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State economists tackle pot, but gaps persist in young industry

Economists say Oregon will see net marijuana revenues of about $142 million in the next two years. Oregon state economists are crunching numbers on a product that in many other states remains illegal — marijuana. Under House Bill 3470, passed this legislative session, state economists have been asked to project future tax revenues from pot. […]
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For safety’s sake, put your phone down

Two years after he was seriously injured by a distracted driver, Medford architect Ken Ogden is hopeful a new campaign launched by ODOT last week will encourage drivers to think about the consequences of distracted driving. Ogden, 54, was riding his motorcycle when the crash occurred. Source: For safety’s sake, put your phone down – […]
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Public input sought on HB 2017 transportation projects

The Oregon Department of Transportation has proposed adding 123 projects funded by HB 2017, the transportation investment package passed by the 2017 Legislature, to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, also known as the 2018-21 STIP. Source: Public input sought on HB 2017 transportation projects – Local News –

State Sunshine Laws Promise More Transparency

Despite these reforms, specific transparency efforts in healthcare have had more mixed results. Ordinarily, a person’s medical records ought to be off limits to the public. On that, everyone agrees: The journalist who requested them, the state agencies who fought to keep them confidential, and the Oregon deputy attorney general (AG) who ordered the most […]
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Bill will lessen blow on repeat offenders

A House Bill that, at it’s surface, modifies the eligibility of an alternative family sentencing program, reduces the maximum minimum sentences for repeat offenders of property crimes and shortens a person’s time in prison to allow them the time to transition back into society is now in effect. Signed by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on […]
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Editorial: Repeal Legislature’s 2007 physical education law

Ten years ago Oregon lawmakers did something unusual. They changed state law to require school districts to teach physical education a certain number of minutes each week. It was a case of micromanagement that there is still time to reverse, and the 2018 Legislature should do just that. The original bill, House Bill 3141, was […]
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Oregon Ethnic Studies Curriculum to be Implemented by 2021

Earlier this summer, Oregon passed legislation making it the first state in the country to require schools to adopt an ethnic studies curriculum. Source: The Skanner News – Oregon Ethnic Studies Curriculum to be Implemented by 2021

Gov. plans Ontario stop to laud House Bill 2017 

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will be in Ontario on Monday. This will be the first stop on her two-day, five-city tour to celebrate passage of the transportation package passed by the 2017 Legislature. Brown will conduct a ceremonial signing of House Bill 2017 at the Ontario Train Depot, followed by similar stops at Bend and […]
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Some disagree with no-cost reproductive health care

Reproductive health care, including abortions and other contraceptives, is now possible in Oregon without a co-pay or a deductible, as Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Wednesday requiring health insurers to pay for all costs. Effective immediately, House Bill 3391 requires health insurers to pay for “drugs, devices, products or medical procedures to prevent a […]
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Rep. Parrish’s referendum could jeopardize some Oregonians’ health care (Guest opinion) 

If Parrish and the Republicans backing Referendum 301 succeed, it would jeopardize funding that 375,000 Oregonians rely on to pay for Medicaid.Source: Rep. Parrish’s referendum could jeopardize some Oregonians’ health care (Guest opinion) | OregonLive.com