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Point-in-time Count Finds More Homeless People In Lane County 

Results from Lane County’s January 31st 2018 Homeless Point in Time count show that there was an increase in the number of sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness. Source: Point-in-time Count Finds More Homeless People In Lane County | KLCC

ODOT disbands homeless camps in Newberg

State transportation agency gives prior warning that it would clean-up camps in the area. The Oregon Department of Transportation conducted two clean-ups of homeless camps April 11 on state land where Chehalem Creek flows near Highway 99W and Highway 240. The clean-ups came about in response to complaints from the police and the public, some […]
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Summit Brings City, Counties, States Together to Address Homelessness Through Supportive Housing

Sponsors of the summit included CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente and Portland Metro. This week, locally based health care and housing leaders, and city and county representatives met with organizations from Los Angeles to learn how other communities are creating and then leveraging coordination to end homelessness. Sponsors of the summit include CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente and Portland […]
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As gentrification escalates in Calif., people wonder: Where can the homeless go?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called it “the greatest moral and humanitarian crisis of our time.” The search party pulled out of a McDonald’s parking lot, a collection of homeless men and women and their advocates squeezed into VW station wagons and old SUVs. They sought a patch of land or a spare building, a […]
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State proposes camping ban on stretch of Willamette River for environmental cleanup

The Department of State Lands wants to stop homeless people from camping on a public-owned beach along the Willamette River. Officials are asking the public for comment by June 1 on the five-year moratorium. Source: State proposes camping ban on stretch of Willamette River for environmental cleanup

A wake-up call for equality warriors: Guest opinion

Last December marked a low point for blue-state liberals. Congressional Republicans delivered long-promised tax cuts, which many here viewed as an egregious act of wealth hoarding in an era of steep inequality. Options to protest the tax bill were limited: vent in town halls, write checks to faraway competitive races and wait for the November […]
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Housing report documents woes, gains

The Portland City Council is scheduled to accept the annual assessment on Thursday. Average Black, Latino, Native American and single mother households cannot afford to live anywhere in Portland, according to the annual State of Housing report the City Council is scheduled to accept on Thursday. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Housing report documents woes, […]
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Opinion: Business leaders need to address root causes of homelessness

When Business for a Better Portland launched last year, our founders rallied around a simple idea: When our community thrives, business thrives. That means we recognize that when everyone in our community has access to the basics — a good-paying job, a decent meal and a safe place to call home—our community will be stronger […]
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Oregon ranks high for its homeless population

Devereux Center director is seeing more senior citizens on the streets compared to just two years ago. Oregon has one of the highest homeless populations in the nation. According to the recent study, “State of Homelessness,” Hawaii, New York, Oregon and Arkansas had the highest per capita homeless populations between 2007 and 2016. Source: Oregon ranks high […]
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City, ODOT have yet to start crafting partnership on clearing homeless camps

More than a month after the Oregon legislature overwhelmingly approved an unprecedented bill designed to give the city of Portland jurisdiction to clear homeless camps off of ODOT land, representatives from both agencies confirm the first of many meetings needed to make that plan a reality has yet to happen. Source: City, ODOT have yet […]
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