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Editorial: Revive records reporting bill

Monday the Oregon Senate Interim Committee on General Government and Emergency Preparedness will hold an informational session in Salem in which, among other things, they’ll receive a report from Todd Albert, the state’s deputy public records advocate, on the compliance survey the Public Records Advisory Council conducted this year. Source: Editorial: Revive records reporting bill;

Editorial: Secrecy stalks search for OSU president

We’re down to the final four candidates to become the next president of Oregon State University and — well, that’s about all we know, as the presidential search at OSU proceeds under a cloak of secrecy. Source: Editorial: Secrecy stalks search for OSU president | Editorial | democratherald.com

Editorial: Chalk one up for openness

Open government advocates won a victory last week right here in Deschutes County. Thanks largely to efforts by Bulletin reporter Garrett Andrews, probable cause affidavits will be available to reporters in the county courthouse file-viewing room. You may not know what a probable cause affidavit is. Source: Editorial: Chalk one up for openness;

Editorial: Don’t make it hard to find information about state government

The Department of State Lands doesn’t need to bring magic to the debate over the future of the Stevens Road parcel in Bend. But is it too much to ask for it to make the information more accessible? How about a one-stop website that explains what is happening and has all the relevant documents linked […]
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Editorial: Flaw exposed again in public records law

The fight over public records in Douglas County may actually be one of the better things to happen to Oregon’s public records laws. It shows why the laws are important and how they can fail. Douglas County commissioners spent at least $43,000 on lobbying trips to Washington, D.C., using federal money awarded to the county. […]
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Editorial: Lawmakers should end elected officials’ sweet deal

Elected officials in Oregon have, by and large, a sweet deal when it comes to Oregon’s public records law. It’s time the Legislature closed the loophole that comes close to guaranteeing elected officials have nothing to fear from the law. Ginger McCall, the state’s former Public Records Advocate, made the case for the change in […]
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Editorial: Hass right on records advocate

The Oregon Legislature created the office of Public Records Advocate and the Public Records Advisory Council in 2017. Now, in the wake of the resignation of the first advocate, Ginger McCall, state Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, hopes to persuade lawmakers to give the council the right to appoint McCall’s successor. Gov. Kate Brown agrees. There’s […]
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Editorial: Hass has good idea for public records council

State Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, a candidate for Secretary of State, said recently that he will make improving access to public records his first policy priority if he’s elected in 2020. That may not be surprising — Hass is, after all, a former television news broadcaster — but surprising or not, his is a good […]
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Editorial: Plenty to like in records fee suggestion

Ginger McCall, Oregon’s first public records advocate, left office Friday with some suggestions for her successor, the Public Records Advisory Council she headed, and lawmakers and other officials in Oregon. Public records, she says, should be obtainable at prices the public can afford. She’s right, and while we disagree with one suggestion she makes, most […]
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Reducing fees for Oregon’s public records is win for the people

The fees now being charged in Oregon are so high they are a barrier to access. Oregon Public Records Advocate Ginger McCall will be missed. McCall leaves office today after resigning when the governor’s office wanted her to secretly work for the governor while giving the impression she was working in the public interest. Now, […]
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