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Tribes oppose irrigators’ $50 million bond request

A federal lawsuit that could determine access to water in the Klamath Basin this summer has taken a new turn as parties argue whether the Klamath Tribes should post a $50 million bond to protect irrigators. According to parties intervening in the suit, at least $50 million is needed to cover financial losses for agricultural […]
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Second lawsuit alleges mistreatment by OnTrack founder Rita Sullivan

Addiction services nonprofit OnTrack is named in a new lawsuit filed in early July by former and current employees who allege whistleblower retaliation, infliction of emotional distress and violations of both state wage and family leave laws. Source: Second lawsuit alleges mistreatment by OnTrack founder Rita Sullivan | Mail Tribune

Housing settlement comes with conditions

The Oregon Housing and Community Services Department settled a lawsuit brought by Klamath Housing Authority which, in 2015, applied for and was denied a Low Income Housing Tax Credit for its project to finance a 48-unit affordable housing project, the Sunrise Vista Apartments, located in Klamath Falls. Source: Housing settlement comes with conditions | Klamath […]
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Environmentalists hope to revive 15-year-old grazing lawsuit

A decision favorable to ranchers in a 15-year-old lawsuit over grazing effects on bull trout is being challenged before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Environmentalists hope to resurrect a 15-year-old lawsuit over grazing impacts on bull trout in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest by appealing a ruling that favored ranchers. Source: Environmentalists hope to […]
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A New Lawsuit Alleges Prominent Portlanders Are Leaking Weed Into the Black Market

The allegations are presented like a neon sign for federal and state authorities. A lawsuit filed last week against a West Hills couple and a bodybuilding coach reads like a road map for federal prosecutors looking to crack down on black-market weed. For six months, industry insiders and state officials alike have fretted that the glut of […]
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County to net $2.6 million in PILT funds

On the same day Malheur County received notice on the amount of Payment in Lieu of Tax it is receiving this year, the County Court also signed on to a class-action lawsuit for underpayments of PILT funds in 2015, 2016 or 2017. Lorinda Dubois, county administrator, said word had been received Wednesday that the county […]
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U.S. states sue EPA, Pruitt for rolling back climate change rule

State Library Ed. Note: Oregon is among the states involved in the suit. A group of U.S. states led by New York sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday, accusing Administrator Scott Pruitt of trying to illegally roll back limits on the use of climate change pollutants known as hydrofluorocarbons. Source: U.S. states sue EPA, […]
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Oregon joins suit challenging family separations

The lawsuit proceeds despite an executive order by President Donald Trump June 20 ordering the end of the separations. Source: Oregon joins suit challenging family separations

Our view: Disengaged leadership drove logging lawsuit

Canaries in coal mines don’t have anything over young coho salmon when it comes to reacting to adverse environmental conditions by going belly up. A California study showed, for example, that “Even small amounts of running water — less than a gallon per second — could mean the difference between life or death for juvenile […]
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Editorial: Revenue-raising needs court clarity

Oregon voters fed up with the tax tricks the Legislature pulls may get some relief thanks to a lawsuit brought by state Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas. Boquist filed a lawsuit against Gov. Kate Brown and the leaders of the Legislature for a bill that he claims raised taxes improperly. Boquist raises an important legal question that needs […]
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