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Childhood trauma can lead to long-lasting health problems

Resilience may be the answer to recovering from youth stresses. “There was always something on fire,” she recalled. The project was ablaze with violence. Before she had started kindergarten, she had seen someone killed in the streets. Her home life was marred by domestic violence and abject poverty. Her father struggled with his own hellfires […]
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Urinary tract infections often misdiagnosed

Sexually transmitted diseases routinely missed. Every day in the emergency room at St. Charles Bend, someone is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. It’s among the most common diagnoses seen at the hospital, particularly among elderly women. From October to December of 2017, St. Charles Bend treated 139 patients for urinary tract infections, the sixth […]
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Study: Teens are consuming too many sports drinks

The campaign by public health advocates against sugar-sweetened sodas may have had an unintended consequence: Teens are drinking more sugar-sweetened sports drinks. Source: Study: Teens are consuming too many sports drinks;

Health Officials Want You To Prepare For Wildfire Smoke Now

For some people with heart and lung problems, wildfire smoke can be especially unhealthy and sometimes deadly. Experts say people can prepare for smoky air by buying an air filtration system. Wildfire smoke can be annoying. It makes your eyes water and your nose run. But for some people with certain medical conditions, wildfire smoke […]
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U.S. death rates falling, but health gains bypassing some states

Even as U.S. death rates decline, wide variation in life expectancy persists at the state level, a new study shows. The state-by-state differences are due in large part to problems people can control, like how much they eat, drink, smoke, and exercise, researchers say. OSL Ed. Note: JAMA Articles available HERE and Editorial HERE. Source: […]
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The states where disease and death are highest

A new study reveals wide state-by-state differences in disease prevalence and life expectancy across America. Here’s a visual guide to how states rank. There’s no question that the impact of diseases varies drastically across the United States, depending on which state you live in. Now, a study published Tuesday in the journal JAMA details just […]
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Annual report finds racial health gaps in county

State Library Ed. Note: 2018 County Health Rankings report is available here. Multnomah County health rankings serve as call for communities to take action – especially considering the stunning racial disparities. While Portlanders tend to think of their community as a very health-conscious one, Multnomah County ranks as only the eighth-healthiest county in the state, […]
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The verdict is in: standing desks help you lose weight

Are standing desks really doing us any good? Our sedentary lifestyles were killing us, so standing, the thinking went, was the logical antidote. Sitting too long has been associated with diabetes, hypertension, some forms of cancer, anxiety and a generally greater probability of early death. A few years and hundreds of studies later, the naysayers […]
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Oregon just average on health, report says

The health of Oregonians remains in the middle of the pack among states, pulled down by low rates of immunization and high school graduation, but boosted by physical activity and fewer drug deaths, according to an annual report. America’s Health Rankings found that Oregon improved by a notch, moving from 21st place in 2016 to […]
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Pat yourself on the back, America. Your cholesterol levels are holding steady, CDC says.

The past 17 years have seen a steady, sustained decline in rates of total high cholesterol. When it comes to our health as a nation, we’re not doing so great. Some cancer rates are climbing sharply. Nearly one in eight Americans has diabetes. And we are ballooning in weight, with obesity rates at record highs. Amid that grim picture, […]
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