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Transparency can be a charade

What a terrible time for the Oregon Department of Human Services to conceal what it’s doing to improve foster care. The state has paid out millions in settlements for failing to ensure the children in its care were safe. An Oregon Secretary Of State audit found in January that DHS has been “slow, indecisive, and […]
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Editorial: Texting slips through public records loophole

When a city councilor, school official or state worker sends a text message relating to the public’s business, it is a public record in Oregon. That’s a potential problem. State laws and policies haven’t caught up to the technology. Most public bodies in Oregon don’t automatically retain an archive of text messages, as they do […]
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How do Oregonians define government transparency in the digital age?

As a news media company, filing public records’ requests is automatic for us, and we get our dander up any time a public agency tries to interfere with the public’s right to know. Source: How do Oregonians define government transparency in the digital age?

Editorial: Brown’s move on records is troubling

The news is troubling for anyone concerned about the transparency and openness of Oregon state government: Gov. Kate Brown is considering new limits on what state employee information can be released to the public — and may end up proposing legislation to that end to the 2019 Legislature. Source: Editorial: Brown’s move on records is […]
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Transparency in the post-Janus age: Editorial

Gov. Kate Brown wasted no time Wednesday morning in pledging her unwavering fealty to the public – public employee unions, that is. Following an unfavorable U.S. Supreme Court decision, she and Oregon public-employee union executives released a statement decrying the Janus vs AFSCME decision, which prohibits unions from collecting fees to cover collective-bargaining costs from employees who are […]
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Portland’s three strikes on public records: Guest opinion

While many Oregonians are cheering on the Beavers in the College World Series, there is another game the City of Portland is playing with people seeking public records. On May 30, the Oregonian Editorial Board wrote about this issue in “Two strikes on public records; will city go for a third?” It did. And it […]
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Editorial: More secrecy from Salem

There are two Kate Browns at the head of Oregon government. One took office in 2015, promising to promote both transparency and trust in government. The Other Kate, meanwhile, has sought more than once either to silence government employees or keep information about them and what they do secret. Source: Editorial: More secrecy from Salem

Editorial: DHS should inform the public about foster care

There are always going to be problems in a foster care system. The challenges foster children have are rarely easily solved. But Oregonians should not have a problem finding out what their government is doing about it. And it can be very difficult to get answers from the Oregon Department of Human Services. Despite the […]
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Editorial: Give us more information

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office announced this week that its adult jail has passed its latest inspection with flying colors. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the public doesn’t really know what the inspection means, because it doesn’t know what standards were used during the inspection. It’s time Deschutes County Sheriff Shane […]
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Secrecy and the Gorge fire

Oregon’s Constitution is admirably clear and brief in describing how justice must be administered in the state’s courts. Section 10 reads: “No court shall be secret, but justice shall be administered, openly and without purchase, completely and without delay, and every man shall have remedy by due course of law for injury done him in […]
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