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Multnomah County’s Tally Of Homeless Deaths Shows 2018 Marked An All-Time High

The final tally is the highest ever: 92 homeless people died last year, nearly double the death toll released in 2012, when the county started keeping track. Source: Multnomah County’s Tally Of Homeless Deaths Shows 2018 Marked An All-Time High . News | OPB

Homeless deaths hit record high

Annual report shows 92 homeless people died in 2018, a 16% increase from 2017 when 79 died Source: Pamplin Media Group – Homeless deaths hit record high

More homeless people killed in 2018 than ever as deaths on street continue to grow

The number of deaths from homicidal violence doubled from the five recorded in 2015, which had previously been the highest on record. Source: More homeless people killed in 2018 than ever as deaths on street continue to grow – oregonlive.com

Deschutes County housing crisis creates growing segment of homeless population: RV dwellers

Homelessness up 12% over 2018 point-in-time count. Paul Alex Rudy would love to have a job working with technology. The 26-year-old loves to collect old cameras, radios and other gadgets, fix them up and resell them on websites such as eBay. Working in the tech department of a store like Fred Meyer would be the […]
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Opinion: Oregon’s addiction crisis needs governor’s action now

Oregon is gripped by an unprecedented addiction crisis that requires immediate and forceful of action from Gov. Kate Brown. Each day, five Oregonians die as a consequence of alcohol and one or two die from drug overdoses – over 2,100 lives lost each year to substance addiction. Comparatively, in 1994 alone, Oregon lost 362 people […]
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Only statutory repeal can address affordable housing and homelessness 

The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that the powers not given to the federal government are the exclusive domain of the states. It is referred to as “states’ rights”. This principle of government should equally apply to the citizens of each state, more specifically counties and municipalities. Here in Oregon affordable housing and […]
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Why health care is concerned with housing

You can’t attain your highest level of health without a home. Housing is a cornerstone to health — physical and mental, yes, and also in terms of engagement to care. Barriers caused by homelessness become barriers to people’s health in that the one continually affects the other. Because of this, housing is among the most […]
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Healthcare organizations join with county, city to build homeless housing with 24-hour support

Construction is expected to begin this fall on a 51-unit apartment complex near Autzen Stadium with 24-hour, in-house services for the homeless, and qualifying for housing will not require extensive screenings or sobriety.The Commons on MLK is a $13 million project by Homes For Good, Lane County’s low-income housing authority.Four Oregon healthcare organizations — Kaiser […]
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Crisis team model could help here

An innovative crisis intervention team is taking some of the pressure off police in the Eugene area by responding to calls that don’t involve threats to life, violence or serious crime. In the process, the teams of medics and mental health counselors can connect people to the services they need without sending them to jail […]
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Crisis team may get Southern Oregon version 

When neighbors called about an elderly woman prowler at an apartment complex, police weren’t called to the scene. Instead, a crisis team made up of a medic and a mental health counselor arrived in their van. They found her in her apartment, eating dog food and throwing plates. Source: Crisis team may get Southern Oregon […]
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