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Fish on! State makes fishing free this weekend in Oregon

Heading out fishing this weekend? Be sure to grab your pole, but don’t worry about a license. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding a free fishing weekend Saturday and Sunday. Crabbing and clamming is also free for the weekend. Source: Fish on! State makes fishing free this weekend in Oregon

State agency offers free fishing this weekend

To celebrate the coming holiday weekend, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is offering free fishing, crabbing and clamming throughout the state on Saturday and Sunday. Source: State agency offers free fishing this weekend

Are you heading to Phillips Reservoir? A recent project has improved boater and angler access

Boaters and anglers now have improved access to Phillips Reservoir, with the recent completion of the Mason Dam boat ramp. Mason Dam is a popular and heavily used boat launch facility. Phillips Reservoir receives approximately 5,000 boating use days annually. This project was identified in the Oregon State Marine Board’s “Six-Year Plan” as a priority […]
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Ovgard | What’s new in fishing for 2019

Every year for more than 15 years, I’ve made a trip to the sporting goods counter as close to New Year’s Day as possible with two goals: (1) buy a new fishing license and (2) pick up the latest copy of “the regs.” License in hand, I tear into the regs with the same enthusiasm […]
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School of fake fish impart dam knowledge

Mechanical fish developed in Richland have made their way through dams from Ice Harbor near Pasco to the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. Now hundreds more are expected to be deployed around the world, thanks to an agreement to commercialize the technology developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The fish are just 3.5 inches long, […]
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Trout limits lifted at Faraday Lake before drawdown

All trout limits have been removed at PGE’s Faraday Lake, east of Estacada. No-limit fishing can continue through March 31, when the lake closes to all public access until fall of 2020. Source: Trout limits lifted at Faraday Lake before drawdown | OregonLive.com

Banned Fish Trap Returns To Columbia As Sustainable Way To Catch Salmon

About half the salmon swimming up the Columbia River come from hatcheries — most of which are raised to be caught by fishermen. The rest are wild. And many of those salmon are protected under the Endangered Species Act. For years, Oregon and Washington have been searching for a better way to catch more hatchery […]
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New fishing license app needs a reboot

Oregon’s new web-based phone app for hunting and fishing licenses and tags had a tough first week, but state wildlife officials hope it doesn’t scare anglers and hunters away from using the new app. App-based salmon-steelhead harvest cards wouldn’t work offline, and missing or misdated big-game tags marred the app’s launch. Source: New fishing license […]
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Thoughts from Your Trooper: 2019 brings change to some ODFW rules

The New Year is here and with that comes change, especially for those of us involved in the area of outdoor recreation. 2019 brings significant changes that will take some getting used. Along with our partners with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, we’re here to help you navigate through the changes which are […]
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Public Rights vs. Private Rights with water

An article in the Nov. 9 Bulletin reported that due to low water reserves, the Bureau of Reclamation that controls water release from Prineville Reservoir might limit flows in the Crooked River to preserve water for irrigators to the detriment of fish and the Crooked River’s aquatic ecosystem. A number of other recent commentaries have […]
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