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‘Yellow alert’ for opioid overdoses remains in place in Jackson County

Jackson County health officials are keeping a “yellow alert” in place due to higher than normal overdoses from illicit opioids such as heroin. Most of the overdoses have not resulted in deaths because first responders are using an overdose antidote and people are seeking treatment in emergency rooms. Source: ‘Yellow alert’ for opioid overdoses remains […]
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Opioid overdoses remain above average in Jackson County

The number of Jackson County emergency room visits for illicit opioid overdoses decreased last week following a recent spike, but the number of incidents still remains high, according to the Jackson County Public Health Department. Source: Opioid overdoses remain above average in Jackson County | Mail Tribune

Economic recovery was uneven in Jackson County after Great Recession

The Rogue Valley saw wild swings in unemployment from 2009 to 2019. “We were in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s,” Guy Tauer said of the economic crash more than a decade ago. Tauer is the Oregon Department of Employment’s regional economist for Jackson, Josephine, Coos and Curry […]
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Jackson County Public Health issues red alert after spike in overdoses

Jackson County Public Health is issuing a red alert for fatal and non-fatal overdoses in Jackson County. Source: Jackson County Public Health issues red alert after spike in overdoses | KTVL

Ashland and Jackson County officials meet over jail dispute

Jackson County officials say pressuring them to boost community-wide mental health spending in exchange for supporting a larger jail doesn’t do any good because they no longer hold the purse strings for mental health care. The Jackson County Health and Human Services building in downtown Medford once bustled with mental health workers and clients coming […]
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Community mental health treatment a must

No one should be kept in jail for months waiting on mental health treatment. Seventeen years ago, it was routine for people with mental illness who were unable to assist in their defense to wait for months in jail to receive court-ordered mental health restoration treatment. Disability Rights Oregon brought a landmark civil rights case […]
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Councilors’ opinion was short on facts

After reading the guest opinion from City Councilors Eleanor Ponomaref and Sarah Westover, I felt compelled to correct a few things and to give a better account of what is really happening daily in Jackson County in regard to law enforcement. First, I’d like to say the councilors could have saved us a lot of […]
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Debate jail plan, but stick to the facts

Given the misinformation swirling around the county’s jail proposal, it’s perfectly acceptable that Ashland City Council members want to be sure they understand all the facts before deciding whether to allow their constituents to vote on creating a taxing district to fund the project. What is not acceptable is for elected officials to spread falsehoods […]
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Future mental health spending at jail uncertain

Q: Would you please let Jackson County voters know how much funding is included in the new jail budget for hiring more mental health case workers and mental health facility management at the jail? From what I understand, Jackson County Mental Health’s budget and personnel are already stretched to the max. Providing space for them […]
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Phoenix-Talent schools add back music for lower grades

Orchard Hill Elementary School Principal Jeff Carpenter is hearing more singing in the hallways and at recess. The outpourings follow reinstatement this fall of music instruction for kindergarten through second-grade students at all Phoenix-Talent School District elementary campuses after a 10-year absence. Source: Phoenix-Talent schools add back music for lower grades | Mail Tribune