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Appeals court throws out stalking order Chief Danielle Outlaw obtained against Portland cop watcher

The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday threw out the stalking order that Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw obtained two years ago against Oregon cop watcher Eli Richey, finding insufficient evidence of repeated unwanted contact or violent threats. Source: Appeals court throws out stalking order Chief Danielle Outlaw obtained against Portland cop watcher – oregonlive.com

Accidental shootings by police show training gaps across the U.S., AP reports 

Accidental shootings by law enforcement across the U.S. have caused hundreds of injuries to officers, suspects and bystanders, and sometimes they’ve caused deaths. When an Iowa mother tried to take her child from her husband during an argument on a snowy sidewalk in 2015, an officer stepped in to stop the scuffle, but he accidentally […]
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Editorial: Police have problem telling hemp from marijuana

Law enforcement agencies in Oregon are key to keeping marijuana off the black market. That, in turn, is critically important in a state that’s made weed legal despite a federal ban on the drug. Now, thanks to the federal legalization of hemp, law enforcement’s job is harder than it used to be. Source: Editorial: Police […]
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Schools credit tip line SafeOregon for helping them investigate potential threats

There have been four reports to law enforcement this week about potential threats at local schools. In two cases, school districts are crediting an anonymous tip line known as SafeOregon. On Thursday night, law enforcement was notified via SafeOregon for two separate incidents. One in Salem and another in Oregon City. Source: Schools credit tip […]
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News Roundtable | Cave Junction | Cowboy Poetry – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The southern Oregon city of Cave Junction has gotten a lot of media attention lately for a proposal to install security cameras as part of a new public safety effort. The small city does not have 24-hour law enforcement and a volunteer citizen group fills in the gaps. It’s unclear what kind of access this […]
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Traffic Stops  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Last week the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission released the first analysis of who police are pulling over in traffic stops, and why. The data collection was mandated by a new law passed in 2017. Senator Lew Frederick pushed for that law. Ken Sanchagrin is the Research Director at the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission. Source: Sondland Accusers […]
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Salem spends more than $5.2M a year on homelessness issues: draft report

Salem spends more than $5.2 million a year on issues related to homelessness, according to estimates in a draft city report. Most of the costs are incurred by the Salem Police Department, which is estimated to spend nearly $4.7 million on an annual basis dealing with issues related to homelessness, according to the draft report. The Salem […]
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Decriminalizing Mental Illness

Deschutes County is set to open a stabilization center this spring. With a 17-fold increase in mental health calls over the past decade, it’s a welcome addition. Calls to the Bend Police Department involving people who were “allegedly mentally ill” increased by 172% from 2010 to 2017. People affected by mental illness end up in […]
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Editorial: Hargrove case shows importance of electronic crime fighting

A story we published about a month ago didn’t gain much traction with readers, at least according to our online figures, but it should seem far more pertinent today. The article, from mid-October, detailed how the Linn County Sheriff’s Office was looking to add a second forensics staff member to deal with electronic devices. Source: […]
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Editorial: Court ruling will change traffic stops, perhaps not all for the better

The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled police cannot do something like pull a driver over for failing to signal a turn and then ask about guns and drugs in the vehicle. The decision will change how traffic stops are done in Oregon. Will it be for the better? Source: Editorial: Court ruling will change traffic […]
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