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Compared to other states, Oregon has shortage of troopers to enforce distracted driving law

Oregon’s legislature passed a tough new distracted driving law this past session, making it illegal to even hold your phone while driving, but the agency that faces the task of enforcing the law is stretched thin. Compared to other states, Oregon has a considerable shortage of state troopers to enforce the new law on state […]
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Persistence Leads To Solving 1979 Case Of Oregon Teen’s Slaying

The persistence of a detective and the sister of a young woman who was stabbed and beaten has solved a murder in Oregon — 38 years after it happened. Source: Persistence Leads To Solving 1979 Case Of Oregon Teen’s Slaying

Our view: Emergency scanners a critical tool for public

Police scanners have been the background noise in newsrooms as long as the technology has been available. And journalists have long been tasked having one ear tuned to them, speeding out the door as soon as the fire department is dispatched to a blaze or police and medics are dispatched to an accident scene. Source: […]
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Local emergency scanner transmissions could become off limits to public

Deschutes County already uses encryption for scanner traffic. Police and fire scanner transmissions in Umatilla and Morrow counties could soon be silent. Shawn Halsey is the director of the Umatilla Morrow Radio & Data District, the local governing body with the task of providing public safety communications for emergency agencies in the two counties. He […]
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Several states crack down on dog service fraud

Several states are passing laws cracking down on people trying to pass off their pets as service animals. Chris Slavin was in an elevator a couple years ago with Earle, her yellow lab service dog, sitting calmly beside her wheelchair. The elevator doors opened and in walked a woman holding a purse. In the purse […]
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Will Oregon continue to be a sanctuary state?

Five states in the U.S. have laws that limit how local police can cooperate with federal immigration agents, and Oregon, the first state to pass this kind of law, is one of them. But maybe not for long. Three of Oregon’s Republican Representatives are now working to overturn Oregon’s sanctuary law in order, they say, […]
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My View: Law stops local police from helping ICE

Oregon law enforcement leaders are in a very difficult position. We must maintain the trust of all community members so they to feel free to report crimes, appear at court hearings, and understand Oregon officers do not enforce federal immigration law. Recently, questions have been raised about why the U.S. attorney general portrayed Oregon law […]
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Umpqua shooter fits FBI profile: ‘They consider, plan, prepare’

Two agents from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit will share their analysis on the Umqua Community College shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer with local police and sheriff’s deputies in Roseburg on Tuesday, and with other Oregon law enforcement on Wednesday near Salem. A day after a student killed nine people and wounded eight others at Umpqua Community […]
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‘OPB Politics Now’: Oregon’s Sanctuary Law Under Fire

Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Portland this week, and railed against Oregon’s law that prohibits state law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration agents. He said these policies, “…have serious consequences for the law-abiding residents of Oregon.” Source: ‘OPB Politics Now’: Oregon’s Sanctuary Law Under Fire . News | OPB

A recovering sheriff’s department 

Sheriff Craig Zanni explains its missing detective unit. About 80 percent of the Coos County Jail is sitting in the dark. Only 49 of the 250 jail beds are in use, while the remaining levels lurk above behind a maze of hallways and doors. That jail is Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni’s No. 1 priority, […]
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