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Homeless count down

A dip in the number of homeless people counted in Jackson County this year is good news for multiple social service organizations, the police and the public. “We are actually going down now,” said Constance Wilkerson, chairman of Jackson County Continuum of Care, an organization that pools county resources to deal with homelessness. Her organization […]
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Interstate 5 Series | Tomanowos | Homeless Laundry – OPB’s Think Out Loud

As Portland’s population grows — bringing more cars, more traffic, and more greenhouse gas emissions — what’s the future of the biggest interstate that cuts through the heart of the city? We’re kicking off a series of conversations about Interstate 5. We start with Tammy Baney, who chairs the Oregon Transportation Commission. A piece of a […]
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Bend Bulletin | Eugene Ordinance – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The Bend Bulletin is being sold to Rhode Island Suburban Newspapers. But before that happens, all of its employees will be laid off. OPB Bend reporter Emily Cureton tells us what the sale of Central Oregon’s only daily paper means for the state. Eugene city councilors recently passed an ordinance allowing police to remove campers from […]
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Opinion: So Oregon, is it shelter and compassion, or boulders and cruelty?

Recently at the intersection of Southwest Montgomery Street and 14th Avenue, what was once a homeless camp among rose bushes has been replaced with large, foreboding boulders. This transformation is part of a larger initiative by the Oregon Department of Transportation officials to prevent homeless camps from being pitched on state land. Source: Opinion: So […]
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Portland’s homeless campers face new obstacle: piles of boulders 

The Oregon Department of Transportation has stepped up its efforts to deter homeless campers from roadways in Portland, placing giant piles of boulders in a move that has drawn support from residents living around the camps but criticism from homeless advocacy groups. Source: Portland’s homeless campers face new obstacle: piles of boulders – oregonlive.com

ODOT’s anti-camping tactics split opinions in Goose Hollow

The Oregon Department of Transportation studded a slope near Interstate 405 with boulders in Portland. The rosebuds planted on the slope of a bustling on-ramp have blossomed into boulders. The large rocks are an anti-camping tactic that has divided opinions in Portland’s tony Goose Hollow neighborhood. Source: Pamplin Media Group – ODOT’s anti-camping tactics split […]
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Hospitals help criminalize mentally ill, report says

Disability Rights Oregon says many jailed for trespassing were seeking help. A prominent advocacy group has called on six Portland-area hospitals to change policies that lead to homeless or mentally ill people being jailed for trespassing on hospital grounds — often because they are seeking help. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Hospitals help criminalize mentally […]
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Oregon Officials Deter Portland Homeless Campers With a Million Dollars’ Worth of Boulders

The latest spot? A thicket of rose bushes in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. Last week, a public agency dropped boulders onto a former rose garden. Neighbors rejoiced. Source: Oregon Officials Deter Portland Homeless Campers With a Million Dollars’ Worth of Boulders

Opinion: Homelessness is a statewide crisis

I have a great deal of sympathy for Portland. A 2018 survey found more than half of Portlanders were dissatisfied with how the mayor and city council are addressing homelessness, and over a third of residents had considered leaving the city. As a city councilor in a rural community facing a similar crisis, I believe […]
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Study suggests four tools to fight homelessness

As Oregon continues to deal with a still-growing homeless population, the report prepared for the Oregon Community Foundation by ECONorthwest in March does include some ideas for improving the situation. But even if all of them were put in place across the state today, it likely would take substantial time and money to turn the […]
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