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Single-Payer Activists Come to Salem, Tout Universal Care Study

Researchers from the Rand Corporation showcased the results of a $300,000 study Oregon funded two years ago. It examined different methods of improving the healthcare financing system in the state. The state’s single-payer activists made their annual descent on Salem on Thursday, championing their perennial legislation to implement publicly financed, privately delivered healthcare — this […]
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Health care impasse, Trump threats, create high anxiety

It’s rate-making season for Oregon’s insurance industry, the heartburn-inducing time of year when Kraig Anderson really earns his money at Moda Health. The chief actuary and his team must look 20 months into the future and predict the state of the health care business and the health of Moda customers, the first step in determining […]
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OR May Cut ACA Medicaid Expansion Funds to Favor State Budget

Oregon lawmakers are considering a plan to cut Medicaid expansion funds to fill a $1.8 billion hole in its state budget. The Oregon state legislature is considering a retraction of Medicaid expansion and benefits to address an anticipated $1.8 billion budget shortfall between 2017 and 2019.  The move to cut back Medicaid could potentially leave […]
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Oregon, Washington Executive Salaries Continue Upward Spiral

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Lund Report. library.help@state.or.us , 503-378-8800 Health insurance executives in the Pacific Northwest took home healthy salaries and bonuses in 2016, based on financial records filed in Oregon and Washington. Source: Oregon, Washington Executive Salaries Continue Upward Spiral | The Lund Report

Republicans, Democrats Split Over Surprise Billing Fix in Oregon House

The House narrowly passed a bill 36 to 22 on Wednesday to protect patients from getting huge, surprise medical bills when they unintentionally and/or unexpectedly receive care from a provider not covered by their health insurance plan. Rep. Rob Nosse, D-Portland, said consumers currently can see bills as high as $8,000 when they use a […]
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State Employee Healthcare Costs – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Saul Hubbard, legislative reporter for the Register-Guard newspaper, joins us to talk about a new frontier for lawmakers looking into cutting the government spending: the cost of government employee health care. Source: News Roundtable | State Employee Healthcare Costs | Eric Cain . Radio | OPB

Oregon’s health bill – Opinion

There is no single solution to the $1.6 billion budget problem that Oregon lawmakers are wrestling with as they prepare for the two-year cycle that starts July 1. But there is at least one partial solution, and it’s one lawmakers ought to have made even before the state confronted such a yawning budget chasm. We’re […]
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Kotek Backs Proposal to Lower Hospital Payments through Public Employee Health Insurance

The House Speaker, backed by Rep. Greg Smith, R-Heppner, says the state could save $30 million a year in overpayments to hospitals, which are now as high as 672 percent of Medicare. House Speaker Tina Kotek wants to rein in the high costs that Oregon hospitals charge to provide healthcare for state employees and instead […]
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Our View: Health insurance savings could help heal the state

A legislative proposal to move the state’s public employees’ health care into coordinated care organizations makes sense on multiple levels: It would save hundreds of millions of dollars at a time when Oregon’s institutions are facing massive cutbacks, it would enroll public employees in a system that focuses on total health and it could do […]
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Farmer’s protest aired in House

When Sherman County farmer Darren Padget recently visited U.S. Rep. Greg Walden’s office in Washington, D.C., to complain about a more than 400 percent increase in his family’s health insurance premium, he didn’t expect to have that information shared in a House floor speech. Source: Farmer’s protest aired in House | The Dalles Chronicle