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Buehler lays out health care plan in Bend

Proposal seeks to stabilize Medicaid funding, expand services. Rep. Knute Buehler, the Republican nominee for governor, outlined a six-point health care plan Wednesday that would build on the state’s current Medicaid framework, expand access to mental health and substance abuse treatment and maintain access to reproductive health services. Source: Buehler lays out health care plan […]
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The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care

It takes only a glance at a hospital bill or at the myriad choices you may have for health care coverage to get a sense of the bewildering complexity of health care financing in the United States. That complexity doesn’t just exact a cognitive cost. It also comes with administrative costs that are largely hidden […]
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Urgent care clinics are prescribing too many unnecessary antibiotics, study says

Nearly half of patients who go to urgent care clinics seeking treatment for a flu, cold or other conditions that do not require antibiotics received a prescription for one anyway. That is three times as often as antibiotics are prescribed to patients with the same illnesses in traditional doctors’ offices, according to a study published Monday. […]
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Brown rails against potential curbs to pre-existing condition coverage

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown used her visit Wednesday morning to the Rogue Valley to call for keeping pre-existing conditions covered under government-run health insurance. The Democratic governor gave a brief press conference in a courtyard behind Ashland’s Planned Parenthood, flanked by supporters that included two local residents living with pre-existing conditions who spoke before her […]
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State Prisons Fail To Offer Cure To 144,000 Inmates With Deadly Hepatitis C

A survey of 49 states reveals that an estimated 144,000 inmates with hepatitis C, a curable but potentially fatal disease, can’t get the expensive drugs they need to cure it. State prisons across the U.S. are failing to treat at least 144,000 inmates who have hepatitis C, a curable but potentially fatal liver disease, according […]
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The new face of medical advice: the online pregnancy forum

Expecting moms are turning to the Internet for issues they can’t or won’t discuss with their doctors. Last September, three months pregnant with my first child, I began to feel shooting pains in my abdomen. I surmised that this was round ligament pain, a typical pregnancy symptom that occurs as the uterus expands. Later that […]
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Obamacare Is Proving Hard to Kill

As health insurers across the country begin filing their proposed rates for 2019, one thing is clear: The market created by the Affordable Care Act shows no signs of imminent collapse in spite of the continuing threats by Republicans to destroy it. In fact, while President Trump may insist that the law has been “essentially […]
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The Health 202: Those who don’t qualify for government aid aren’t buying Obamacare plans

Instead, they’re leaving the marketplaces. There’s an ever-growing chasm between the number of Americans who receive government subsidies — meant to offset the cost of buying health insurance on the individual marketplaces — and those who don’t under the 2010 law known as Obamacare. Fresh enrollment data released Monday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services […]
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Wyden Praises Increased Funds for Rural Health Care Program

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden said today’s announcement of increased federal funding for the Rural Health Care Program will help to meet the growing demand for telehealth services in rural parts of Oregon and nationwide. Source: Wyden Praises Increased Funds for Rural Health Care Program | The Lund Report

FCC lifts cap on broadband subsidies

Program helps supports connectivity for rural health care facilities. The Federal Communications Commission has lifted the cap on the Rural Health Care Program, providing increased funding for broadband connections for rural health facilities. The program was established in 1997 with a cap of $400 million per year, but was never indexed to inflation. This year […]
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