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Salem Homeless | Indigenous Languages | Chronically Ill In College – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Salem has banned the distribution of food under the Marion Street Bridge. A linguistics lab at the University of Oregon works to revitalize indigenous languages. And a student writes about her chronic illness experience. Students who are struggling with chronic illnesses must deal with their health issues on top of their academic and social obligations. […]
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You’re homeless, but you have to leave the hospital. Where do you go?

In Seattle, there’s a place–and it costs much less. Cities around the country are looking to programs like Seattle’s as a model. For decades, Edward Thomas was hard to help. He slept on a mat in the Downtown Emergency Services Center’s main homeless shelter. He came in late and left early, muttering to himself, his […]
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Oregon ranks first in unsheltered homeless families. How else does the state compare?

The federal Housing and Urban Development agency released a report that examines national trends in homelessness. The federal Housing and Urban Development agency released a report that examines national trends in homelessness. Oregon ranks near the top of several lists — the most families who have no shelter, both in urban and rural places. It […]
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Oregon prepares for shift in hepatitis A outbreaks

A shift in the way hepatitis A outbreaks happen has Oregon public health officials working to redirect their prevention strategies toward homeless populations that now represent the most vulnerable group for infection.Until recently, hepatitis A outbreaks were linked primarily to international travelers or foodborne outbreaks, and infections occurred mainly in children. Source: Oregon prepares for […]
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Editorial Agenda 2018 recap: Oregon’s progress – or not – on key issues

From its start, 2018 was a year of playing defense in Oregon. From the January referendum on a Medicaid funding package to the November ballot measure seeking to strip Oregon of its sanctuary state status, leaders focused on shoring up support for maintaining Oregon policies more than breaking new ground. Source: Editorial Agenda 2018 recap: […]
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Oregon ranks second in U.S. for unsheltered homeless, feds say

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says 62% of homeless are sleeping on streets. More than half of Oregon’s homeless spend each night without safe haven or harbor. Statewide, 62 percent of the homeless population was found to be living in unsheltered conditions at last count — including everything from makeshift camps to […]
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The four big issues Eugene will face in 2019

The new year is a time of new beginnings and strengthened will for people with resolutions to exercise more, pay down debt and be a better human being. Source: The four big issues Eugene will face in 2019

ODOT to pay Portland for homeless camp clean-ups

Homeless camps on state highways and interstates will be swept by Portland cleaners in 2019. A new clean-up contract will task Portland — not the state department of transportation — with sweeping up homeless camps built on the grassy slopes of bustling freeways or nestled among the trees of pedal and pedestrian paths. The Oregon […]
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Genetic Ethics | Faith And Homelessness – OPB’s Think Out Loud

As gene editing technologies become easier and cheaper, it is increasingly likely they could be used to try to solve environmental issues. Genetically modified mosquitoes could suppress malaria. Corals could be modified to withstand a more acidic ocean. But what ripple effects would these changes have on the surrounding environment? OSU Ethicist Michael Nelson, along […]
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Salem’s homeless housing success, other factors bring turmoil to Wallace Marine Park

More than 30 people living at Wallace Marine Park found housing via a Salem homeless project but their exodus has caused turmoil for some left behind. Source: Salem’s homeless housing success, other factors bring turmoil to Wallace Marine Park