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Guest column: The fallacy of in-conduit hydropower

  The generation of hydropower in irrigation canals has long been heralded a win-win solution for both irrigators and rivers. As the story goes, piping irrigation canals conserves as much as 50% of the water diverted from the river and enables the installation of in-conduit hydroelectric facilities. Source: Guest column: The fallacy of in-conduit hydropower […]
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Northwest clean-energy advocates eye pumped hydro to fill gaps, with tribes noting concerns

Many states – including Oregon and Washington – have set renewable energy goals. But, there’s a problem. The wind isn’t always blowing and the sun isn’t always shining. Advocates say pumped hydro could solve those problems. Looking over the edge of a Columbia River Gorge slope, you can see the river more than 2,000 feet […]
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BPA works to dispel myths about system

With a public comment period on the operation of Bonneville Power Administration’s 14 hydropower generating dams ending April 13, officials are working to dispel widely held misconceptions about the systems’ management. The draft Columbia River System Operations Draft Environmental Impact Statement was released Feb. 28 for a 45-day public comment period. Amy Echols, U.S. Army […]
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Washington Tribes Call For Removal of Columbia River Dams and Urge Feds to “Reject the Offensive Doctrine of Christian Discovery” 

“The Columbia River dams were built on this false legal foundation,” Yakama Nation tribal chairman JoDe Goudy said, “and decimated the Yakama Nation’s fisheries, traditional foods, and cultural sites.” Two Washington state tribes, the Yakama Nation and the Lummi Nation, today called for the federal government to remove three dams on the Columbia River. The […]
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Bonneville faces promise and perils in changing markets

When workers started pulling apart the three largest hydroelectric units in North America — capable of supplying more than enough power for all of Seattle — they found the damage far worse than expected. They encountered large cracks, worn-out bearings and a defect in a critical weld that, if left in place, could fail, unleashing […]
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Renewable Energy Production Jobs in Oregon Totaled 1,825 in 2018

Earth Day is held every year in the United States on April 22nd as a day intended to raise awareness and invoke an appreciation for the Earth’s environment. In honor of the 49th official Earth Day, here is some information about renewable energy production jobs in Oregon! In the U.S., renewables provided 13 percent of […]
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Southern Oregon Residents Are Wary About An Energy-Storing Lake

If approved and built, the Swan Lake North pumped hydro storage project in southern Oregon would be the largest energy storage project in the Pacific Northwest. Source: Southern Oregon Residents Are Wary About An Energy-Storing Lake

Sen. Johnson introduces bill to increase hydropower as a renewable

State Sen. Betsy Johnson has introduced a bill that would ease the requirements for counting hydroelectric power toward the state’s renewable energy goals — a move some say would weaken an effort to promote new clean power sources. The state’s renewable portfolio standard, created in 2007 and enhanced in 2016, calls for half of all […]
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The Beautiful Rivers—And the Dammed

Advances in solar and wind power mean that hydropower is no longer the only renewable game in town—and that’s good news for the world’s rivers. In October, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report outlining strategies the world can pursue to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius and maintain healthy economies and […]
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Suzanne Bonamici gets $105 million for marine power research at OSU

Researchers hoping to generate electricity from ocean waves, including those at Oregon State University, will likely have 105 million additional federal dollars in 2019, thanks in part to Rep. Suzanne Bonamici. Source: Suzanne Bonamici gets $105 million for marine power research at OSU | OregonLive.com