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Supportive housing saves money and saves lives: Guest opinion

Too many in our community still struggle with profound challenges that make housing difficult to attain and keep. Source: Supportive housing saves money and saves lives: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com

Helping Portland’s chronically homeless is a choice to save lives: Editorial

As we inch toward another winter, let’s recall the grim lesson learned during the relentless cold temperatures and snow storms last December and January: Homelessness in Portland is deadly. Four people suffering homelessness died in the first, freezing days of 2017. They were among the men and women trying to survive on our streets and […]
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Affordable housing, homelessness issues prevalent in Malheur County

Having affordable housing, having access to housing and homelessness were some of the issues brought up during a Statewide Housing Plan outreach meeting in Ontario Wednesday. Conducting the meeting were Kim Travis and Kenny LaPoint, with Oregon Housing and Community Services, who are holding similar sessions across state. Source: Affordable housing, homelessness issues prevalent in […]
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Poll finds contradictions in Portland residents’ views on the homeless

Trying to get ahead of upcoming media coverage, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says other cities are worse and officials’ efforts are working, according to statistics. Homeless people live openly in Portland neighborhoods as never before, and results of a KGW poll released Thursday show most Portland residents are dissatisfied with Mayor Ted Wheeler’s handling of […]
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Homelessness Compounds Health Challenges for Transgender Portlanders

A lack of data has led to funding cuts for some programs that otherwise might support these individuals, while others — such as OHSU — seek to boost their offerings. In her 31 years, Willow Paloma has had many identities: train-hopping hobo, Buddhist, activist, herbalist, self-described “crusty punk” and “queer separatist.” But one part of […]
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Portland’s housed and unhoused neighbors try to live with each other

UNHAPPY NEIGHBORS INSIDE AND OUT For now, the Bensons have turned to their own solutions. They have three guns hidden in the front room and both Erik and Kristy, his wife, carry handguns at all times. The real protection, he says, is two large cans of bear spray stashed behind a black-and-white photo of their […]
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Solving Portland’s homeless crisis requires a bolder approach: Guest opinion

When I grew up in Portland, homeless people were largely limited to “skid row” along West Burnside. When I trained as a young doctor at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in North Harlem, New York City’s largest homeless shelter was across the street. Homelessness, along with HIV and new strains of drug resistant tuberculosis spread through New York […]
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Where’s the housing boom? | Opinion |

Market fails to respond to rising rents and demand, exacerbating homelessness Conventional economic wisdom holds that markets move in response to demand: If people want or need something, its price will rise to a point at which investors will decide to profit by providing it. That hasn’t happened in Oregon’s rental housing market. Vacancy rates […]
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Seeking shelter

Ashland resident Mara K. Owens, homeless off and on since 2005, is delighted to now live in an affordable apartment, but worries about others who struggle to make rent. As a disabled senior, she fears Ashland is becoming “a playground for the rich,” a consistent theme in an Southern Oregon Tenants Union protest on the […]
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What’s the Leading Cause of Homelessness for Oregon Women?

People too often feel trapped between an abuser and the streets. The answer, according to the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, is domestic violence. Advocates say it can be the trickiest social malady to remedy—among housed or homeless populations. Part of the reason, they say, is few victims can speak the truth when […]
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