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So States Ban Bump Stocks. Now How Do They Enforce the Law?

Americans could own as many as 520,000 bump stocks, according to estimates from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Many of these devices, which lack serial numbers, are untraceable. Under New Jersey’s new bump-stock ban, which was approved in January, residents were supposed to destroy or turn in their bump stocks by mid-April. […]
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Texas Shooting: Schools Can’t Stop Violence

As long as there is easy access to guns, there’s no way parents, teachers, and other specialists can thwart every violent teenager. The 17-year-old who killed 10 people at Santa Fe High School, in Texas, allegedly used his father’s shotgun and .38 revolver. After a firefightwith police, he surrendered, saying he did not have the courage to kill himself, […]
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20 years after Thurston High shooting, national conversation over school safety, gun rights endures

In March 1998 — in the wake of three deadly school shootings and two months before a gunman killed two students at Thurston High School in Springfield — then-President Bill Clinton acknowledged the confounding nature of the crimes while vowing to search for solutions. “We do not understand what drives children, whether in small towns or […]
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Primary Election Recap | Gun Rights Measures – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Twenty-nine percent of eligible voters participated in Oregon’s primary election and the results are in. OPB news director Anna Griffin and reporter Amelia Templeton fill us in on some of the surprising results. People in counties across Oregon are working to put a measure on their ballots that would allow local officials to choose not to enforce gun control laws. We talk […]
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Metal Detectors the Norm at Schools and Ballparks. State Capitols? Not So Much

You can’t cheer on the Utah Jazz in their home arena without going through a metal detector. But visiting the Utah Capitol for a field trip, a protest, a meeting with the governor or a wedding photo shoot? Step right in, no scan required. There aren’t any metal detectors at the towering Capitol in Nebraska, […]
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Overwhelming response to assault weapon ban ballot title

In the largest public response to a ballot title in recent memory, the state received more than 1,000 comments decrying the description of an initiative to restrict the sale, production and ownership of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Source: Overwhelming response to assault weapon ban ballot title

Oregonians Deliver Loads Of Comments About Proposed Weapons Ban 

If you somehow still need proof that a movement to outlaw military-style, semi-automatic weapons in Oregon is a big deal, look no further than Dennis Richardson’s inbox. In what is likely a record, the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office in recent weeks fielded nearly 1,600 pages of comments criticizing a ballot title for Initiative Petition 43. Source: Oregonians Deliver Loads […]
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Editorial: Local gun measure misguided, unconstitutional

A local initiative petition that seeks to protect the right to keep and bear arms is unnecessary, misguided and almost certainly would be tossed out by the courts. The petition seeks to add a “Right to Bear Arms Amendment” to the Jackson County Charter. Backers of the effort are responding to a statewide initiative that, […]
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Voters can comment on gun initiative titles

The attorney general has released draft titles for two gun initiatives that could be on the ballot in November. Registered voters have time to submit comments on the “legal sufficiency of draft ballot titles released by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum for two gun-related citizen initiative petitions that could be on the ballot in November. […]
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Capitol roundup: Initiative moves forward while candidates hit campaign trail

Gun control measure gets title, while candidate raise money and meet voters. With two weeks to go until the May 15 primary, the political tempo is picking up across Oregon, with traditional town-to-town campaigning, newspaper endorsements, an increased number of commercials on television and a flurry of messages, opposition websites and fundraising on the internet. […]
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