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Homeless Arrests – OPB’s Think Out Loud

In a scathing press release, Portland Police Association president Daryl Turner reacted to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s comments about the disproportionate number of homeless people arrested last year. Turner said,“I am incensed that once again the mayor has thrown Portland Police Officers under the bus instead of saying what we all know to be true: […]
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Homeless crisis: More Salem warming shelters, quicker openings coming

The Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency will open warming shelters when temps drop below 32 degrees, after earlier protocol came under fire. As temperatures in Salem dropped below freezing last December, homeless warming shelters didn’t open for days, catching the nonprofit that coordinates the shelters in a blizzard of criticism. Source: Homeless crisis: More Salem warming shelters, […]
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Director’s Desk: Police profiling based on housing status is against state law

City receives thousands of camp complaints weekly, we should send demands for compassion instead. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been given different maps to the same city. When your map has no residence that you rent or own, your city looks dystopian, one where your very existence is illegal, again and again. Do you need […]
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Count shows snapshot of Salem-area homeless

It’s a blend of individuals and families, including some with children. More than might be expected suffer from mental illness or substance abuse. Source: Count shows snapshot of Salem-area homeless

Guest column: Don’t continue to deny homeless problem

Set aside distractions and begin chipping away at challenge. The experience of homelessness has reached epidemic proportions in our nation and, sadly, the North Coast is not immune. People are experiencing homelessness for a wide variety of reasons, and there does not seem to be a definitive age, gender, background, ethnicity, family makeup or mental […]
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Homelessness rising in Jackson County

An annual count tallied at least 732 homeless people living in Jackson County, an increase from the 633 found by volunteers who fanned out into the community in 2017. The actual number of homeless people living in the county is likely 2.5 times the number who were found and counted, said Jackson County Continuum of […]
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Astoria task force struggles to confront homelessness

Divisions over approach, labels. Homelessness is everywhere in Astoria. It sits next to discussions on the lack of affordable housing. It winds through debates over public safety. It slips into concerns about the eroding quality of life. As people talk about how to address the challenge, they sketch uncomfortable and contradictory lines. Source: Astoria task […]
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Pointing fingers won’t solve homelessness

Almost a month ago, we ran an editorial about the Medford City Council’s suggestion that other cities in the area pitch in to help address the problem of homeless people congregating downtown and elsewhere, prompting complaints from businesses and others. We said the problem belongs to Medford because that’s where the homeless are in any […]
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What homeless? Small cities don’t attract them like Medford, Ashland

Homeless problems have plagued Jackson County’s most populous cities, Medford and Ashland, while leaving smaller communities largely unscathed. “We don’t have that wonderful Greenway running through town,” said Darin May, interim Eagle Point police chief. “Eagle Point has nothing to offer the homeless.” Medford officials have been searching for a regional solution to homelessness, reaching […]
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Lacking treatment, more end up on streets

Addicts, mentally ill have few options for housing, panelists agree at Portland Business Alliance forum. The homeless crisis in Portland and other cities is exacerbated by a lack of treatment options for people living on the streets with substance abuse and mental health problems, according to Dr. Andrew Mendenhall, the senior medical director of substance […]
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