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The Health 202: A White House proposal has legal immigrants forgoing health-care services out of fear

Things would get worse if it is finalized. The White House is seriously considering a new policy that would penalize legal immigrants seeking permanent status for accepting health-care services paid for by the government. The rule, which is expected to be officially announced soon per NBC News, would change the definition of when a legal immigrant is […]
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Asylum ruling hits close to home

News accounts of children and their parents who flee violence in their home countries in search of safety in the United States may seem to be unfolding far away — on the Mexican border, or in detention centers where children are still being held after being separated from their parents — but the story of […]
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Washington farmers worry about a shortage of workers

It’s nearly apple-picking time in Washington’s Yakima Valley. Cherry season will be around for a few more weeks, and a other fruits and vegetables are maturing on branches and in fields. “The orchards are big and beautiful,” said Dan Fazio, executive director of the Washington Farm Labor Association. “The crop looks good.” Just one problem: […]
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Editorial: Find sanctuary in the facts about law

Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler recently made a campaign stop on conservative radio host Lars Larson’s show. Asked how he’ll vote on the controversial Measure 105, Buehler shared that he endorses the measure and will vote to repeal Oregon’s so-called sanctuary law. Source: Editorial: Find sanctuary in the facts about law | OregonLive.com

Oregon Prison Must Continue Allowing Access to ICE Detainees, Judge Rules

A federal detention facility in Sheridan, Oregon, must continue to open its doors to attorneys representing dozens of immigrant detainees, a judge ruled Monday. In a hearing at the federal courthouse in downtown Portland, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon granted a request to impose a preliminary injunction on prison officials in Sheridan. The order requires […]
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We are a state and nation of immigrants. Remember that when you vote on Measure 105

As Oregonians begin to battle over a ballot measure to undo our status as a “sanctuary” state, we all might pause to consider this: If we didn’t count the votes of Oregonians who are immigrants or descended from immigrants, this measure would never pass. Think about it. We are a state and a nation of […]
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Oregonians must reject effort to overturn sanctuary-state status

OPINION: More voices are needed to reject effort to end Oregon’s long-held status as a sanctuary state. Oregonians must speak out against hatred no matter how it’s attired. This week, the Secretary of State’s office certified that supporters of Initiative Petition 22 had submitted enough valid signatures to qualify the petition for the ballot in November’s general […]
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U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Offers to Personally Staff the Reunification of Immigrant Families in Speech on Floor of Congress

A day after the Trump administration missed its court-appointed deadline for the reunification of just over 100 young immigrant children with their parents, an Oregon congresswoman offered her services to help the relevant federal agency. Source: U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Offers to Personally Staff the Reunification of Immigrant Families in Speech on Floor of Congress

Oregon’s sanctuary status could be in jeopardy

EUGENE, Ore. — An initiative to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary status could go to voters this fall.Initiative Petition 22 was submitted with more than 100,000 signatures, but still faces a few more hurdles before we could see it on the ballot. Source: Oregon’s sanctuary status could be in jeopardy

Oregon Officials Tried to Visit a Detention Center for Immigrant Children in Portland. The Feds Won’t Let Them In.

“It is clear that there is no reasonable explanation as to why the tour can’t take place.” Federal officials turned away a group of Oregon congressmen and the governor after they asked for a tour of a Portland facility that houses immigrant children. Gov. Kate Brown, U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, and […]
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