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Green Cannabis | ‘Viewpoint Diversity’ – OPB’s Think Out Loud

As the cannabis industry expands in Oregon, more people are paying attention to the environmental impact of its cultivation, like energy and water use. We speak with Jesce Horton, the owner of Panacea Valley Gardens and a board member for Oregon’s Resource Innovation Institute, about moves towards environmental sustainability in Oregon’s cannabis industry. Portland State University political science professor Bruce […]
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UO committed to recruiting in-state students | Opinion |

It is an undeniable fact: The University of Oregon educates fewer Oregonians than it did just a few years ago. Our early enrollment data estimate that 9,577 full-time resident undergraduates have started classes this fall at the UO, down from 10,915 in 2012. This trend also affects most of our sister institutions in Oregon. It […]
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Klamath Falls creates ag opportunities at home — Opinion

Efforts by the community college and growers to introduce high school students to the opportunities that exist at home appear to be paying off. Klamath Falls, Ore., is in the same position as many rural communities in the West — too few opportunities to keep young people from running off to the city. Also like […]
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Are International Students Next On The Menu?

The Trump administration may eliminate the primary way international students in science and engineering work in the U.S. after graduation. The Trump administration has been carving up work authorization for one group after another. Now, after ending legal protections for young immigrants, snubbing immigrant entrepreneurs and posturing against H-1B spouses, will the Trump administration place […]
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Why is university tuition so costly?

A look at why it is so expensive to attend university. It is a simple fact that for young people entering the workforce a college degree is necessary to make a decent living. Graduates with a higher education degree earn double what high school graduates make. But the sad fact is that a university degree […]
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Pop-Up Campuses | New Oregon Laws – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Amidst increasingly stringent U.S. immigration policies, some international students may feel unwelcome. University of Oregon professor Dennis Galvan discusses an idea to establish “pop-up campuses” for international students abroad. A number of new Oregon laws passed in the last legislative session went into effect on Friday. We’ll hear about three of them. Source: Pop-Up Campuses | New Oregon Laws | Polybius […]
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National DACA debate leaves young immigrants in limbo

Southern Oregon University student Linda Escot remembers her reaction when President Donald Trump said he plans to end a program that allows her and 800,000 other young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children to work and go to school legally. “It was really heartbreaking. It was like a punch in the face. I […]
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Our view: Kids these days – Editorials

American colleges have long been bastions of learning and growth, where thoughts and ideas are imparted, debated and strengthened. It’s only natural that academia gets tied up with politics, where many of our philosophical ideals meet their practical applications. Donald Trump is unpopular with young people and the college educated, so it is little surprise […]
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Anonymous donor gives University of Oregon $50 million

University of Oregon President Michael Schill will announce a new anonymous gift of $50 million in his annual State of the University address on Friday morning. The sizable donation comes with an unusual feature: The anonymous donors have not earmarked the money, provided over the next five years, for any specific program or initiative. Source: […]
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The Oregon Promise is giving students a sense of purpose

Governor Brown is continuing to invest in our state’s higher education with a promise to provide $40 million in aid to students wanting to attend community college following graduation. Source: The Oregon Promise is giving students a sense of purpose | KTVL