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 Local Superintendent Wins Award – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The School Superintendents Association has chosen North Clackamas Schools superintendent Matt Utterback as its superintendent of the year. He’ll tell us how he managed to raise graduation rates, and improve education outcomes for low-income, minority and special education students. Source: Talking Business | . Radio | OPB

Delay on Oregon’s Measure 98 is unacceptable (Opinion)

Lawmakers are currently debating whether to delay, rollback or slim down Measure 98, the initiative that voters passed by a 2-to-1 margin to increase Oregon’s graduation rate. In a big hearing a few weeks ago, lawmakers heard from lobbyists, but they really didn’t hear much from people like me, a college student whose life was […]
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Oregon’s broken education system shackles our students (Opinion)

Until fixing Oregon’s broken education system for our children is the Legislature’s highest, primary priority, Senate Republicans cannot in good conscience make any other budget decisions. Oregonians are counting on us to make “education first.” Source: Oregon’s broken education system shackles our students (Opinion) | OregonLive.com

South Coast schools see improved graduation rates

North Bend School District calls its rating “deceiving” Schools on the South Coast are seeing improved graduation rates. The Oregon Department of Education released a report late last month showing that the state average jumped from 73.8 percent in 2014/15 to 74.8 last year, and most schools on the coast either met or exceeded that […]
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Editorial: Hard work pays off spectacularly

Hearty congratulations are in order for the stunning turnaround of the graduation rate at The Dalles High School. After years of a gradually improving grad rate that still lagged well behind the state average, the class of 2016 knocked it out of the park, leapfrogging the school’s rate to eight points above the state average. […]
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OUR VIEW: Focusing on what’s important

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown should receive some credit for her focus on education in the state. Her devotion and dedication to helping with education in Oregon was under the spotlight last week when she testified before the Senate Education Committee about some of her proposals. Brown wants to ensure that teachers receive key training all […]
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Kate Brown pushes bills to boost graduation rates, teacher training

Gov. Brown is hoping to get $20 million for a graduation equity fund, which would use a three-pronged approach to help students of color and those in poverty graduate on time. Source: Kate Brown pushes bills to boost graduation rates, teacher training | OregonLive.com

Charter school killed Crook County grad rate

Hosting a charter school can be lucrative for a school district, but can come at a cost After years of an online charter lowering Crook County School District’s graduation rate, the district is happy to correct the record. While the district’s sole traditional high school, Crook County High, had a graduation rate of 85.09 percent […]
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Baker bests state average for grads

Baker High School principal Greg Mitchell was passing out the congratulations all around after learning that the BHS graduation rates improved over last year and continue to top the statewide average. Mitchell, who’s in his first year as BHS principal, says the credit goes to the staff that has worked hard to keep kids in […]
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Despite increase, Douglas County still among the worst in graduation rates

The Oregon Department of Education has released a list of graduation rates for all Oregon public schools. The list indicates the state graduation rate increased by nearly 1.4 percent to 74.83 percent for the 2015-16 school year. Douglas County saw a higher graduation rate increase than the state, with a 3.5 percent increase up to […]
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