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2020 Oregon Legislative Session: Another Walkout Always Looming

Democratic lawmakers are bringing a hefty policy agenda into the legislative short session that starts in February, including an ambitious climate change policy, stricter gun laws, preparing the state for an earthquake, changing the way wildfires are fought and funneling millions toward the state’s housing crisis. But first, they must convince Republicans to stay in […]
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Oregon lawmakers unholster new gun-safety proposal

Oregon’s gun owners will face penalties for not securing their firearms when not in use under a proposal that’s likely be introduced in the upcoming legislative session. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregon lawmakers unholster new gun-safety proposal

Stalkers won’t be allowed to get a gun

Q: I’m always worried when lawmakers try to tackle gun legislation. I remember reading somewhere about a new law that will make it harder for someone to get a gun if they’ve been convicted of domestic abuse. Can you fill me in on any new laws? I’m hoping they don’t affect me. A: If you […]
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Changes to laws coming in 2020

2020 will see substantial revisions to Oregon laws. Here are just some of the changes brought by recent legislation and cases that local courts will grapple with in the coming year. HB 2005 sets up a system of paid family leave. Leave is available starting in 2022. Source: Changes to laws coming in 2020

Three Petitions Filed With the State’s Elections Division Seek To Increase Restrictions on Semiautomatic Weapons

Three Portland-area clerics have filed gun-control petitions with Oregon’s Elections Division and are seeking signatures to place measures onto November 2020 ballots. Backers of the three petitions will ultimately have to gather at least 112,000 signatures this spring to advance the measure to the November ballot. Source: Three Petitions Filed With the State’s Elections Division Seek […]
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2 Years In, Oregon’s Red Flag Law Paints A Picture Of Crisis

Oregonians have petitioned for 166 extreme risk protection orders in the nearly two years since the law took effect. Documents in those cases paint a picture of people in crisis. Source: 2 Years In, Oregon’s Red Flag Law Paints A Picture Of Crisis

Comprehensive background check policies effective in Oregon but not in Washington

Stronger comprehensive background check (CBC) policies enacted 2014 in Washington and 2015 in Oregon require private gun sellers to conduct background checks before selling firearms. But have these newly enacted laws resulted in more background checks for private-party sales – the major source of guns for persons who commit crimes and are prohibited from owning […]
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Oregon Faith Leaders Announce Initiative Petition To Regulate Some Firearms

Lift Every Voice Oregon, a group of Oregon faith leaders, filed a package of initiative petitions with the Secretary of State on Monday hoping to get new gun laws on the November ballot. The group tried to get a ballot initiative banning certain semiautomatic firearms on the ballot in 2018 but were stymied by legal […]
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Guest column: Don’t ban a whole class of guns

Beto O’Rourke at a recent debate said, “We will take away your AR-15.” This is a nonstarter because it is the wrong strategy to minimize carnage in mass shootings. Universal background checks will help reduce gun violence including mass shootings, but more needs to be done. Improvements in the mental health system are needed but […]
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Local officials consider gun storage laws

During the last legislative session, a bill vying for gun storage requirements was scrapped after Senate Republicans walked out. But storage laws might live again as a ballot measure, and some officials in Eastern Oregon are less than enthused. “Personally, I think every home should secure their weapons but I would not be in support […]
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