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Obamacare under Trump: hospital bundled payments seem to be working

The least-sexy news in health care these days — bundled payments — might also be the most important. A few years ago, under the authority of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government started an experiment: It would pay hospitals a single amount for surgeries to replace joints like knees and hips instead of paying them […]
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OHSU asks for outside review of heart transplant program

Oregon Health & Science University will ask for an outside review of its heart transplant program, which will begin in October. New President Danny Jacobs said Monday that the peer review will be conducted by an outside agency to assess the supervisors of the heart transplant program; how educated, trained and supervised the staff are; […]
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Oregon Gov. Brown Releases Health Care Plan

Gov. Kate Brown released a new plan Friday for improving the health of Oregonians. In a policy paper called Health Care For All she said insurance alone doesn’t create healthy people. She said health is a result of everything from classrooms to housing. Source: Oregon Gov. Brown Releases Health Care Plan . News | OPB

OHSU Closed Its Heart Transplant Program. Now What?

Health care experts think it could be six months or a year before the program is back up and running. Some patients are looking for new heart transplant programs, others are waiting for a restart. The heart transplant program at Oregon Health and Science University imploded last week as the last of its four cardiologists left. […]
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OHSU heart transplant program collapse worries local patients

With his heart unable to pump enough blood to meet the needs of his body and brain, Monte Lenz lost 70 pounds, could barely speak and had to use a walker in his attempts to get around. A 2015 heart transplant at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland gave the Medford resident and former […]
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Where did our raises go? To health care.

It’s wages vs. health benefits. On this Labor Day, just about everything seems to be going right for typical American workers, with the glaring and puzzling exception of wage stagnation. The unemployment rate is 3.9 percent, near its lowest since 2000. The number of new jobs exceeds the peak in 2008 by about 11 million. […]
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Cancer Patients In Eastern Oregon Face Complications

Trish Yerges , who was diagnosed with two types of cancer last year, had to travel more than 7,000 miles for specialty treatments that are commonplace in large metro areas like Portland. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Cancer Patients In Eastern Oregon Face Complications | The Lund Report

OHSU Halts Oregon’s Only Heart Transplant Program

The academic medical center has lost or is losing half its team of transplant specialists. The departures follow management shakeups at OHSU. Oregon heart transplant patients have to go elsewhere for now. Oregon Health & Science University has taken the unusual step of suspending its heart transplant program. The academic medical center, which has performed […]
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OHSU’s Heart Transplant Team Collapses

All of the heart failure and transplant cardiologists at Oregon Health & Science University will be gone by the end of September. Oregon Health & Science University’s heart failure and transplant team has basically collapsed, with all of its cardiologists being forced out or leaving. There were four specialists on the team. By the end of […]
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OHSU Halts Heart Transplant Program Indefinitely

Providence Health & Services, which has a robust cardiology program, is bracing for an influx of patients. Oregon Health & Science University announced late Friday that it was extending the suspension of the state’s only heart transplant program for an indefinite amount of time. A week ago, OHSU officials told staff in an internal email […]
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