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Klamath Basin outdoor news briefs

Scroll down for news from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Source: Klamath Basin outdoor news briefs | Outdoors | heraldandnews.com

Gillnet redo: Oregon commission will once again debate policy, at Gov. Brown’s request

The showdown over gillnets on the Columbia River may just be getting started again – and at the governor’s request. Two months after the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission narrowly voted to keep gillnets on the river in the summer and fall, Gov. Kate Brown has taken the unusual step of asking the volunteer panel […]
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Commission correct in bringing back gillnetters | Opinion

I had the honor of serving on the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Commission in the past. Members of this independent commission are required to follow the law and “serve the public interest.” It can be difficult and, sometimes, thankless work. That’s why I applaud the commission’s January decision to make adjustments to Gov. […]
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Oregon sees another strong year for wolf recovery

Oregon has documented a third year in which seven or more breeding pairs of wolves are roaming an eastern area of the state and making a strong recovery, officials said Tuesday. Wolves were hunted to extinction in Oregon in the last century but recently started moving back from neighboring states. Source: Oregon sees another strong […]
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Hunt for history at E.E. Wilson

Take a drive through the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area 10 miles north of Corvallis, and what you notice mostly is a lot of scrub brush and blackberry brambles. But if you could turn back the clock 70-some years, you’d see something very different. Source: Hunt for history at E.E. Wilson | Local | gazettetimes.com

Rep. Greg Walden | Property Tax Reform | Cougar Hunting (Radio)

Rep. Greg Walden sits down with us for the first time in the Trump administration. Also, we discuss a possible fix to Oregon’s property tax laws, and a bill that would allow cougar hunting with dogs. Source: Rep. Greg Walden | Property Tax Reform | Cougar Hunting . Radio | OPB

Ranchers oppose cuts to wolf compensation, predator control

Funding for predator control and compensation for livestock depredation would be cut under budget recommendations. Ranchers who suffer livestock losses from predators stand to lose state support under both budget scenarios currently proposed for the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Source: Oregon Local News – Ranchers oppose cuts to wolf compensation, predator control

Returning Salmon Numbers Looking Meager For Oregon, Northern California

State fishery managers on the West Coast are releasing ocean salmon forecasts this week. And things aren’t looking good – especially for fishermen off the coasts of Oregon and Northern California. Source: Returning Salmon Numbers Looking Meager For Oregon, Northern California | Jefferson Public Radio

Plan Envisions Restoring Grizzly Bears to Natural Habitat

It has been said that American Indians and grizzly bears shared dominion of the West Coast before the arrival of Euro-American emigrants in the 19th century. Source: Plan Envisions Restoring Grizzly Bears to Natural Habitat | Jefferson Public Radio

Oregon wolf count, management plan update delayed

Heavy snow that draped Oregon in January provided welcome relief from drought, but made it hard for wildlife biologists to conduct the state’s annual wolf count. Source: Oregon wolf count, management plan update delayed – Oregon – Capital Press