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Judges must read jury instructions aloud, not rely on written directions, appeals panel finds in Oregon case

Hearing a sermon delivered by a rabbi or preacher is much different than simply reading it. And the same holds true when trial judges provide instructions to a jury, a divided federal appeals court ruled Monday. Judges should read the instructions aloud, not simply share them in writing, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. […]
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Oregon seeks $148,000 penalty for company that allegedly fired employee over jury duty

A Lake Oswego company called Navex Global faces a nearly $150,000 state penalty for allegedly firing an employee who missed work when called to jury duty in California. Navex denies the allegation and said it will fight the proposed sanction. Navex fired Sharae Epperheimer in 2016, according to a proposed order from the Oregon Bureau […]
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Judges calling out people who bail on jury duty

Elsie Mathews entered the cavernous 16th-floor courtroom of Oregon’s chief federal judge, sat down at a table in front of the bench and waited. She arrived in her Metro West ambulance uniform, expecting others to show. It turned out she was the star attraction — the only one required to appear that morning. Source: Judges […]
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