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Oregon State Police unveil new patrol vehicles

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon State Police were excited to show off their new patrol cars Friday. They recently redesigned their vehicles, saying the new design will save money and make the cars more visible on roadways at night. Source: Oregon State Police unveil new patrol vehicles

Why this deer disease could change the way Americans hunt forever

Despite rain and snow, thousands of Michigan hunters dragged their deer to check stations to be tested for chronic wasting disease — a condition that comes from the same family as “mad cow” disease. “I was amazed that we had 150 deer come through the check station on the first day of gun season in Montcalm […]
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A healthy ecosystem

Wolves need more protection from poachers Illegal killings of wolves have increased in Oregon in recent weeks, which is bad news for wildlife ecosystems. The most recent was in Wallowa County, where someone illegally shot a 41/2-year-old gray wolf, the breeding female of the Shamrock pack. Source: A healthy ecosystem

Conservation group wants more thorough investigation of wolf shooting

The executive director of the conservation group Oregon Wild is demanding a more thorough investigation into the shooting of a wolf on Oct. 27 in Northeast Oregon. Sean Stevens said statements from the hunter and an Oregon State Police trooper do not match with evidence photos released by the state police. Source: Conservation group wants […]
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Wallowa County: Dead wolves, cattle and the open range

A handful of Northeast Oregon ranchers and wolves are colliding in an area of public and private land just east of Joseph. Source: Wallowa County: Dead wolves, cattle and the open range | OregonLive.com

Police Seek Help in Eastern Oregon Poaching Case

State officials are asking for the public’s help to find the person responsible for the unlawful taking and wasting of a bull elk in eastern Oregon. Source: Police Seek Help in Eastern Oregon Poaching Case | Oregon News | US News

Environmental groups decry ‘unnecessary’ killing of wolves, ask Gov. Brown to show leadership

  Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has “lost its way” and the state’s plan for managing wolves has veered off course, according to leaders from 18 environmental nonprofit groups. The environmental coalition sent a letter to Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday asking her to be more involved in the agency’s affairs as it works to […]
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The Best of Birding | Natural World

When it comes to Bests, you can’t get much better than the upcoming Great Shorebird Migration at Oregon’s only salt lake. Source: Natural World – The Best of Birding | Natural World | The Source Weekly – Bend, Oregon

Whales become a fixture at Buoy 10; Oregon State scientist says they’re hungry too

Son Bill Jr. cut his engine so quickly we thought something was wrong. A humpback whale had unexpectedly surfaced ahead of his speeding sled, then disappeared as we coasted, engine in neutral. Still a half mile from the start of our next down-tide run off the Megler Rest Area, upriver from the bridge to Astoria, […]
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Marion County works to ensure vital services during eclipse

Local agencies are preparing for thousands of visitors to their cities and counties in less than two weeks for the total solar eclipse. Source: Marion County works to ensure vital services during eclipse | KATU