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3 Hanford Nuclear Site Structures At High Risk Of Collapsing

Three radioactively contaminated structures are at high risk of collapsing on a former nuclear weapons production site, but could be stabilized by filling them with a concrete-like grout within the next year, the federal government said. Source: 3 Hanford Nuclear Site Structures At High Risk Of Collapsing . News | OPB

Critics decry proposed cuts in Hanford nuclear cleanup plan

Advocates for cleaning up a former nuclear weapons production site in Washington state are outraged that the Trump administration is proposing a $700 million budget cut next year. The proposal released Monday by President Donald Trump called for cutting the annual Hanford cleanup budget from about $2.5 billion to about $1.8 billion. Critics say that […]
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State fines DOE $1 million over Hanford information access

Washington state issued a fine of just over $1 million to the Department of Energy on Monday, accusing it of restricting access to important information about the Hanford nuclear reservation. DOE has appealed the state’s determination that it has not met legal requirements for sharing information with the state. DOE previously said federal law limits […]
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Hanford nuclear waste report comes up short, say experts

Not enough is known to decide on the best and most economical way to treat much of the low-activity radioactive waste in Hanford’s underground tanks, said a committee of the National Academies of Sciences. Still, a decision may need to be made soon to be ready to treat the waste on schedule, it said. Source: […]
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Hanford Nuclear Site Cleanup Contracts Extended

The U.S. Department of Energy plans to extend two major environmental cleanup contracts for up to a year at a contaminated nuclear site in Washington state. The Tri-City Herald reported Tuesday that the extensions were granted at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation rather than establishing new contracts that might have caused delays. Source: Hanford Nuclear Site Cleanup Contracts […]
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Feds Say Hanford’s PUREX Plant Is Degrading, Needs Stabilizing Soon

A new federal report says that a massive building at the Hanford Nuclear Site is worse off than managers thought. The so-called PUREX — Plutonium Uranium Extraction — plant isn’t clean. Starting in 1956 the plant processed loads of plutonium. Its walls are up to 6 feet thick, and it’s as long as three football fields. Source: […]
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Washington Sets Deadlines To Clean Up Hanford Nuclear Wastes

Washington is setting new deadlines to clean up radioactive waste in underground storage tanks on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The state of Washington is setting new deadlines to clean up a former plutonium production site that contains a massive quantity of radioactive waste. Such deadlines are usually set through negotiations among the Washington Department of […]
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DOE Says No Changes Planned For Handling Of High-Level Hanford Nuclear Waste

A U.S. Department of Energy official says there is no change proposed for waste designated as high level at the Hanford nuclear complex. The News Tribune reported Wednesday that DOE undersecretary for science Paul Dabbar says the department currently does not “have any plans to propose anything in Washington state.” Source: DOE Says No Changes Planned For […]
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Big spring growth could make for bad fire season at Hanford

At the Hanford Nuclear Site in southeastern Washington, and across the West, winter’s deep snow and a cool spring have produced lots of brush and grass. That’s a problem for the coming fire season. Hanford and the region surrounding it is a desert. Sagebrush and bunchgrass stud the site. But there’s also a lot of […]
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Walden stresses need to improve progress of Hanford cleanup

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden stressed the need to improve progress of nuclear waste cleanup at the Hanford Site during a hearing Wednesday before the Energy and Commerce Committee. The Republican from Hood River cited a Government Accountability Office report, which he called for in 2017, that raised concerns the Office of Environmental Management’s under the […]
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