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Our Opinion: ‘A’ for effort on education panel

Doing the same thing year after year – arguing about two sets of budget numbers, and citing ‘best practices,’ and shaking our heads when state graduation rates remain in the bottom five nationally – won’t do it anymore. Oregon is failing its public school students. We’ve known this for years. Source: Our Opinion: ‘A’ for […]
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Editorial: Legislators’ education tour wastes time and money

Legislators plan to waste precious time and money touring the state to learn what is already well-known. The Joint Committee on Student Success will seek answers to the state’s abysmal high school graduation rate with a year-long tour starting after this year’s short legislative session ends March 11. The plan, according to a report in […]
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Legislators tasked with fixing Oregon’s dismal graduation rate

Fixing gaps in Oregon’s education system and reversing the state’s third-worst-in-the nation graduation rate is now the responsibility of 13 legislators. Source: Legislators tasked with fixing Oregon’s dismal graduation rate

At the end of a difficult year: Editorial

The work that’s been done, the work that remains ahead The Oregonian/OregonLive Editorial Board’s agenda helps us track developments in key public policy realms, always with the hope of keeping Portland and Oregon on the path toward the best possible outcomes. We identified several priorities and throughout the year, pushed for our state and local leaders […]
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Graduation Rates – OPB’s Think Out Loud

We talk with Iowa Education Director Ryan Wise about some of the strategies the state has employed to boost its high school graduation rate. Iowa tops the nation in overall rates. In contrast, Oregon’s rate has hovered for years near the bottom of national rankings. Source: Graduation Rates | Year In Business News | Working With Your Hands . Radio […]
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Audit: Oregon Department Of Education Practices Don’t Promote 100 Percent Graduation Goal

An audit from the Secretary of State’s office found practices at the Oregon Department of Education “do not promote” the state’s goal of graduating all of its students by the year 2025. Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education released data that showed Oregon’s graduation rate remains among the lowest in the country. Source: Audit: Oregon […]
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Editorial: Oregonians must demand improvement in high school graduation

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson released his department’s audit of the Oregon Department of Education’s efforts to improve high school graduation rates Tuesday. There was nothing particularly surprising in the auditors’ recommendations, so much so that ODE agreed with each one of them. That’s reasonable: The state’s graduation rate, at 73.8 percent, is the […]
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Audit: Oregon Department of Education’s high school graduation push leaving certain students and schools behind

As it works to raise Oregon’s poor high school graduation rate, the state Department of Education isn’t paying enough attention to certain groups of students and schools, a new audit from the secretary of state’s office has found. In recent years, ODE has geared its graduation-boosting initiatives toward early education, minority students, tackling chronic absenteeism […]
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Oregon needs to do more for mobile, middle school and low-income students, audit says

Audit released Tuesday says the Oregon Department of Education can be doing more to increase graduation rates, which remain third worst in the nation. Source: Oregon needs to do more for mobile, middle school and low-income students, audit says

Raising graduation rates | Editorial

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s just-completed audit of high school graduation rates was one of those good news-bad news reports. While there has been some improvement in the number of students who graduate from high school in four years, overall graduation rates have remained flat if you include students who take longer than four […]
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