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 My View: Voters should decide new health tax

Upon adjourning the Legislature, lawmakers who opposed new health care sales taxes on insurance premiums and hospitals decided voters deserved the right to vote on a fundamental shift in how we raise taxes to pay for Medicaid. Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Voters should decide new health tax

David Sarasohn: For Oregon kids’ health care, it’s a sinister September

Congress, coming back to work Tuesday after a four-week recess, is about to discover something long known to high-school students and air conditioner repairmen: When you take off all of August, September just looks worse. Source: David Sarasohn: For Oregon kids’ health care, it’s a sinister September | OregonLive.com

Kickstarting the Conversation: Panelists Explore Obstacles to Providing Healthcare in Schools

Administrative rules, bureaucratic burdens and other obstacles mean Oregon is missing out on at least $40 million in healthcare reimbursements. At an Oregon Health Forum breakfast on Wednesday, policymakers and practitioners discussed solutions. Millions of education dollars are being spent delivering healthcare in Oregon classrooms – but schools can’t bill private insurance when their nurses […]
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Rural America Gets Creative to Attract Much-Needed Doctors

“Training in ‘the sticks,’ sticks,” says one medical professional. But first, rural areas have to get doctors there. Because of the Affordable Care Act, more Americans have health insurance than ever before. But having insurance doesn’t necessarily make it easy to find a doctor when much of the United States is suffering from a shortage of […]
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Rural America seeks more doctors

When anesthesiologist Richard Wick opted to practice in rural Walla Walla after his residency last summer, the decision put him at odds with most of his classmates. Young physicians tend to flock to jobs in big cities. Wick, who grew up in Pendleton, dreamed of being a doctor since boyhood and practicing in a rural area […]
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CBO: ObamaCare premiums could rise 20 percent if Trump ends payments

The federal deficit could increase by $194 billion through 2026, the analysis found. Insurance companies would raise premium prices about 20 percent for ObamaCare plans if President Trump ends key payments to insurers, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Source: CBO: ObamaCare premiums could rise 20 percent if Trump ends payments | TheHill

Guest column: Make care available to all who have dementia

One of the most common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease is that it’s a “normal” part of aging. But that is not the case. At age 32, my beautiful daughter Rhonda was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that of the more than 5 million Americans living with the disease, 200,000 are under […]
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Trump touts new program to improve veterans’ health care

President Donald Trump announced new efforts Thursday to use technology to improve veterans’ health care, saying the programs will greatly expand access, especially for mental health care and suicide prevention. Veterans living in rural areas will also benefit, he said. Initiatives include using video technology and diagnostic tools to conduct medical exams. Veterans also will […]
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Editorial: Oregon not careful enough with health care money

A few years ago, Oregon was cast as a potential leader in national health care reform. The Washington Post ran an article in 2013 with the tantalizing headline: “Can Oregon save American health care?” Oregon’s experiments with Medicaid could spread, the article said. “If the state can achieve savings with this population, he (then-Gov. John […]
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Legislature Closes Session with Long Line of Healthcare Bills

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Lund Report.  library.help@state.or.us , 503-378-8800 Last-minute funding will provide for emergency housing assistance, Hepatitis C treatment and a short list of earmarks for clinic and hospital projects, including assistance for Cascade Aids Project’s new clinic. The Legislature swept through a flurry of […]
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