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July ekes out jobs, unemployment rate at 43-year low

State Library Ed. Note:  If the story is not accessible, please contact your State Library at 503-378-8800 or library.help@state.or.us to request a copy. Oregon only gained about 2,000 jobs between December and March, which state officials said was weaker than estimated. The state employment department said Tuesday, Aug. 13, that June saw a loss of […]
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Open house held to address pilot shortage

The trend is one that has many concerned. The number of aircraft pilots in the United States is falling, and many fear the situation will only get worse. “Many pilots are retiring and there are not enough young pilots taking their place,” said La Grande pilot Jim Holloway. Source: Open house held to address pilot […]
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The rural America death spiral

Opioids, falling populations, job losses and rising suicide rates. Many of the nation’s current pathologies are taking a heavy toll on the majority-white population living in rural America, which was severely impacted by the opioid crisis and has dealt with falling populations, job losses and rising suicide rates. Source: The rural America death spiral – Axios

U.S. labor market slowing as job openings, hiring fall

U.S. job openings and hiring fell in June, suggesting that demand for labor was cooling in tandem with a slowing economy, which could provide another reason for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates again next month. Source: U.S. labor market slowing as job openings, hiring fall – Reuters

Economy isn’t just adding jobs. It’s adding good ones.

Even if the rate of U.S. job growth is slowing this year, there’s encouraging news hidden in that overall number. A large chunk of the deceleration is attributable to a near halt in the growth of lower-paid jobs, despite those positions continuing to show strong wage growth — a sign that perhaps for lower-paid workers […]
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Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: Occupations with the Largest Share of Older Workers

According to the 2013-2017 five-year estimates (the most current available), about 22 percent of all employed workers in Oregon’s labor force were at least 55 years old. These workers may have an eye on retirement in the near future. Lawyers, managers, and doctors may be among the occupations where workers have a greater likelihood of […]
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Company Headquarters Provide Nearly 50,000 Jobs in Oregon

Oregon is home to just two Fortune 500 firms, but that doesn’t mean headquarters aren’t an important part of our economy. This sector, called ‘management of companies’, provides nearly 50,000 jobs that pay a whopping average wage of $119,200; more than twice the average across all industries. While it makes up just 3 percent of […]
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More Than 40 Percent of Jobs Paid at Least $20.00 Per Hour in 2018

In 2018, the largest number of jobs was held by professional and business services (449,745 or 14.3% of the total jobs in Oregon). The leisure and hospitality industry ran not far behind, capturing 431,829 (13.8% of all) jobs that year. In terms of percent increase, that industry has rebounded more than any other (up 21.4%) […]
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Getting Students Into Government: New Initiative Seeks to Create Pipeline

A new initiative will establish regional councils to create talent pipelines from universities to state, local and federal government agencies. While college students are often idealistic and driven to get into public service when they graduate, they frequently don’t consider working for government agencies. To help repair this disconnect, the Volcker Alliance is rolling out […]
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Unemployment Is Low, but That’s Only Part of the Story

State Library Ed. Note: State employees can access this New York Times story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Unemployment Is Low, but That’s Only Part of the Story