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My View: Bill levels college-accessibility playing field

As it stands today, the Oregon College Savings plan helps provide a valuable incentive for saving by allowing Oregonians to deduct some of their contributions from their taxable incomes, if they save. For people with sufficient income, this has worked well; but it is not equitable. Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Bill levels […]
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The sweet spot on free college: Why 14 is the new 12

Not everyone needs a college degree, but a high school diploma isn’t enough these days, either. Pretend you’re a politician running for office. You’re in a town hall meeting in front of a camera surrounded by an audience of typical voters assembled to test your fitness to lead. An earnest citizen rises and asks: Are […]
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‘Free College’ Is Increasingly Popular — and Complicated for States

Julius Dancy’s parents couldn’t afford to send him to a four-year college. His high school grades, he admits, weren’t great, so he didn’t qualify for merit scholarships. But Dancy lives in Tennessee, where since 2014 the state has promised free community college for young people who enroll full time, do eight hours of community service […]
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EOU officials wary of proposed bill

Senate Bill 3 would allow community colleges to offer 4-year degree programs A bill in the state Legislature that would allow Oregon community colleges to create four-year degree programs has Eastern Oregon University officials concerned but not alarmed. “We have known for a long time that this was coming, and we are watching it carefully,” […]
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OSU-Cascades reaches out to Central Oregon high school students

More graduates from Bend-La Pine Schools attend OSU in Corvallis or University of Oregon. Erika Strauser’s science class at Summit High School received a guest lecture from Oregon State University-Cascades engineering professor Rebecca Webb on Tuesday afternoon. The main purpose of the collaboration was teaching energy systems engineering. Strauser and Webb also hope the class […]
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Wolf Deterrence | Economic Challenges At Private Colleges  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Cattle rancher Ted Birdseye tells us about his experience with wolves, both on and off his ranch in Jackson County. He’s one of the first Oregon ranchers to use inflatable tube men — like the ones seen at car lots and other commercial businesses — as scarecrows to keep wolves from coming near farm animals. The […]
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Higher Education and Earnings by Race in Oregon

About 17 percent of Oregon African Americans age 25 or older have a bachelor’s degree, That’s slightly below the share of all Oregonians age 25 or older (21%). Another 12 percent of black residents have a graduate or professional degree, which is roughly the same as the statewide share (13%). Source: Oregon Workforce and Economic […]
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Oregon College of Art and Craft announces shutdown as higher education hits low ebb

Hard times continue for Oregon’s colleges, particularly its small private institutions. The Oregon College of Art and Craft called it quits Thursday after 112 years. After attempts at a last-ditch merger with Portland State University didn’t work out, it notified students and faculty that it will close permanently as of May 19. Source: Oregon College […]
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Editorial: Despite progress, much work remains on graduation rates

The Oregon Department of Education last week released high school graduation rates for the class of 2018, and there was good news in the numbers: The on-time graduation rate for the state rose to nearly 79 percent The state’s graduation rate has been moving upward over the last five years, and the same is true for […]
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U.S. universities unplug from China’s Huawei under pressure from Trump

Top U.S. universities are ditching telecom equipment made by Huawei Technologies and other Chinese companies to avoid losing federal funding under a new national security law backed by the Trump administration. Source: U.S. universities unplug from China’s Huawei under pressure from Trump | Reuters