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Econ board gets requests for funding

The details of the process have yet to be determined, but members of the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board plan to make the initial awarding of money from the Economic Development Fund by March. Whether the allocations of the money will be in grants, loans or both has not be decided; the group set […]
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Officials seek input on layout

Activity around the preliminary planning and design of the Treasure Valley Reload Facility is picking up as a report to the Oregon Transportation Commission is due near the end of September. A meeting was held Friday in Nyssa to get input from local industry representatives, landowners, local government officials and others about the general layout […]
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Independents unwitting beneficiary of campaign finance law

A law passed in 2017 was intended to drive out ‘dark money’ from election, but the wording of one exemption may force statewide debate hosts to invite third-party candidates. The Independent Party of Oregon is using a relatively new state law to try to spur hosts to include the party’s nominee, Patrick Starnes, in upcoming […]
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New law aims to protect those seeking long-term care

Oregon among first states to create agent registry. House Bill 2661, which goes into effect this week, increases protections for consumers who use agents to find a long-term care facility. Long-term care referral agents who receive at least $1,000 in compensation from long-term care facilities must now register with the state of Oregon to continue […]
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New state payroll tax will fund transportation improvements in Oregon

Oregon employees will see a new one-tenth of one percent withholding tax on their pay stubs beginning July 1. Oregon’s statewide transit tax was part of House Bill 2017 from the 2017 Legislative Session. Revenue from the statewide transit tax will go to finance investments in and improvements to public transportation throughout Oregon, except for […]
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Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving

On July 1, Oregon gets really, really tough about distracted driving. That’s the day new, higher fines kick in for those found using their cellphones or other electronic devices improperly while driving. The higher fines were part of a measure, House Bill 2597, approved by the 2017 Legislature. Source: Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving;

Brown signs Guard tuition bill at Kingsley

Gov. Kate Brown signed into law Saturday a bill providing full tuition to Oregon National Guard members seeking higher education, with the signing ceremony at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls. House Bill 4035 was passed unanimously by legislators in March and Brown said she was honored to sign the bill at the home of the […]
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Governor to Sign National Guard Tuition Assistance Bill

The signing will take place at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls tomorrow, as lawmakers and military officers look on. Governor Kate Brown plans to sign a new bill into law tomorrow at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls. House Bill 4035 provides opportunities for tuition aid to National Guard members. “I’m proud to sign a bill […]
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Oregon works to make contraceptives more accessible

A+ Since 2015, Oregon legislators have been working to make birth contraceptives more accessible for women. House Bill 2879 was passed in 2015, permitting pharmacists to prescribe contraceptive patches and pills. More recently Oregon House Bill 2527 was passed in February, which expanded the previous bill to include injectable hormonal contraceptives and self-administered contraceptives. Rep. […]
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Assisted living centers need closer oversight

A new report on assisted living facilities from the federal Government Accounting Office makes one thing clear: The growth in demand for these facilities has far outpaced government oversight and regulatory frameworks. Up until about the 1980s, aging Americans who needed some help with daily tasks had limited options — primarily moving in with a […]
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