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Legislature works Saturday to wrap up short session

As Oregon lawmakers worked through the remaining bills they were to act on for their short session, Sen. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, was looking to the longer session as he has tentatively agreed to be on a carbon committee, in the wake of a cap and trade bill left to die in committee. Both houses of […]
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Major bills pass Oregon Legislature as lawmakers see end near

Priority bills passed in both chambers of the Oregon Legislature Friday as the signs of imminent sine die became more apparent and the list of bills sitting without a vote shrunk by the hour. Lawmakers are hoping to finish their business Saturday and have scheduled early floor sessions with that in mind — the House plans to […]
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Oregon Legislature’s short session ends a week ahead of schedule

The Oregon Legislature’s shortest short session ended Saturday, capped by the passage of substantive bills, appropriations and legislative tweaks, along with the occasional ribbing between lawmakers and no less than one joke about bovine manure. Adjournment was not without partisan parting shots, with the Republican legislators accusing their Democratic colleagues of introducing too many bills and pushing through some that […]
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Oregon Legislature wraps up short session light on major accomplishments

Lawmakers passed bills protecting consumers and victims of domestic violence. Oregon legislators ended an unusually docile short session on Saturday, a week early and with most of their controversial bills sidelined. Source: Oregon Legislature wraps up short session light on major accomplishments | Local | Eugene, Oregon

Legislature adjourns for 2018 — here’s what happened

Legislative leaders celebrate several accomplishments this year and a marked increase in bipartisanship and efficiency. Oregon legislative leaders Saturday celebrated a 28-day policymaking session marked by some bipartisan legislation. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Legislature adjourns for 2018 — here’s what happened

Parrish reflects on turbulent 2017 session

Longtime WL representative says, ‘It was a session of anomalies and really big overreach.’ When House Rep. Julie Parrish (R–West Linn) returned from Salem at the close of the 2017 legislative session, it was with decidedly mixed feelings. There were accomplishments, to be sure, but in the end Parrish felt that legislators let the public […]
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Lawmakers adjourn 2017 session with mixed results for biggest priorities

Oregon lawmakers adjourned the 2017 session Friday after a marathon of debates and votes at the end of a five-month stint in the Capitol. Among the bills that cleared both chambers in the final days were a $5.3 billion package of taxes and fees to fund transportation upgrades, a plan to reduce state spending by […]
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At the Capitol this week: transportation, health care and beach party

The drive to end the 79th Oregon Legislature is under way. Lawmakers are taking abbreviated lunch breaks and scheduling work sessions in the off hours — sometimes late in the night. They even may finish before the constitutionally required July 10 ending. Source: At the Capitol this week: transportation, health care and beach party

Happening at the Capitol: business tax, hospital tax, pregnant thieves

The pace of bills is accelerating at the Oregon Legislature. Lawmakers were supposed to “burn the midnight oil” on the gross receipts tax over the weekend and be ready to vote it out of the Tax Reform Committee on Monday — a day earlier than the committee usually meets. Source: Happening at the Capitol: business […]
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Happening at the Capitol: business tax, school funding, hot car rescues, university spending, carbon emissions lawmaker memoirs

Major bills are on the move in the Oregon Legislature this coming week. The largest single part of the state budget, the $8.2 billion school funding bill, moves from the Senate for a first reading in the House on Monday — although Democrats say they hope to add up to $300 million to the pot by the […]
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