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Editorial: Don’t use state health care program as an ATM

Does your job not pay enough? Rent too expensive? Need a college degree? Where do you go for help? If your answer was, “I will talk to my doctor.” Congratulations! You’re thinking just like the state of Oregon. Under the 289-page proposed contracts with coordinated care organizations — the state’s method of delivering Medicaid — […]
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Oregon ranks “healthy” in new report

A recent study conducted by MoneyRates.com assesses health care in all 50 states, and ranks the states accordingly. The study looks at states where finding and paying for health care is most difficult, both as a result of high costs of care and limited accessibility. Source: Oregon ranks “healthy” in new report – State of […]
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Trump directs government to revamp care for kidney disease

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday revamping care for kidney disease so more people whose kidneys fail can have a chance at early transplants and home dialysis, and others don’t get that sick in the first place. Trump said his order was aimed at “making life better and longer for millions” by increasing […]
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Inmate Alleges Oregon DOC Failed To Properly Care For His Amputated Leg 

A former inmate filing a federal lawsuit says he badly injured his one good leg in an Oregon prison after the state Department of Corrections failed to supply a proper prosthetic for his amputated leg. David Brown, who was incarcerated at Deer Ridge Correctional Facility in Madras, Oregon, said in a lawsuit filed this week that […]
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Workload, Character Clashes And Burn Out Plagued OHSU’s Heart Transplant Program

Workload, personality clashes, burnout and an overall lack of health system support led to the implosion of the heart transplant program at Oregon Health and Science University, according to a new study. OHSU had to deactivate its heart transplant program last summer after four cardiologists quit in short succession. Source: Workload, Character Clashes And Burn Out […]
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Handful Of Health Care Bills May Be Among Last To Survive Legislative Session

Senate Republicans’ walkout over a controversial carbon reduction bill has thrown the legislative session into turmoil in its final days. Source: Handful Of Health Care Bills May Be Among Last To Survive Legislative Session | The Lund Report

State’s annual checkup brings mixed results

Oregon ranks 17th among states for its health system performance, but continues to struggle with low childhood vaccination rates and deaths from suicide, alcohol and drugs. The Commonwealth Fund’s 2019 Scorecard on State Health System Performance ranked all 50 states plus the District of Columbia on access, quality, service use, cost, health outcomes and income-based health care […]
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Oregon passes bipartisan legislation to slow rising cost of health care and increase transparency for consumers

With the passage of Senate Bill 889, Oregon becomes the fourth state to set a spending benchmark to rein in the rising costs of health care. Modeled after a program in Massachusetts, SB 889 creates the Oregon Health Care Cost Growth Benchmark Program. The program will set a state spending growth target that all insurance […]
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Health care bills advance in Oregon Legislature

With the 2019 legislative session winding down, it’s crunch time for a host of health care-related bills. Here are four bills that inched forward this week: Source: Health care bills advance in Oregon Legislature

Editorial: Oregon should not rush into big healthcare change

Oregon lawmakers are taking the first steps toward providing a single-payer health system for everyone living in Oregon in the form of Senate Bill 770. As appealing as the idea may sound, there are no simple answers to improving health care. It takes time to get it right and the Legislature is about out of […]
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