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Error reignites Oregon rural dwelling debate

An error in a 2017 land use bill would allow more ‘accessory dwelling units’ on Oregon farmland, but lawmakers are being urged to correct the mistake this year. Source: Error reignites Oregon rural dwelling debate

Deschutes County talks marijuana with OLCC

With four meetings behind them, county commission to look at new rules. Over the past three weeks, the Deschutes County Commission has met with representatives from state and local agencies to learn about different aspects of Oregon’s marijuana industry with an eye toward revisiting its rules around the controversial crop. Source: Deschutes County talks marijuana […]
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New bills look at education, land use, free pot 

A number of bills have been pre-filed for the upcoming short Oregon legislative session. These include several of interest to eastern Oregon residents and/or school districts, and one which establishes a Task Force on Rural Education. The filing deadlines for bills was Jan. 16, the exception being those bills which were requested by Jan. 13. […]
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Access Argument

Landowner disputes county’s contention that roads open to public. A Baker County rancher who opened 7,100 acres of his property near Baker City to hunters in 2016 isn’t convinced that county officials have the legal authority to ensure people can drive motor vehicles on roads that pass through his land. Source: Access Argument; Landowner disputes […]
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UO Planning to Expand Toward River

A debate is growing around the future of the riverfront near the University of Oregon campus: Keep the land as is, develop it as an extension of the University of Oregon campus, or focus on environmental and habitat restoration.


City of Wilsonville expresses uneasiness about Aurora Airport legislation and the potential traffic impacts it might bring Source: A LETTER OF CONCERN

Solar developer disputes blockage of 80-acre project on farmland

The Oregon Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Jan. 5 about the fate of an 80-acre solar project on farmland in Oregon’s Jackson County. A solar power developer claims that Oregon’s land use laws don’t prohibit the construction of an 80-acre solar project on high-value farmland in Jackson County. Source: Solar developer disputes blockage of […]
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Dispute erupts over replacing farmland dwellings

A legal dispute has erupted over replacing dwellings on farmland in Oregon due to an ambiguously written provision of the state’s land use laws. The specifics of the controversy are convoluted, but it centers on whether Oregon law allows landowners in “exclusive farm use” zones to rebuild dwellings that were torn down or destroyed by […]
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Rural Counties Watch Closely As Douglas County Considers Rezoning Farm Land

Douglas County Commissioners will consider a plan Wednesday to open up 35,000 acres of rural land to 20-acre home plots. The land is currently zoned for farm and forest use.  The rezoning effort sets up a potentially major shift in how Oregon — known for its conservative land use laws — manages a growing population. Source: Rural […]
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Our view: Oregon must protect its agriculture zoning rules

It’s unclear who is clamoring for county’s proposed “non-resource transitional lands,” but it’s a safe bet there would be demand from wealthy retirees and out-of-towners looking for vacation properties to take advantage of the area’s good weather and scenic beauty. A land use fight is shaping up in Southern Oregon’s Douglas County that pits the […]
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