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Editorial: Transparency takes another hit with state’s unwarranted secrecy

It seems self-evident that the entire process of making new laws should be open to the public. Legislating is inherently of public interest – actions by government to tax, mandate, restrict or otherwise exert control over its constituents should be something that those constituents can weigh in on from the very start. But for reasons […]
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Editorial: Gov. Openness should release records

For all the talk from Gov. Kate Brown of supporting government openness and transparency, she seems to hope to be addressed as Gov. Openness. Yet, there’s another example of her failing to live up to her talk. Brown is denying the public access to legislation state agencies plan for the 2019 session until after the […]
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Editorial: Police reports are not exempt from disclosure

The Woodburn Independent, a weekly newspaper in a community about the size of Redmond near Salem, scored a victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals Thursday. The paper sought arrest records from city police, and after the request was denied, lost both in the district attorney’s office and Marion County Circuit Court. Wrong, said the appeals court. […]
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Editorial: Increased scrutiny by auditors a good thing

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is a man on a mission. He wants his office to do all it can to increase state government’s transparency, accountability and integrity, and the audits his office does of state agencies are a part of that effort. Now he is making audits even more useful by issuing follow-up […]
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Government ‘transparency’ has gone too far 

Trying to eliminate almost all forms of confidential interaction in government has downsides. Dave Eggers’s 2013 novel “The Circle” depicts a world where demands for “openness” annihilate privacy and personal autonomy, creating a dystopian nightmare. Public officials in the tale try to outdo each other in going “clear” by wearing body cameras and microphones every […]
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The state punishes in secret

As befits the importance of teaching as a profession, Oregon has a public commission that investigates teachers who have allegedly broken state rules. Actually, though, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission would be more accurately described as “quasi-public.” It turns out, as The Oregonian recently reported, that sometimes the Commission punishes teachers in private. Source: […]
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Oregon’s confidential disciplining of teachers needs sunshine | Opinion

Parents and their children have a keen interest in the conduct of educators in the public school system, but finding out about rule violations or other misconduct by teachers and administrators can be difficult if not impossible given Oregon’s public records laws. Source: Oregon’s confidential disciplining of teachers needs sunshine

The local-news crisis is destroying what a divided America desperately needs: Common ground

A new study reports that newspapers lost half their newsroom staffs in the past decade. Ken Doctor saw it coming. A few years ago, the media analyst looked at the trend lines and predicted that by 2017 or so, American newsrooms would reach a shocking point. “The halving of America’s daily newsrooms,” he called what […]
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Editorial: Public deserves to hear of teachers’ missteps

Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission is the official watchdog over the state’s educators, disciplining teachers who run afoul of the rules. Parents and others rely on TSPC to keep children safe from the occasional bad apple and to let them know about problems in the process. Only sometimes it doesn’t let the public know. […]
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Regardless of whose side you’re on, keep government transparent

Government should be an open process for the most part, though exceptions in various areas, such as military and international affairs are necessary. But the fuss over the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and the Washington Post article reprinted in Tuesday’s Herald and News Tuesday isn’t one in which secrecy should be necessary. Source: Regardless of whose […]
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