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Economic gains lead to growing pains for Portland

Traffic, homelessness and affordability are the top of mind challenges as the region’s prosperity inches upwards. Portland may have just turned 167 years old, but the Rose City is still growing up. While population has steadily increased since 2004 and employment is seeing strong gains, issues related to affordability will threaten economic opportunity if left […]
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Where do we go from here? | Opinion

Lots is happening, but reducing homelessness in Lane County will require everyone’s help. One thing has become abundantly clear during The Register-Guard’s 12-month examination of homelessness in Lane County: It’s not a simple issue, or a static one. The corollary is that it’s going to require flexibility, creativity and cooperation going forward to make a […]
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McKay student asks Oregon lawmakers to help pay for homeless youth shelter in Salem

A McKay High School student is taking his pitch for a homeless youth shelter to the Capitol. Raul Marquez, 18, is asking Oregon lawmakers to set aside $275,100 this session to open the shelter in Salem, because the city doesn’t have any dedicated overnight shelters for homeless youth. Source: McKay student asks Oregon lawmakers to […]
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Shelter closure worsens homeless crisis

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the shelter has been plagued by numerous health and safety problems since it opened, including rats and a lack of water for showers. Blue tarps have been covering the roof for much of the winter. Source: Shelter closure worsens homeless crisis

Complex, but not impossible | Opinion

Homelessness is not one problem, but many — each with its own solutions. The Register-Guard launched its editorial project on homelessness a year ago, “accepting as an initial premise that although homelessness constitutes a crisis, Lane County is not starting at square one in addressing it.” That premise has been strongly validated by a 12-month […]
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Through the blur of uncertainty, we remain focused in 2018: Editorial

Oregon is on the edge. Public schools are struggling to equitably educate our children and have consistently failed to lead a large percentage of them on to high school graduation. Our rickety tax system falters when the economy slows, pulling money from needed municipal and state services already being drained by skyrocketing pension costs. Source: […]
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Housing, jobs: One coin, two sides

Homelessness and difficulty finding family-wage employment go hand in hand Oregon’s unemployment rate has plummeted to record lows and local employers are crying out for workers. Source: Housing, jobs: One coin, two sides

Oregon’s Legislative Scorecard

What happened at the Statehouse last summer This 2017 Oregon bill is the one most likely to make Breitbart followers’ heads explode: The new law locks Roe v. Wade protections for legal abortion into state law. Source: Oregon’s Legislative Scorecard

Oregon rousts Salem homeless camp days before annual count, frustrating advocates

Authorities rousted an east Salem homeless camp under a Highway 22 bridge Monday, frustrating advocates who are planning to tally the region’s homeless population Wednesday. Oregon Department of Transportation workers posted signs Jan. 16 under the Mill Creek bridge crossing near Costco and Lowe’s, warning the homeless of the impending sweep and to remove their belongings by Jan. […]
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New poll finds homelessness, housing, congestion are top concerns

Survey released Thursday by the Portland Business Alliance also shows most people in the region believe it is moving in the right direction. Homelessness, traffic congestion and affordable housing were the biggest issues in the Portland area in 2017. Each of the issues was prioritized by 45 percent of more of those in the region […]
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