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The Week in Public Finance: Higher Ed’s Lost Decade| Popular Pensions

Funding Down, Tuition Up State funding for higher education is still far below its pre-recession level, finds a new analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP). Total funding for two- and four-year public colleges for the 2016-2017 school year was almost $9 billion (nearly 10 percent) below its 2008 level, after adjusting for inflation. […]
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Our View: Better, but not great

A 9 percent tuition increase for Southern Oregon University is hardly cause for wild celebration. But it is better than the 12 percent jump the college had previously announced. The difference was thanks to the Oregon Legislature, which managed to find an extra $70 million for higher education in the waning days of the 2017 […]
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Guest column: Expanding OSU-Cascades is ‘irrational’

Several recent articles about state bonding for Oregon State University-Cascades missed critical elements of the larger story. Believe it or not, OSU-Cascades fared better than many of us anticipated — especially given the $1.6 billion gap in revenues we faced at the beginning of the 2017 legislative session. Source: Guest column: Expanding OSU-Cascades is ‘irrational’;

Big bucks go toward maritime sciences

Win for the college in Salem. Clatsop Community College has secured $8.1 million in state bonds to renovate and expand its maritime-science program. State Senate Bill 5505 provided $1.3 billion in general obligation and revenue bonds for capital construction projects around the state. The college’s bonds will help add a second story and new infrastructure […]
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SOU students catch a small break on their tuition

Southern Oregon University students, already facing an uphill battle against college debt, got a little break in the waning days of the Oregon Legislature’s latest session. Tuition was set to increase 12 percent, but an additional infusion of funds made it possible for SOU to drop that to 9 percent. Source: SOU students catch a […]
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Editorial: Lawmakers deal Cascades campus a setback

The legislative session just concluded included at least a couple of surprises for higher education funding. Although the state’s K-12 education budget attracted most of the headlines, higher education fared a little better than expected. (The same cannot be said for community colleges, a topic we’ll take up on another day.) Source: Editorial: Lawmakers deal […]
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No Salem consensus on OSU-Cascades

Governor, House Speaker defend low building bonds. Oregon State University-Cascades received so little funding from the legislature because state officials aren’t sure about building a full-size university campus “out there.” House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, made the comment during a press conference after the adjournment Friday of a politically bruising 2017 session of the state […]
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Editorial: Legislature must show commitment to OSU-Cascades

Oregon’s higher education system suffers varied problems. Exorbitant excellence is not one of them. Nonetheless, the Legislature this session continued to put higher education on the road to mediocrity by shortchanging the “fastest growing school in the fastest growing” region, as Bulletin reporter Gary A. Warner put it. Out of a request for $69.5 million […]
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Oregon State’s growth plans for Bend campus stall in Legislature

Oregon State University headed into the 2017 legislative session with hopes of supercharging its budding campus in Central Oregon. The state’s largest university requested some $69 million in bonds, part of a package that would’ve helped OSU build a second academic building and student union, as well as prepare a 46-acre pumice mine next to […]
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Oregon Tech reduces fall 2017 tuition rate increase to 5%

The Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) announced Friday that it will be reducing its 2017-18 tuition rate to a 5 percent increase beginning in fall 2017, instead of the currently approved 8 percent increase. Oregon Tech assured its students earlier this year that their tuition rate increase would reduce by 1 percent for every […]
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