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When dementia pulls the trigger: Oregon lawman shoots wife from wheelchair

A little-known problem is what to do about the vast cache of firearms in the homes of aging Americans with impaired or declining mental faculties. Darrell Hill, a former local police chief and two-term county sheriff, was unaware that he had nearly killed his wife of almost 57 years. Source: When dementia pulls the trigger: […]
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Dementia and guns: In Washington state and elsewhere, weapons remain in homes

An analysis found that about 54,000 of the state’s more than 1 million residents 65 and older say they have worsening memory and confusion — and access to weapons. With a bullet in her gut, her voice choked with pain, Dee Hill pleaded with the 911 dispatcher for help. “My husband accidentally shot me,” Hill, […]
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Gun-control advocates should let Salem do its job: Editorial

As contradictory as it may seem, gun-control advocates should breathe a sigh of relief that a proposed ballot measure to outlaw assault weapons in Oregon won’t go before voters in November. Initiative Petition 43, hastily filed in the weeks following a mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school, was overly broad and clumsily written, seeking to […]
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Oregon Gun-Control Orgs Re-Group On Strategy

Twice in recent weeks, Oregon groups working to get gun-control measures on the ballot had to retreat. Pro-gun groups took the measures to court, delaying the collection of signatures.  The measure supporters opted not to try collecting signatures in a very short period of time before a deadline. One of the measures would have created […]
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OPB Politics Now – A Tough Week for Unions and Gun Control Advocates in the Northwest

Between Supreme Court decisions in Washington D.C. and ballot measures in Salem, this was a tough week for progressives and a good one for conservatives in the Pacific Northwest. On this week’s “OPB Politics Now”, OPB political reporters Jeff Mapes, Lauren Dake and Dirk VanderHart look at why unions and gun control advocates are both […]
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Oregon ‘assault weapons’ ban won’t be on the ballot this year, supporters look to 2020

Oregon voters won’t decide whether to ban the sale of certain semiautomatic guns and large capacity magazines in November after all. Supporters of an initiative that would have prohibited the sale and manufacture of such weapons in Oregon conceded on Thursday that they had run out of time to gather signatures by the July 6 […]
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Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Says Gun Control Measures Might Have Made Oregon Ballot With His Reforms

Measure proposing to regulate semiautomatic weapons fails will not move forward. Richardson wants to make it easier to gather signatures. As a state representative six legislative sessions, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) was a strong supporter of gun rights. That adds some interest to Richardson’s response today to the announcement by gun control […]
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IP 43 supporters throw in the towel on 2018 measure

Challenges to ballot title made collecting needed signatures by July 6 deadline difficult. Supporters of an initiative petition to ban certain firearms in Oregon say they’ll withdraw the initiative, but maintain efforts to restrict firearm possession in the state. Source: Pamplin Media Group – IP 43 supporters throw in the towel on 2018 measure

Gun initiative backers concede, plan for 2020

Supporters of an initiative to ban some semi-automatic weapons, along with high-capacity magazines, are stopping efforts to pass the measure this year but plan an effort to get it onto the ballot in 2020. At a news conference Thursday, backers of the initiative conceded that a state Supreme Court ruling the day before had introduced […]
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Oregon Gun-Control Proposal Might Be Out Of Time To Make Ballot

The Oregon Supreme Court court declined to approve ballot language for the proposal, likely dooming supporters hopes of making history in the state. Source: Oregon Gun-Control Proposal Might Be Out Of Time To Make Ballot