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Oregon keeps a promise to veterans and military families: Guest opinion

As we commemorate Veterans Day, it is fitting and proper to pause and honor the sacrifice and service of all who wore the uniform in defense of our values. It is a day for all Americans to renew our commitment to keeping faith with the men and women (and families) of our Armed Forces. Source: […]
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Oregonians need to start shopping for health coverage now: officials

Oregonians who buy their own private health insurance need to start signing up for next year’s coverage now, officials say — because of a new, unforgiving final deadline that falls far earlier than ever before. Source: Oregonians need to start shopping for health coverage now: officials  

Klamath Falls agency added to Oregon insurance marketplace

A Klamath Falls insurance group has officially been named as an Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace partner. Klamath Insurance Center, Inc. announced on Oct. 27 that they were named as an agency partner through the Department of Consumer and Business Services, according to a news release. They are now among more than a dozen other state […]
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Supreme Court Orders Cleaner Ballot Title for Measure 101 Healthcare Tax | The Lund Report

The court rejected language from Democrats that the bulk of the hospital assessment could go ahead regardless of the outcome of the Jan. 23 election. The Oregon Supreme Court has laid down the ground rules for Measure 101, the Oregon Health Plan funding referendum, approving much of the suggested title from the Democratic-led ballot committee […]
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Measure 101 worries healthcare industry

Come January, Oregon voters will have to decide if they want to overturn a health care tax plan approved by the legislature this summer to address a funding gap in the state’s Medicaid program. The taxes were an effort to keep hundreds of thousands of low-income Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan by addressing budget […]
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Court rules health care ballot title is unclear

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the ballot title on the referendum on the states health care funding scheme must be clearer. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Court rules health care ballot title is unclear

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Greenlights January Special Election on Tax Repeal

It’s official: There will be a special election on Jan. 23, 2018 to consider a partial repeal of House Bill 2391, a healthcare and insurance tax increase passed in the 2017 session. Source: Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Greenlights January Special Election on Tax Repeal – Willamette Week

 My View: Voters should decide new health tax

Upon adjourning the Legislature, lawmakers who opposed new health care sales taxes on insurance premiums and hospitals decided voters deserved the right to vote on a fundamental shift in how we raise taxes to pay for Medicaid. Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Voters should decide new health tax

David Sarasohn: For Oregon kids’ health care, it’s a sinister September

Congress, coming back to work Tuesday after a four-week recess, is about to discover something long known to high-school students and air conditioner repairmen: When you take off all of August, September just looks worse. Source: David Sarasohn: For Oregon kids’ health care, it’s a sinister September | OregonLive.com

Kickstarting the Conversation: Panelists Explore Obstacles to Providing Healthcare in Schools

Administrative rules, bureaucratic burdens and other obstacles mean Oregon is missing out on at least $40 million in healthcare reimbursements. At an Oregon Health Forum breakfast on Wednesday, policymakers and practitioners discussed solutions. Millions of education dollars are being spent delivering healthcare in Oregon classrooms – but schools can’t bill private insurance when their nurses […]
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