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Redmond Homelessness – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Hundreds of homeless people living on the agricultural land east of Redmond may be displaced as the local government prepares to close roads and clean up the land, which has been the site of illegal dumping and illegal dirt roads. We talk to Barry Hebert, social services director for St. Vincent de Paul of Redmond, […]
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My View: No easy answers to homelessness — Opinion

Sometimes, an editorial writer’s job can be satisfying. At other times, it can be immensely frustrating. The satisfaction comes from analyzing a problem and deciding that there is a clear answer: a course of action or a choice of options that makes sense and can be supported with solid arguments. The frustration comes from discussing […]
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Health care, homelessness linked | Opinion |

Lack of housing exacerbates many people’s medical problems and everyone’s costs Homelessness and health care have a complicated relationship. Being homeless puts someone at greater risk for a host of maladies caused or exacerbated by factors such as stress, exposure to the elements, lack of regular or nutritious meals, lack of rest, lack of proper […]
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Housing help for the poor | Opinion

A key to tackling homelessness in Oregon is identifying programs that are working — in a city, county or other state — and then see whether, and how, they might be replicated. Focus on Homelessness The state Legislature took some steps in that direction in its just-ended session, including the passage of House Bill 2724. […]
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Paying for affordable housing | Opinion |

Declining federal support requires new funding options As housing prices and rents have escalated in Lane County — and the rest of Oregon — at a much faster clip than family incomes it has brought increased pressure on housing markets statewide and an increased focus on the acute shortage of affordable housing. Source: Paying for […]
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Homeless shelter | Opinion |

Motels are problematic answer for some people At least two motels or hotels in the Roseburg area have said this year they are no longer accepting local people as guests, in what is widely seen as an attempt to bar homeless people. Source: Homeless shelter | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

Many Portlanders split over handling of homeless camping

Controversy over Montavilla Neighborhood Association resolution to ban homeless sweeps outlines complexities of crisis, balance of livability, compassion. Homeless camping is becoming increasingly controversial throughout Portland, and reaction in the Montavilla neighborhood symbolizes the split among city residents. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Many Portlanders split over handling of homeless camping

Why Don’t Homeless People Just Get Jobs?

The refrain of “Get a job!” is as old as poverty and panhandling. But one of the hard truths of homelessness is that many people who qualify as homeless work hard and still can’t afford rent. There’s Shorty, camping along the I-205 bicycle path, who last month showed a reporter a cellphone image of his […]
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Portland Homeless Count Shows Numbers Up, But Some Good News

A one-night count of homeless people in Portland and Multnomah County in February found that homelessness continues to grow, but local leaders have made progress getting people into temporary shelter. Source: Portland Homeless Count Shows Numbers Up, But Some Good News . News | OPB

Portland’s homeless population jumps nearly 10 percent, new count shows

The homeless population in Multnomah County increased nearly 10 percent in the last two years: There are now at least 4,177 people without permanent homes on any given night in Portland, the latest survey shows. Source: Portland’s homeless population jumps nearly 10 percent, new count shows | OregonLive.com