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Environmental groups decry ‘unnecessary’ killing of wolves, ask Gov. Brown to show leadership

  Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has “lost its way” and the state’s plan for managing wolves has veered off course, according to leaders from 18 environmental nonprofit groups. The environmental coalition sent a letter to Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday asking her to be more involved in the agency’s affairs as it works to […]
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The Best of Birding | Natural World

When it comes to Bests, you can’t get much better than the upcoming Great Shorebird Migration at Oregon’s only salt lake. Source: Natural World – The Best of Birding | Natural World | The Source Weekly – Bend, Oregon

Whales become a fixture at Buoy 10; Oregon State scientist says they’re hungry too

Son Bill Jr. cut his engine so quickly we thought something was wrong. A humpback whale had unexpectedly surfaced ahead of his speeding sled, then disappeared as we coasted, engine in neutral. Still a half mile from the start of our next down-tide run off the Megler Rest Area, upriver from the bridge to Astoria, […]
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Marion County works to ensure vital services during eclipse

Local agencies are preparing for thousands of visitors to their cities and counties in less than two weeks for the total solar eclipse. Source: Marion County works to ensure vital services during eclipse | KATU

Portland granted 60-day delay on crypto decision

UPDATE: Oregon Health Authority responds to request from Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Nick Fish the day before scheduled vote Source: Pamplin Media Group – Portland granted 60-day delay on crypto decision

Oregon’s fall salmon seasons; coast to Buoy 10 to McNary Dam

Anglers begin fishing Tuesday for fall salmon and steelhead inside a Rubik’s Cube of regulations. Aug. 1, the official opening of the Columbia River’s fall season (including Buoy 10), is also heralded in Oregon’s coastal bays, estuaries and rivers. Source: Oregon’s fall salmon seasons; coast to Buoy 10 to McNary Dam | OregonLive.com

Oregon Legislature names osprey; keeps meadowlark

Whereas the 2017 Oregon Legislature was in the throes of sine die July 7 with very little in the way of gut-and-stuff surprises, and amid self-congratulatory back-patting over passing a balanced budget, but obligatory hand-wringing over the failure of corporate tax increases… Source: Oregon Legislature names osprey; keeps meadowlark | OregonLive.com

A Disappointing Legislative Session For Oregon Environmentalists

Paige Spence spread a few sheets of paper across her desk at the Oregon Conservation Network, listing out her organization’s goals for the recently adjourned 2017 legislature. She made a mark for everything that passed, and drew an “X” by everything that didn’t. The first page has losses, but also a few wins. The next […]
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Northwest salmon are the stuff of legends. Despite millions, the species struggles to survive. Can we save them — and at what price?

The salmon of the Northwest are the stuff of legends.Pioneers talked of rivers so thick that they were tempted to cross on the backs of the fish. When Meriwether Lewis led his band of explorers through the Northwest in 1805, he marveled in his journal of “almost inconceivable” numbers of salmon. Source: Northwest salmon are […]
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Killing deer with kindness

Killing me softly… A while back, I wrote a piece about the dangerous consequences to you and me by feeding deer and therefore inviting cougar into our backyards. I pleaded with people who insist on feeding deer to please stop before they attract cougar, which in turn will assuredly result in mayhem on humans—and the […]
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