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Guest Column: Row together to find river solutions

French philosopher and novelist Jean-Paul Sartre said: “Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.” The agricultural community in Central Oregon — farmers, local businesses, and irrigation districts — along with dozens of partners, has spent the past decade collectively rowing the proverbial boat to improve the health of the Deschutes […]
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Guest column: Irrigators should pay for degrading the Deschutes River

The Fish and Wildlife Service will soon be reviewing a Habitat Management Plan for Oregon’s Deschutes River written by contractors on behalf of Central Oregon irrigators that will dictate the future of the river. Source: Guest column: Irrigators should pay for degrading the Deschutes River;

Editorial Healing the Deschutes is about more than piping

The Deschutes River can flow near Bend at a roiling 980,000 gallons a minute in the summer. But those spectacular summer flows can tell a misleading tale about the river. The changes that have been made to the river to provide irrigation — dams, reservoirs and canals — can degrade habitat. Source: Editorial Healing the […]
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Canal piping coming between Redmond and Smith Rock

$30 million project will restore water flow to Deschutes River. A $30 million project to pipe a 5-mile section of the Pilot Butte Canal between Redmond and Smith Rock could allow authorities to increase the flow of water into the Deschutes River by 30%, a potential boon for threatened fish and frogs that inhabit the […]
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Editorial: Plan good for river, frogs and people

The new habitat conservation plan for the Deschutes River that is being unveiled this week probably isn’t perfect. Some groups are upset, for example, because it’s not a permanent answer to all the river’s problems. But it should do what it’s expected to do, provide relief for the threatened Oregon spotted frog in Central Oregon […]
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Deschutes Basin plan will aid threatened species

A habitat conservation plan aimed at protecting several species while shielding farmers from legal liability in Oregon’s Deschutes River basin will be formally announced next week. The federal government is expected to publish a draft of the plan on Oct. 4 and invite public comment on measures proposed to conserve the Oregon spotted frog and […]
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Reservoir depletion forces Madras farmers to leave fields fallow

Wickiup Reservoir is at 11% of capacity as irrigation season draws to a close. For the second year in a row, Madras farmer Phil Fine has left a quarter of his fields fallow amid water restrictions caused by low levels at Wikiup Reservoir. With a water crisis expected to continue another year, he doesn’t think […]
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Meeting scheduled to discuss lowering Klamath irrigation power costs

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation expects to finish a report by Thanksgiving taking aim at skyrocketing power costs for farmers and ranchers in the Klamath Project. Regulators will share preliminary results of the congressionally directed study at a public meeting Sept. 10 in Klamath Falls, co-hosted by the Klamath Water Users Association. Source: Meeting scheduled […]
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Irrigation aggravation

Though preventing leaky canals from losing water doesn’t seem like a particularly controversial idea, irrigators in Central Oregon have found out otherwise. The plan appears to be a quintessential “win-win” for agriculture and the environment: Replacing open canals with piping will save 40% of the water that would otherwise seep into the ground, enhancing the […]
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Neighbors, farmers facing Leaburg canal conundrum

The 10-month-old drawdown of the canal is expected to last at least another year, raising questions about the future of the man-made waterway and threatening to leave homeowners, irrigators and even fish high and dry Jack Richardson’s farm along the McKenzie Highway grows organic blueberries, strawberries and sweet corn — but not lemons. Source: Neighbors, […]
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