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Bend-La Pine’s 2019 graduating class mostly remains in Western U.S. for college

Central Oregon Community College remains most popular choice. For another year, the majority of college-bound graduates from Bend-La Pine Schools chose to attend schools in Oregon. More than 450 graduating Bend-La Pine seniors in the class of 2019 enrolled in colleges and universities throughout Oregon, including all seven of the state’s public universities and many […]
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Network Deal to Serve as Research, Public Services Vehicle

A newly minted Oregon nonprofit is partnering with a California-based education and research network to better connect universities. The new deal will also help deliver public services, officials say. Two nonprofit high-speed fiber-optic conglomerates penned an agreement establishing a regional pool of resources between Oregon and California that could have far-reaching effects on public services […]
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Oregon State University Continues Search For New President

Oregon State University is continuing to search for a new president in anticipation of its long-time leader stepping down next summer. Ed Ray, the university’s current president, announced in March his plan to step down when his contract ends in June. Ray has been OSU’s president since 2003 and is the state’s longest-serving current public […]
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US academics on front line of battle against Chinese technology theft 

As the U.S. warned allies around the world that Chinese tech giant Huawei was a security threat, the FBI was making the same point quietly to a Midwestern university. In an email to the associate vice chancellor for research at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, an agent wanted to know if administrators believed Huawei had stolen […]
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How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half — And Saving Money

In the struggle to end global warming, one community in central Pennsylvania is having remarkable success. It’s growing, with tens of thousands of people, yet its greenhouse emissions have been dropping dramatically. Perhaps most amazing: Those reductions have paid for themselves. Source: How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half — And Saving Money […]
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Commentary: Higher education rankings threaten the system

Like many of the American institutions we implicitly trust, our higher education system is widely assumed to be an engine of social good. Collectively, we get those squishy, feel-good reactions in reflecting upon such notable historical moments as the passage of the GI Bill, which conveniently omitted veterans of color, and the expansion of educational […]
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Reaching out to new students slows ‘melt’

A famous comedian once said that 80% of success is just showing up. But too many college-bound students apparently didn’t get that advice. They collect their high school diplomas, get accepted to one or more colleges — and then they disappear. For one reason or another — or a combination of them — a certain […]
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Freezing summer melt at Southern Oregon University

Incoming students and their families bustled around the dormitories this past week on Southern Oregon University’s move-in day in a blur of music and color. For hundreds of students, the final steps to becoming a Raider looked like piling their possessions into rolling bins and greeting student move-in crews and new neighbors. Source: Freezing summer […]
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Oregon Public Universities Reach Deal With Union To Prevent Strike

The union representing 4,500 public university employees in Oregon has reached a deal with the schools two days before a strike could have started. The two-year contract includes an overall 5.1% in cost of living adjustment for all represented classified employees and an annual salary bump for employees at the top of their pay scale […]
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Our View: Vocational education reflects today’s reality

Setting educational policy should follow the old adage, “It takes all sorts of people to make a world.” Too often, it does not. The leadership philosophy of administrators and governing boards essentially determines how much priority our public schools give to vocational education. Source: Our View: Vocational education reflects today’s reality | Editorials | dailyastorian.com