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Fuel-efficient cars will no longer help drivers avoid road fees

January 2020 marks the beginning of a new era in the way Oregon drivers pay for maintenance of their roads and highways. Fuel-efficient and electric vehicles, which have driven a wedge in recent years into the state’s gas tax-fed Highway Fund, will be subject to increased registration fees approved by the Oregon Legislature that are […]
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Our View: It’ll pay to go green – Opinion

Oregon’s Democratic governor and Democratic majorities in the Legislature desperately want to curb greenhouse gas emissions and become a national leader on climate change. We’re surprised, then, to learn that on Jan. 1 the state will begin penalizing people who drive fuel-efficient vehicles. Source: Our View: It’ll pay to go green – Opinion – The […]
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Registration fees for eco-friendly cars set to rise under new Oregon law

-If you own a high mile-per-gallon hybrid car or electric vehicle in Oregon, grab for your wallet. Vehicle registration fees are set to climb in Oregon, starting in January. The rise of high mileage hybrid and electric cars has meant less gas tax money flowing to state coffers, so the legislature passed a sweeping transportation […]
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