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 Oregon lawmakers consider banning livestock discrimination

Legislator says species-specific restrictions seem to run against Oregon’s ‘right to farm’ laws. An incident of prejudice against pigs near the state capital has Oregon lawmakers contemplating a broader prohibition against livestock discrimination. A landowner in West Salem is facing a prohibition against raising pigs on properties smaller than 10 acres due to a species-specific […]
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Editorial: Reworking Oregon’s education goals 

Back in 2011, the Legislature rolled out an ambitious set of goals for the state’s educational system. By 2025, legislators declared, every adult Oregonian would have a high school diploma. Some 40 percent of adult Oregonians would have an associate degree or some sort of post-secondary credential. The remaining 40 percent of adult Oregonians, legislators […]
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Oregon irrigators criticize $100 water rights fee proposal

Farmers overwhelmingly testified against House Bill 2706, which aims to raise money for water management, during a March 22 hearing. A proposed $100 annual fee on all Oregon water rights has met with criticism from irrigators who say it would contribute to already mounting financial burdens. Source: Oregon Local News – Oregon irrigators criticize 0 […]
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Bill would help East Oregon better compete against Idaho

A bill introduced in the Oregon Legislature seeks to help businesses in Eastern Oregon better compete with their counterparts across the Snake River in Idaho. East Oregon’s farming industry is supporting a bill that would create a special economic development region in Eastern Oregon with the goal of helping the area compete on a more […]
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Regional economics

House Bill 2012 a ‘breath of fresh air’ for county Concerns of losing business and employers to neighboring Idaho are two reasons behind a new bill that will create an economic development region specific to our southeast corner of the state. House Bill 2012, to establish an economic development region in Malheur County, received unanimous […]
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House Bill 3391 is about Church v State

Bill would expand reproductive care access — with abortion becoming a sticking point amongst religious healthcare providers Life comes with many shades of gray. When people confront tragedies and circumstances beyond their control, they have to make difficult choices that may shake their moral compass. Source: House Bill 3391 is about Church v State | […]
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Bill would authorize GMO trespass lawsuits against patent holders

A bill under consideration in Oregon would allow landowners to sue biotech patent holders over trespass by genetically engineered crops. Source: Oregon Local News – Bill would authorize GMO trespass lawsuits against patent holders

Providence Threatens to Leave Oregon Insurance Market Over Bill that Would Ensure Abortion Access

House Bill 3391, the comprehensive reproductive health bill, requires abortion, vasectomies and contraceptive care be covered at no additional out-of-pocket costs to consumers, gives postpartum care to low-income unauthorized immigrants, and adds further clarity to stop insurers from discriminating against transgender individuals. Source: Providence Threatens to Leave Oregon Insurance Market Over Bill that Would Ensure […]
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Filling in gaps along the trail would make it a tourist destination

Just do it. We’re invoking the Nike slogan, sans swoosh, because that’s how we want the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to handle the Oregon Coast Trail. Source: Filling in gaps along the trail would make it a tourist destination

Oregon State Rep. Mike Nearman on House Bill 2921 and immigration in Oregon 

Eugene Weekly interviewed Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman about House Bill 2921 and immigration in Oregon. He sent EW a copy of the study he quoted multiple times in his interview. Source: Oregon State Rep. Mike Nearman onHouse Bill 2921 and immigration in Oregon | eugeneweekly.com