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Opinion: A health care system built for people like me must change to serve everyone better

It’s a nightmare all of us have experienced or dread. Someone you care about has a medical emergency. Your teenager breaks a bone, your aging parent is in acute distress with complications from a chronic disease. They’re in terrible pain. You call 911. Help is on the way. Source: Opinion: A health care system built […]
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Gov. Kate Brown Asks Legislators to Prioritize Funding Medicaid, Expects Voters To Decide On Cigarette Tax

Gov. Kate Brown asked legislators on Friday to prioritize funding the Oregon Health Plan within the first few weeks of the legislative session. To cover the $950 million Medicaid budget gap, the governor proposed in her 2019-2021 budget to increase taxes on large hospitals and insurance plans, raising cigarette taxes and taxing employers who do […]
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Opinion | Can States Fix the Disaster of American Health Care? – The New York Times

Last week, California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, promised to pursue a smorgasbord of changes to his state’s health care system: state negotiation of drug prices; a requirement that every Californian have health insurance; more assistance to help middle-class Californians afford it; and health care for undocumented immigrants up to age 26.

Patients Turn To GoFundMe When Money And Hope Run Out

Medical fundraisers account for 1 in 3 of the website’s campaigns and bring in more money than any other GoFundMe category. Americans’ confidence they can afford health care is slipping. Tammy Fox wanted to help after a friend took ill with a rare and difficult-to-diagnose autoimmune disorder that required many trips to the Mayo Clinic. […]
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Tribes face food and medicine crisis as shutdown continues, lawmakers are told

National Parks should be closed, ex-Interior officials say, to avoid destruction of property and a new problem: poaching. As the partial government shutdown drags on, Native American tribes in urban and rural areas are facing food shortages and a health care crisis because federal funds that stock pantries and provide medicine for diabetes and opioid […]
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Insulin is a lifesaving drug, but it has become intolerably expensive. And the consequences can be tragic. 

As the cost of insulin skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are taking to rationing — and risking their lives. At first, it seemed like the stomach flu. Weeks before his 24th birthday in May 2015, Alec Raeshawn Smith was overcome by troubling symptoms. His body ached, his stomach hurt and he wasn’t sleeping well. Laine Lu, […]
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Gov. Brown focuses on health care, environment and housing

State of the state address was Monday in Salem. Oregon needs to shore up health care, the environment, the education system and housing, Gov. Kate Brown said during her State of the State address Monday. Source: Gov. Brown focuses on health care, environment and housing; State of the state address was Monday in Salem

VA seeks to redirect billions into private care

The Department of Veterans Affairs is preparing to shift billions of dollars from government-run veterans’ hospitals to private health care providers, setting the stage for the biggest transformation of the veterans’ medical system in a generation. Under guidelines, it would be easier for veterans to receive care in privately run hospitals and have the government […]
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California gets it right with its new health-care initiative

The new governor unveils a reform plan that other states should follow. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) wasted no time making a splash, announcing on Monday, his inauguration day, a major new health-care initiative that would make his state a leader in resisting Republican efforts to unravel the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Newsom’s plan is a promising […]
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What happens when the doctor blames you for your own cancer? 

How bias in the medical community hurts lung cancer patients. Not long ago, I was working in a busy teaching hospital’s intensive-care unit, poring over EKGs, examining X-rays and reviewing medication orders. I received a phone call. Results were in for the lung biopsy of one of my patients, Ms. X. She had cancer. The […]
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