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Rescued boxer to become Oregon’s first CASA dog for foster kids

Lilly Mae, a 2-year-old rescued boxer who found her forever home in Keizer, is about to become Oregon’s first canine court-appointed special advocate Source: Rescued boxer to become Oregon’s first CASA dog for foster kids

The child-separation crisis no one sees 

We’re not removing enough children from abusive or neglectful parents. While America argued about whether the Trump administration was right to separate children at the border, a much larger child-separation crisis has gone almost entirely unremarked: in America’s foster-care system. And in this case, the problem is not that we’re taking too many children away […]
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Wilsonville nonprofit wants to put foster families first

Oregon Foster Families First is launching a campaign to lobby Gov. Brown and the state legislature to act on foster care policy issues. Wilsonville-based nonprofit Oregon Foster Families First is turning up the heat on Oregon’s elected leaders to take action in helping the thousands of children across the state who are languishing in the […]
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Anger management counselor, her son accused of abusing foster children

Kids say they had socks shoved down their throats and were forced to eat trash. An anger management counselor and her live-in adult son have been charged with abusing the woman’s three foster children. Ogilvia Pineda, 46, and Kyle Edgar Macias, 23, were arraigned Monday in Jefferson County Circuit Court on felony child abuse charges […]
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Comprehensive approach can treat addictions, avoid foster care – Opinion

Much is written about the cost of the opioid crisis: the lives lost, the dreams deferred, the potentials never realized, and the crimes perpetrated to secure a drug that enslaves so many of our neighbors, friends, and family members to the extent that it becomes the center of their existence. What may have started as […]
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How adoption and support programs failed the Hart siblings and ushered them to their deaths

Programs designed to protect children ushered six siblings to their deaths — and no one has been held accountable since their adoptive mother drove them off a cliff. One day, she thought, the three kids would come back and find her. They would return to Houston and reunite with the woman who fought to keep […]
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Editorial: DHS works to delay and conceal progress on foster care

What a terrible time for the Oregon Department of Human Services to conceal what it’s doing to improve foster care. The state has paid out millions in settlements for failing to ensure the children in its care were safe. An Oregon Secretary Of State audit found in January that DHS has been “slow, indecisive, and […]
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Guest Contribution: Fostering Hope: Collective Impact Initiative Offers Lessons for Healthcare Industry

This is the first of three articles about a Marion County, Ore., group’s approach to improving community health. They see it as a complex problem that requires a network of service providers working together to improve individuals’ lives, strengthen communities and reduce the cost of care. And that’s just what they’re doing – with some […]
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Editorial: DHS should inform the public about foster care

There are always going to be problems in a foster care system. The challenges foster children have are rarely easily solved. But Oregonians should not have a problem finding out what their government is doing about it. And it can be very difficult to get answers from the Oregon Department of Human Services. Despite the […]
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Child-welfare workers claim Buehler is opportunist

We are child welfare workers with 28 years of experience. This year, Oregon’s foster-care crisis has rightly been front and center in the gubernatorial campaign between Gov. Kate Brown and Rep. Knute Buehler. As child welfare workers, we welcome this renewed focus. Source: Child-welfare workers claim Buehler is opportunist