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Cover Story: Getting ready for another wildfire season

Getting ready for another wildfire season. Mark Moore is ready for another busy wildfire season on southwest Idaho’s rangeland. As chief of the Mountain Home Fire Department, his crews must not only be prepared to fight structure fires within the city limits but also battle wildfires that can roar across the countryside. The volunteer Mountain […]
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Logging, thinning are not the answer to summer wildfire

Logging, thinning are not the answer to summer wildfire. There is a rash of misunderstanding about forest ecosystems. Many agencies and timber companies are advocating logging/thinning to “restore” forest health. However, I know of no forest that evolved with chainsaws. These timber advocates are exploiting the public’s natural fear of wildfire. Contrary to what dominates […]
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Editorial: The West must come to terms with burning

There is news to note on the wildfire front, but before we get into the weeds, it’s worth sharing a story that says something important about fire conditions throughout the West. The New York Times reported about this particular story, which started last July in California when a rancher tried to plug an underground wasp […]
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OREGON OUTDOORS VIDEO: Up in smoke, pt. 3 | Mail Tribune

There are a lot of people and a lot of organizations altering their outdoor schedules this year because of the perceived fear of smoke. But if it does come, that fear is real and substantiated. Source: OREGON OUTDOORS VIDEO: Up in smoke, pt. 3 | Mail Tribune

OREGON OUTDOORS VIDEO: Up in smoke, pt. 2

Mt. Ashland Hill Climb runners are a little crazy: they run from downtown Ashland to the top of Mt. Ashland. On purpose. But they’re only a little bit crazy, because this year, they’re changing up their plans. They’re trading the specter of wildfire smoke for snow. Source: OREGON OUTDOORS VIDEO: Up in smoke, pt. 2 […]
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Wildfire bill will invest in forest health

In case you missed it, May was Wildfire Awareness Month in Oregon. Continued preparation is warranted, but I would venture to say that Oregonians have a strong awareness of the effects of wildfire, having spent the better part of the past two summers blanketed by smoke. Even areas not directly impacted by flames were inundated, […]
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Editorial: Fight fires now, but prepare for new normal

You can summarize all the predictions for how future wildfire seasons will play out in Oregon and throughout the West with just a few words: Bigger. Hotter. Longer. Despite a strong year for snowpack, there’s no reason to think that this year’s fire season will be an exception. The state has seen 1,000 acres burn […]
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Southern Oregon attractions brace for unwanted summer visitor: wildfire

Business owners in southern Oregon don’t like to talk about it, and some hold onto hope, but fire remains a big concern. The residents of southern Oregon have every reason to be nervous about summer. After two years of devastating wildfires, managers and owners of businesses, parks and attractions have grown weary of the choking […]
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Lawmakers call for more resources as wildfire season looms

  With fires burning longer, larger and hotter, lawmakers in vulnerable districts say the state isn’t reacting quickly enough to changing climate. Saturday marked the official start of Oregon’s wildfire season, but without new resources the state is only incrementally more prepared to combat fire this summer than in past years. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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Western Forest Fires Release Less Carbon Than Thought, Study Shows

The amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere from forest fires in the U.S. West is being greatly overestimated, possibly leading to poor land management decisions, researchers at the University of Idaho said. Researchers in the study published last week in the journal Global Change Biology says many estimates are 59% to 83% […]
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