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Buehler files bills to reform Oregon Health Authority, CCOs

Rep. Knute Buehler, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, introduced two bills that he says will correct mismanagement at the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program, and take the coordinated care organizations to the next level. House Bill 4125 would require the Oregon Health Authority to recover an estimated $70 million improperly […]
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Oregon as a laughingstock

Never mind that what triggered a lot of the “get-a-life” comments aimed at Oregonians from around the country last week was an esoteric pump-your-own gas law that affects less than 10 percent of the state’s population. We deserve any ridicule and eye-rolls that come our way. Source: Oregon as a laughingstock

New law simplifies gender identity on birth certificate

Change no longer requires court order to affirm new non-binary gender identities. People born in Oregon will now have an easier process of affirming their gender identity on birth certificates thanks to a new law that went into effect on Jan. 1. Source: New law simplifies gender identity on birth certificate

‘I don’t even know HOW’: Some Oregonians panic about new self-service gas law

A new law that took effect this week in Oregon will allow residents in rural counties to pump their own gas — a divergence from the state’s decades-long history of having attendants pump gas for drivers. Under House Bill 2482, which took effect Monday, retailers in counties with a population of less than 40,000 are allowed to have self-service […]
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Erik Lukens column: Ted Ferrioli, health care taxes and the PERS gravy train

O n its website, the Secretary of State’s Office has posted a slew of arguments for and against Measure 101, the referendum that will place a handful of health care taxes — officially “assessments” — before voters in January. The Voters’ Pamphlet, to be mailed at the end of December, will feature the arguments, one […]
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Fair-pay bill just the first step toward equality

April 4, 2017, was Equal Pay Day in the United States, which means that on average, women had to work all of 2016 plus four months into 2017 to catch up to what men earned last year. Women of color have to wait even longer to catch up — particularly Latina women, who finally earned […]
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Court to consider appeal for Damascus cityhood

Former councilor James De Young leads legal effort at Oregon Court of Appeals. The Oregon Court of Appeals will consider the legality of the vote that disincorporated Damascus on May 17, 2016. The legal challenge is being led by James De Young, a former Damascus city councilor and longtime resident. Source: Court to consider appeal […]
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‘Resident Rights Month’ focus in October

Across the state, Oregonians living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities had what State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Fred Steele hopes will be considered a very successful Residents’ Rights Month, recognized each October. This month has seen considerable strides taken by Oregon leadership and partners towards enhancing the respect and dignity that should be […]
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Decriminalizing hard drugs a polarizing issue

Local law enforcement concerned decriminalization of hard drugs ineffective. It is no longer a felony in Oregon to be in possession of small amounts of hard drugs — the first time around. As per House Bill 2355, first-time offenders found with usable amounts of heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine and other hard drugs are charged with a […]
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Nosse Plans Drug Price Transparency Bill for Oregon in 2018

President Trump has decried PhRMA, accusing the drug companies of “getting away with murder,” but so far Congress has taken only baby steps to the problem of surging drug costs, passing a provision from Rep. Kurt Schrader to ease the approval of generic competition to so-called “orphan drugs.” Source: Nosse Plans Drug Price Transparency Bill […]
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