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Forest officials ease restrictions

Restrictions that were in place to limit the amount of human-caused fires were reduced on Wednesday by Oregon Department of Forestry’s Central Oregon District, according to a news release from the agency. Source: Forest officials ease restrictions | Local News Stories | argusobserver.com

In a changing climate, will fire make a bigger run in Western Washington forests? 

A research team studying the impact of the 2017 Norse Peak fire cautions that tactics used to reduce fire risk east of the Cascades are not likely to work as well in west-side forests, which are forecast to burn more often. On a remote ridge, the hemlock, silver and noble firs stood for several centuries, […]
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A Fire-Filled Future Could Lead To More Smoke-Related Deaths

Deaths related to air pollution from wildfires could double by the end of the century, according to newly published research into the links between climate change, wildfires and human health. The study, published Monday in the journal GeoHealth, looked at a type of pollutants called PM2.5, which can be produced by cars, industrial sources and fires. […]
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Still a long, and winding, road to California

Traffic was moving slowly but smoothly up and down Interstate 5 in Northern California Monday after transportation officials reopened portions of the vital West Coast link closed by the Delta fire. Traffic started flowing again between Redding and Mount Shasta Monday morning, with one lane in each direction through the 17 miles traversing the Delta […]
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Fewer fires started by people in August, state agency says

10 percent fewer fires started by people on ODF-managed land in August. It’s been an up-and-down summer for Oregon fire managers trying to limit the number of wildfires caused by people, but one agency is optimistic about a trend. The Oregon Department of Forestry, which protects about 16 million acres of public and private forested […]
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Pro-Con: Is climate change sparking America’s record-breaking forest fires?

California is burning, but it is hardly alone. PRO: Climate change clearly is a major culprit in the fires devastating the western US California is burning, but it is hardly alone. Up and down the western half of the country, 92 wildfires are currently raging in states as diverse as Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Arizona. […]
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Forest funds spread thin by wildfire

Warren Giles is in the wildfire fighting business. And business is booming. Giles got involved more than 20 years ago after a friend, who wanted to start his own firefighting company, asked him to join in. “You’re perfect for this job, why don’t you give it a shot?” he said. So Giles became his partner […]
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Wyden bill would fund temporary housing for people forced out by wildfire smoke

“All clean air refugees deserve the same consideration as other disaster victims,” Wyden said. A bill introduced this week by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden would allow so-called “clean air refugees” to apply for federal relief if they are forced to flee unhealthy air caused by wildfire smoke. The bill, called the Clean Air Refugee Assistance Act, […]
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Billions of gallons of water would quench our wildfires

Q: How much water would it take to put out our Southern Oregon wildfires? Are we talking millions, billions or trillions of gallons? A: We broke out pen, paper and a calculator to get a ballpark estimate to your question. The figure we came up with was about 5.5 billion gallons of water. For the […]
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Agness on alert as Klondike marches west

On a fire as large as the 150,000-acre Klondike/Taylor Creek Complex, which stretches from the west side of Grants Pass to just 20 miles inland from the coastline, the differences are like night and day. Throughout the East Zone of the fire complex, residents of Grants Pass, Selma, Kerby and Cave Junction heaved a collective […]
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