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Oregon lawmakers push colleges to achieve ‘cultural competency’ 

Oregon lawmakers spoke Wednesday about the state’s racist history, about continuing discrimination, and about their desire for inclusiveness as the House approved a bill that would promote inclusiveness. The measure, which passed by a 45-15 vote and now goes to the Senate, aims to have universities and community colleges achieve “cultural competency,” which it defines […]
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Educating our educators: Pacific University teaching program could be a great step in the right direction for Douglas County — Opinion

Attracting educators to Douglas County has been a problem in recent years. Some schools in Roseburg struggled to fill positions until the school year was well underway. But this could soon be a thing of the past as Pacific University of Forest Grove hopes to open a satellite program in Roseburg that will not only […]
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Eastern athletes take front row seat

Mountaineers testify during state budget hearing During public testimony heard last week by the Education Subcommittee of the Oregon Joint Committee on Ways and Means, student-athletes from Eastern Oregon University took over the front row to send the Legislature a message — Sports Lottery funding should be renewed in the higher education budget. Source: Eastern […]
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How Many People Get Associate’s Degrees in Oregon?

Nationwide more than a million students obtained an associate’s degree from 3,197 schools in the 2014-2015 school year, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. In Oregon, 13,681 students graduated with an associate’s degree from 39 schools during the same academic year. Women accounted for 58 percent of graduates and […]
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Students could pay the price for low enrollment

In an email sent to Western faculty and staff on April 4, President Rex Fuller laid out upcoming changes and work going into the 2017-2019 biennial budget. According to the message, Oregon’s seven public universities sent the Higher Education Coordinating Commission multiple scenarios regarding possible budgets. Source: Students could pay the price for low enrollment […]
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Gov. Brown ‘deeply concerned’ about tuition hikes, urges state board to scrutinize

Gov. Kate Brown said Tuesday that in-state students are shouldering too much of their college costs and urged the state’s higher education commission to “rigorously apply” oversight before approving tuition increases greater than 5 percent. Source: Gov. Brown ‘deeply concerned’ about tuition hikes, urges state board to scrutinize | OregonLive.com

Portland State Univ. votes to approve 9% tuition hike

Students at Portland State University will see a tuition hike after the board of trustees voted Tuesday to raise tuition by 9 percent.School officials say the increase is to cover an expected $20 million budget gap, as the school expects to receive less money from the state. Source: Portland State Univ. votes to approve 9% […]
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Urges Higher Education Panel To Scrutinize Tuition Increase

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is leaning on the state’s public college and universities to curb tuition increases. The Democrat sent a letter to Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission, which signs off on tuition hikes. Source: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Urges Higher Education Panel To Scrutinize Tuition Increases . News | OPB

OIT’s new president looks like a good addition to Klamath – Opinion

Nagi Naganathan, Oregon Tech’s new president, is off to a running start and we wish him well in achieving his wide-ranging list of goals. In doing that, we’re also wishing well to the people in Klamath County and the university’s still-new board of trustees, which came into being in 2015 in a major shift away […]
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Wage gains stagnant for college grads since recession

The bachelor’s degree — long a ticket to middle-class comfort — is losing its luster in the U.S. job market. Wages for college graduates across many majors have fallen since the 2007-09 recession, according to an unpublished analysis by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce in Washington using Census bureau figures. Young […]
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