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What makes Oregon a ‘home-rule’ state?

Q: I’ve lived in Oregon for a few years, and I’ve heard a couple of neighbors talking about this being a home-rule state. I suppose I should know what that means, but I don’t. In fact, I’d never heard of it before. Can you tell me what it means? A: If you heard “home rule” […]
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Umatilla County embarks on overdue charter review

Umatilla County is past due for a review of its home rule charter, the document that establishes the form and functions of county government. The county is working to remedy that. The charter requires a committee of a least five county citizens to conduct the review every four years. The last review was in 2008. […]
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Douglas County to decide on Home Rule

The fourth time’s a charm? That might be true for residents of Douglas County who are hoping to pass a ballot measure that would see “home rule” be put into affect for the county. The November 7 ballot will include a home rule charter for voters to vote down or pass. This will be the […]
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‘OPB Politics Now’: What Is ‘Home Rule’ And Why Should You Care?

Douglas County residents are considering a dramatic change in how the county is governed. This November, Douglas County voters will weigh in on a home rule charter. It would dramatically change how the county is governed. Charters are like a bit like a constitution for the county, and nine other Oregon counties already have them, including […]
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Home Rule Charter – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Voters in Douglas County are being asked if they want to overhaul the way their county government works. Enacting a Home Rule Charter would increase the number of commissioners but slash their salaries, and create a new position: a county manager. Our guests are former Douglas County Commissioner Doug Robertson and Diana Larson with the […]
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Douglas County Initiative Would Dramatically Reshape Local Government

Voters in one of Oregon’s largest counties will have the chance this November to dramatically reshape their county government. The question before Douglas County residents is whether or not to approve a home rule charter. The Roseburg Library is closed today. But then again, it’s been closed every day for months now. And the fact […]
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Home Rule: How nine other counties are run, compared to Douglas County proposal

Currently, there are nine Home Rule counties in Oregon, and each has been under a Home Rule Charter for decades. Typically, a Home Rule county has both elected county commissioners and a professional county manager who is hired by the commissioners and can be fired by them. The commissioners set policy, while the manager runs […]
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Home Rule will be on the November ballot, judge rules

A proposed Home Rule Charter will go to the ballot in November. Douglas County Circuit Judge Kathleen Johnson ruled Tuesday that the people can use initiative petition to place a charter on the ballot. The charter would dramatically restructure county government, replacing the three paid county commissioners with five nonsalaried commissioners and a paid professional administrator. […]
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Fossil Fuel Challenge | American Working Conditions | Oregon Bar Exam  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The City of Portland’s 2016 ordinance banning new fossil fuel infrastructure within city limits was struck down by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals in late July, and proponents are fighting back. RAND Corporation senior economist Kathleen Mullen joins us to talk about what she says is the first comprehensive survey of American workers. […]
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Home Rule petitioners move to strike lawsuit against them

Parties on both sides of a lawsuit over the legality of a Home Rule Charter ballot measure have asked the court to decide in their favor without moving forward to Source: Home Rule petitioners move to strike lawsuit against them | Government | nrtoday.com