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2 Oregon Health Systems Announce Competing Heart Transplant Programs

Not one, but two Oregon hospital systems announced Thursday that they’ll be running heart transplant programs. Oregon hasn’t had any since last September. Providence Heart Institute said it received a $75 million dollar gift from Nike founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny Knight, to start a new program. Source: 2 Oregon Health Systems Announce […]
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Guest column: Mosaic Medical makes Central Oregon a better place

This fall, I was invited to join the Mosaic Medical board of directors. Little did I know, I was about to have a life experience. Mosaic Medical is a private nonprofit, community health center, also known as a federally qualified health center, which delivers integrated primary care services to over 26,000 Central Oregon residents. It […]
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The costs of failing to immunize children are staggering. Just ask one young boy in Oregon.

An unvaccinated 6-year-old was hospitalized for more than a month in a hospital at a cost of more than $800,000 after he contracted tetanus. A Ttetanus vaccine shot costs about $30 a dose. Five doses are enough to prevent a child from contracting the disease, which means immunization runs whoever is paying for care $150. […]
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Gov. Kate Brown signs funding package to pay down Medicaid debt

Oregon will pay off half of its Medicaid debt through new taxes on health care providers. Source: Gov. Kate Brown signs funding package to pay down Medicaid debt

Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Hospital, Insurance Taxes To Fund Medicaid

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday signed into law a tax that will provide funding for the state’s Medicaid plan.

On the Fence:One size does not fit all with health care

Health care in the United States is flawed; however, a universal health care system would be a disastrous over-correction and would have people believe that there are not devastating tradeoffs for this “free” government program. One of the pitfalls we see in other countries in implementing public health care is the quality and access to […]
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Bill aims to balance teen authority and parental say in mental health

A bill in Washington state would give parents more rights — while trying to still give teens authority over their own mental health care. More than three decades ago, lawmakers in Washington state set the age of consent for mental health care at 13 to make it possible for teenagers to seek treatment without needing […]
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Federal Officials Penalize 5 Oregon Hospitals For Patient Complications

Medicare is penalizing five Oregon hospitals this year for having above-average rates of infections and other hospital-acquired complications. Request full-text (State Agency patrons only) Source: Federal Officials Penalize 5 Oregon Hospitals For Patient Complications | The Lund Report

State launches survey on insurance, health care access

The Oregon Health Authority is asking Oregonians to participate in the 2019 Oregon Health Insurance Survey. Since 2011 the biennial survey has provided important information on health insurance coverage, access to care and the cost of health care for Oregonians. OHA aims to reach more than 8,000 families through the survey between February and June. […]
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Samaritan cuts mental health beds

Samaritan Health Services has reduced patient capacity and staffing at its regional inpatient mental health unit in Corvallis as it gears up to offer intensive outpatient care under a new program called partial hospitalization. Officials with the regional hospital operator say the new arrangement will help it do a better job of serving the wide […]
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