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A Record Number of Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs

Americans’ confidence in employment prospects is soaring as the labor market tightens. The latest proof: A record number are voluntarily quitting to seek better jobs. Some 3.56 million workers left positions in May, the most in data back to 2000, and up from the prior month’s 3.35 million, Labor Department data showed Tuesday. That pushed […]
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Contrary to popular wisdom, automation is not a job killer in U.S. manufacturing

Many economists argue that automation is the reason for job losses in manufacturing. Here’s why they’re wrong. Most economists oppose President Trump’s trade policies. As I recently argued on this page, it’s not just that he won’t help those hurt by trade. Now, with his sweeping tariffs and escalating trade war, he’s also going to […]
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Maritime workers talk opportunities at sea 

Training program comes to Astoria, The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, the nonprofit that runs the tall ships Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington, is bringing a maritime training program to Astoria later this month. The nonprofit operates Sea School Northwest, a program designed to train adults for entry-level maritime jobs in eight weeks at sea. Source: Maritime workers […]
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Think Too Much: Businesses hunt to find good workers

If you’re a worker in search of a job, this is a good time to be in the hunt: Unemployment rates in Oregon are at near-historic lows. If you run an Oregon business trying to find that special someone to fill a job, the hunt gets tougher: At any given time during 2017, according to […]
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Employers’ Hiring Push Brings Workers Off the Bench

Despite sharpening trade tensions, a hefty rise in payrolls has provided the latest evidence that the American economy is strong enough to keep pulling benched workers back into action. Six hundred thousand people joined the work force in June and started actively hunting for a job, the Labor Department said Friday in its monthly report. Of […]
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‘Not your father’s labor market’: Hiring is strong, but workers still aren’t seeing big raises

Unemployment is at 4 percent, but companies still appear hesitant to significantly raise pay. The U.S. economy added 213,000 jobs in June, the Labor Department reported Friday, as the unemployment rate rose to four percent. The small increase in unemployment — up from 3.8 percent in May — appears to be the result of more Americans searching for work, according to Labor Department figures released Friday. Source: […]
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For once, it’s good news unemployment went up

The number of Americans out looking for work continues on an upward trend. You know these are interesting times in the U.S. economy when it’s a positive sign that the unemployment rate just went up. On Friday, the Labor Department reported that the jobless rate ticked up from 3.8 percent in May to 4.0 percent in June, […]
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Beer industry creates more jobs in pubs than breweries

And it turns out that Bend is not the beer capital of Oregon. Oregonians who want to work in the brewing industry have better odds of finding a job in a pub than a production house. That’s according to a new report from Central Oregon Regional Economist Damon Runberg, who found that brewpubs account for […]
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Savings plan helps Oregonians with disabilities save money and keep benefits

Sandy resident Joseph Lowe recently landed his first job. That may not seem out of the ordinary, except that he’s 42. Source: Savings plan helps Oregonians with disabilities save money and keep benefits | OregonLive.com

Economists worry we aren’t prepared for the fallout from automation

Too much time discussing whether robots can take your job; not enough time discussing what happens next. Are we focusing too much on analyzing exactly how many jobs could be destroyed by the coming wave of automation, and not enough on how to actually fix the problem? That’s one conclusion in a new paper on the potential […]
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