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Annual report finds racial health gaps in county

State Library Ed. Note: 2018 County Health Rankings report is available here. Multnomah County health rankings serve as call for communities to take action – especially considering the stunning racial disparities. While Portlanders tend to think of their community as a very health-conscious one, Multnomah County ranks as only the eighth-healthiest county in the state, […]
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The verdict is in: standing desks help you lose weight

Are standing desks really doing us any good? Our sedentary lifestyles were killing us, so standing, the thinking went, was the logical antidote. Sitting too long has been associated with diabetes, hypertension, some forms of cancer, anxiety and a generally greater probability of early death. A few years and hundreds of studies later, the naysayers […]
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Pat yourself on the back, America. Your cholesterol levels are holding steady, CDC says.

The past 17 years have seen a steady, sustained decline in rates of total high cholesterol. When it comes to our health as a nation, we’re not doing so great. Some cancer rates are climbing sharply. Nearly one in eight Americans has diabetes. And we are ballooning in weight, with obesity rates at record highs. Amid that grim picture, […]
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Homelessness Compounds Health Challenges for Transgender Portlanders

A lack of data has led to funding cuts for some programs that otherwise might support these individuals, while others — such as OHSU — seek to boost their offerings. In her 31 years, Willow Paloma has had many identities: train-hopping hobo, Buddhist, activist, herbalist, self-described “crusty punk” and “queer separatist.” But one part of […]
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State health assessment community meeting in Madras

The Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division is holding community meetings to get input on the state health assessment. Source: State health assessment community meeting in Madras – KTVZ

 Oregon Health Authority: Avoid being outside during smoky conditions

As wildfires ravage the Columbia River Gorge just east of Portland and in other areas of the state, the Oregon Health Authority has issued a number of steps people can take to reduce health effects from the smoke and ash. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregon Health Authority: Avoid being outside during smoky conditions

Refugee numbers plummet

Community health centers fill gaps for uninsured and residents with low income. The number of refugees resettling in Oregon has decreased 50 percent under the Trump administration, dropping from 1,500 annually to approximately 750 a year, health officials say. Multnomah County accepted a high of 1,800 refugees last year, but administrators say they’re on track […]
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New rules seek to ease antibiotic resistance

Farmers, docs disagree over drugs’ use on farms. It’s no surprise farmers give their animals antibiotics when they’re sick. But many also give herds the medications on a large scale — either in their feed or water — to prevent illness. The latter is a controversial practice, and a perennial topic of debate at the […]
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Rural poor need better access to healthy food | Opinion

Imagine you’re living in a small Oregon town with $10 to feed your family of four. Your options are limited to burgers from the local fast-food chain or snack food from the corner convenience store. Either way, you can’t win. Source: Rural poor need better access to healthy food | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

Republican Pushes for Ballot Referendum on Oregon Health Plan Funding Deal

Rep. Julie Parrish is threatening to derail the provider tax, which was negotiated behind closed doors with the healthcare industry, requiring it to come up with most of the state’s matching funds to draw down federal money to support the Oregon Health Plan — and continue a critical flow of money to hospitals. Source: Republican […]
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