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Report calls for more health care price transparency in Oregon, though it’s not a silver bullet

In 2015, a colonoscopy at Kaiser Westside Medical Center cost $1,311, while Legacy Emanuel Health Center received $3,405 for the same procedure, according to the Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Health Analytics. Two hospitals in the same metropolitan area, one with a median price that’s more than double the other. Request full-text (for State Agency […]
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My View: Analyze county’s mental health system

The fact is, Multnomah County contains the biggest population of all counties in Oregon, and with that it is important to provide adequate health care to all residents. While Oregon leads the nation in several progressive matters such as reproductive health rights and an equitable minimum wage, the state utterly fails to provide community members […]
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Editorial: 2018 session stayed (mostly) in bounds

This year’s short session of the Oregon Legislature was even shorter than advertised: The session wrapped up on Saturday, more than a week before its March 11 deadline. And that’s a good thing — testimony, in part, to the efforts by Senate President Peter Courtney to keep the short session on a tight leash. Source: […]
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House Passes Bill to Expand Hours at Outpatient Surgery Centers

An amendment to HB 4020 also restores a policy thought to be killed earlier this session — requiring hospitals to issue copies of their financial assistance policies to patients. The Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association appears poised to get a big win in the 2018 session, as legislation allowing centers to keep patients overnight heads […]
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Oregon Consumers No Longer Liable For Surprise ‘Out-Of-Network’ Bills

A law to protect consumers from surprise out-of-network medical bills went into effect Thursday.  So-called “balance billing” happens when you go to an in-network provider, but unbeknownst to you, the radiologist, emergency room physician or someone else, isn’t included in your insurance network. Source: Oregon Consumers No Longer Liable For Surprise ‘Out-Of-Network’ Bills . News | OPB

Guest column: Health care should be in state constitution

I feel that deeply ingrained in me is the wisdom that the health of society is crucial to the health of myself. We are all interconnected as we share the same earth, society and the finite resources of both. Source: Guest column: Health care should be in state constitution;

Editorial: Sometimes bills die for good reasons

One piece of legislation missed a key deadline this week, and Senate Democrats killed a second bill by refusing to bring it to a vote. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in either case. Backers of a third bill that lacks wide support are trying to amend it to accomplish half of its purpose, leaving […]
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Editorial: Health care and the role of the Legislature

A proposal to ask voters to decide if the right to health care should be part of Oregon’s Constitution seems unlikely to survive this year’s legislative session. A proposal to ask voters to decide if the right to health care should be part of Oregon’s Constitution seems unlikely to survive this year’s legislative session. Supporters […]
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Senate Democratic Leaders Kill Hope Amendment

Despite unified support in the House and 12 Democratic co-sponsors in the Senate, the Senate leadership refuses to allow a vote on a ballot referral to add healthcare access to the state’s bill of rights. Senate Democratic leaders have blocked a ballot referral from progressive House Democrats, including Rep. Mitch Greenlick of Portland, that would […]
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Finish line coming into focus for Legislature

With just two weeks left in session, it’s “make or break” time for key issues. The Legislature is into its second-to-last week before its constitutionally mandated final day. As the days trickle down to a precious few, lawmakers are parsing which bills and issues will be in the mix for the final bouts between Democrats […]
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