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Editorial: Police should have access to medical grow locations

Enforcing the law shouldn’t be unnecessarily complicated. But when it comes to marijuana, the state may need to change the law to avoid needless hassle for law enforcement. Locations of recreational grows are public. Medical grows are not. The Oregon Health Authority says it can’t tell local law enforcement where medical marijuana grows are located. […]
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‘Help is on the way’: The life of a dispatcher

Dispatchers go through months of training to take emergency calls. Caitlin Slette remembers one of her first calls as an emergency dispatcher. “On my second or third day working on my own, I got a call from someone way out in the county,” she said. “(He) said there was someone at his door who thought […]
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State denies Deschutes DA, sheriff list of pot grow sites

The Oregon Health Authority has refused to provide the Deschutes County sheriff and district attorney with a list of medical marijuana grow sites, marking the latest friction over marijuana between local and state officials. On March 13, Oregon Health Authority official Carole Yann told Sheriff Shane Nelson and District Attorney John Hummel the law doesn’t […]
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Walden talks opioids with county law enforcement

Rep. Greg Walden stared at a photo projected onto a large screen and shook his head slowly. The slide showed three vials, labeled with names of different opioid drugs. Each vial contained a dose lethal to humans. The bottom of the heroin vial was covered with a white powder. Another vial, containing the powerful synthetic […]
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Social Media & Privacy | Gang Enforcement Audit  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Amid continuing fallout from revelations that the firm Cambridge Analytica improperly acquired data from 50 million Facebook users, we look at how our expectation of privacy online, and our relationship with social media overall, is evolving. We explore the findings of the Portland Police Bureau’s Gang Enforcement Team audit released today. Source: Social Media & […]
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Bridge Safety | Fingerprint Evidence – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson catches us up on the latest seismic upgrades planned for the Burnside bridge. It’s one of the few designated lifeline corridors, running through downtown and the entire city in both directions. We talk about how reliable the forensic science of fingerprinting is with Carrie Leonetti, a University of Oregon law […]
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Editorial: Real-time information is a big boon to officers

Let’s say you’re a law enforcement officer who works in Linn County and you’ve just pulled someone over on a traffic stop. You might be interested in knowing, in real time, that the vehicle involved in the traffic stop was pulled over a couple of weeks ago for speeding outside of Philomath. That’s information that […]
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Mid-valley public safety agencies sharing data

Linn County, the city of Albany and the Albany Fire Department have been working together for about a year with a $1.3 million Computer Aided Dispatch program that allows the three public safety agencies to share data in real time. Source: Mid-valley public safety agencies sharing data | News | democratherald.com

Report: Eugene Sees Significant Increase In Hate And Bias Crimes, Race Remains Motivating Factor

Eugene documented 70 percent more reports of hate and bias activity in 2017 compared to the year before, and race remains the leading motivating factor behind such activity. According to the report, 139 bias crimes and non-criminal incidents were reported in Eugene in 2017. That’s compared to 82 crimes in 2016 and 59 in 2015. […]
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Fallen Ashland Police officer to receive Medal of Ultimate Sacrifice | KTVL

 The Governor’s Commission on the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor to award fallen Ashland police officer with Medal. The Commision held an emergency meeting and unanimously approved to award Officer Malcus Williams the Medal of Ultimate Sacrifice. Source: Fallen Ashland Police officer to receive Medal of Ultimate Sacrifice | KTVL