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Pinch the prison pipeline | Opinion |

Reintegrating former inmates is an effective way to reduce homelessness Among the many roads to homelessness, one of the broadest leads through prison or jail. The road leads both directions — incarceration and homelessness are called “mutual risk factors,” which means either can contribute to the other. It follows that one of the best ways […]
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Bill that would allow Oregon homeless people to camp in parks likely dead

House Bill 2215, which would establish the “Oregon Right to Rest Act,” allowing people experiencing homelessness to camp in public parks, is unlikely to become a state law. That’s because bills that don’t receive a public hearing by Friday are officially dead, and the House Judiciary Committee, where the bill is now, has its final […]
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Oregon bill would allow homeless to camp in parks

A new bill aimed at decriminalizing homeless camping in public spaces has already drawn harsh criticism from locals who are worried about growing camps in their neighborhoods. Source: Oregon bill would allow homeless to camp in parks

Committee releases Corvallis, Benton County homeless count report 

In December 2015, Corvallis city councilors opened up a work session on homelessness by asking what would appear to be a simple question: How many homeless people live in the area? Nearly 15 months later, the League of Women Voters Housing Committee has released a 48-page report offering the closest estimate to date of homelessness […]
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Bill would protect tenants from unfair eviction | Opinion

Everyone deserves a safe, stable and affordable place to call home. When formulating his Hierarchy of Needs, psychologist Abraham Maslow described warmth, security and safety and basic needs which must be satisfied before a person can meet higher needs — like love and belonging — and achieve self-fulfillment. Source: Bill would protect tenants from unfair […]
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What works: Housing plus support

ShelterCare addresses homelessness with a comprehensive approach The solution to homelessness is obvious: Housing. Less obvious is the fact that housing, while necessary, is often not sufficient. Many people need various kinds of support to find housing, to keep them in housing once they find it, or to help them avoid losing their housing in […]
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Mayors lobby Salem: Help us solve Oregon’s homelessness crisis

A group of Oregon mayors lobbied state officials Thursday to ask for money and other help to solve their cities’ homelessness problems. “Local government in America right now is the dumping ground for all of society’s problems,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told reporters gathered in the Capitol’s basement pressroom. “To be honest, we’re not going […]
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‘We’re not going to take it anymore’: Mayors demand help on homeless problem

Fed up with what they say is a lack of state and federal help, a group of mayors from the Portland area went to the Capitol on Thursday. The Metropolitan Mayors Consortium includes 22 mayors advocating for assistance from state legislators. One of the main focal points of Thursday’s meeting was the homeless crisis in […]
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Families: The hidden homeless Opinion

Households with children need help to build a better future Families are part of the hidden homeless in Lane County. They don’t fit the stereotype of people flying signs at intersections or hanging out in downtown Eugene. Even people they encounter every day — co-workers, teachers, fellow students — may not know these families are […]
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Report: Portland lacks sufficient hygiene facilities for homeless people

Forty percent of 550 homeless people surveyed said they developed staph infections, scabies, endocarditis and urinary tract infections because they didn’t have a reliable way to stay clean. Many of them said their appearance and lack of hygiene had prevented them from getting a hot meal or shelter. Source: Report: Portland lacks sufficient hygiene facilities […]
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