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Jails | Talking Business | Rohingya Crisis – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Since 2008, at least 306 people across the Northwest have died after being taken to a county jail, according to an investigation by Oregon Public Broadcasting, KUOW and the Northwest News Network. Conrad Wilson and Tony Schick walk us through their findings. This week, the Oregon Historical Society is hosting a symposium on the crisis now facing […]
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Veterans court may be collateral damage in immigration fight

Three decades ago, Lori Ann Bourgeois was guarding fighter jets at an air base. After her discharge, she fell into drug addiction. She wound up living on the streets and was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. But on a recent day, the former Air Force Security Police member walked into a Veterans Treatment Court after […]
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Oregon Legislature weighs tweaks to legal system to benefit immigrants

Oregon legislators heard testimony Monday on two bills advocates say would help apply Oregon’s laws equally to immigrants of various statuses. Source: Oregon Legislature weighs tweaks to legal system to benefit immigrants

ICE is tapping vast license-plate database to track immigrants, ACLU records show

Federal immigration agents have relied on a nationwide license-plate database to help find and investigate immigrants, according to new documents released by the ACLU. The database contains billions of records on vehicle locations captured from red-light and speed-limit cameras as well as from parking lots and toll roads that use the nearly ubiquitous and inexpensive […]
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Government shutdown extends long wait in Portland for immigrants seeking green cards

People have been waiting two years or longer for a hearing in an immigration court. Those scheduled for a hearing during the shutdown have had those hearings postponed, and it could be years before they get another chance. Source: Government shutdown extends long wait in Portland for immigrants seeking green cards | oregonlive.com

Mental Health Crisis | Immigrant Nurses – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Andre Gladen was the third person in a perceived mental health crisis that Portland Police fatally shot in the span of nine months. OPB reporter Ericka Cruz Guevarra looked into why police are often the first responders for mental health crises in Multnomah County. And we hear about mental health crisis response in Deschutes County. IRCO’s […]
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Trump’s immigration policy has foreign tech talent looking to Canada

“Moving to Canada” is no longer a punchline — it’s a business plan. Over dinner at a noodle bar, a Canadian entrepreneur pitched a table of U.S. tech executives: Your foreign workers should trade sunny California for snowy Calgary, he told them. And they listened. Highly skilled foreign workers and the American firms that employ […]
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6 Innovative Ways U.S. Governments Are Preparing for the 2020 Census

The 2020 Census is plagued by uncertainties. Here’s how some places are preparing. The decennial count is plagued by uncertainties and fears of undercounting immigrants, minorities and low-income people. One afternoon last summer, Xiongpao Lee was walking around a festival in St. Paul, Minn., armed with a stack of forms. Lee was there to find […]
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A proposed new ‘public charge’ rule puts children’s health insurance at risk

Rule seeks to limit legal paths to citizenship but could have spillover effects on citizens. The obstacles to gaining citizenship in this country grow higher by the day. Some of these new hurdles are dramatic: The administration has placed severe restrictions on asylum seekers, and the military has been deployed to string concertina wire at […]
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Marshall Islands: A third of the nation has left for the U.S. | PBS NewsHour Weekend

State Library Ed. Note: Story is included since is focuses upon Marshallese immigrants in Salem. A third of the Marshall Islands’ population has moved to the U.S., leaving a country reeling from high unemployment and the looming effects of climate change. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Mike Taibbi reports. This story is part of an ongoing […]
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