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Energy department isn’t helping Oregonians | Guest Opinion

Unless the public demands that the Legislature address these kinds of actions, the public is going to be at the mercy of this out-of-control agency. Source: Energy department isn’t helping Oregonians: Letter to the editor

PGE proposes ‘green tariff’ for big customers who want more renewables

Portland General Electric is asking state regulators to approve a new program that it says will give businesses and public entities what they’ve been seeking — greater access to clean energy. The utility, backed by six Portland metro region mayors, is proposing a “green tariff” that would allow large nonresidential customers to purchase power from […]
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It’s time to close Oregon’s pass-through income-tax loophole | Guest Opinion

Oregon’s rate structure has doctors and lawyers paying a lower tax rate than their paralegals and assistants. Source: It’s time to close Oregon’s pass-through income-tax loophole

Ted Wheeler: Climate protection and economic development go hand in hand (Guest opinion)

The Oregon Legislature is poised to consider landmark climate legislation in the upcoming short session. The Clean Energy Jobs bills would raise $700 million per year by requiring the state’s largest emitters to pay for putting carbon pollution into the air. The revenues would be re-invested into communities across the state. Source: Ted Wheeler: Climate […]
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A divided political map

19 Oregon counties opposed Measure 101 Measure 101, the proposal to approve the Legislature’s plan for financing the state’s share of Medicaid costs, coasted to victory on a 62-38 margin Tuesday, but support was not uniformly distributed. The measure failed in 19 counties, just over half of them. All but four of those 19 counties […]
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Rep. Deborah Boone announces retirement

Rep. Deborah Boone (D-Cannon Beach) issued the following statement: “I am announcing my retirement from the Oregon Legislature after seven terms as the House District 32 representative. I will serve out my current term which ends in January 2019 but I will not run for re-election.” Source: Rep. Deborah Boone announces retirement

Cultural Trust looking for help, offers a tax credit

As we celebrate the season of giving, we at the Oregon Cultural Trust hope you will support a cultural organization that makes a difference in your world. Oregon’s famous quality of life is due, in large part, to the 1,400-plus arts, heritage and humanities organizations that call our great state home. Source: Cultural Trust looking […]
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OUR VIEW: Legislature gets it right with bill

One of the new laws created by the last Oregon Legislature illustrates a well-reasoned approach to a potentially dangerous situation. At the turn of the year, Oregon drivers will be required to move over or slow down when they approach a vehicle alongside the road flashing hazard lights. Source: OUR VIEW: Legislature gets it right […]
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Coalition rallies support for ‘cap and invest’ bill in Pendleton

  Supporters of a proposed “cap and invest” bill in Oregon touted its environmental and economic benefits at a meeting Wednesday in Pendleton. Supporters of a proposed carbon cap and reinvestment program in Oregon are planning to kick off their statewide campaign Nov. 4 in Pendleton, pushing for lawmakers to pass the bill during the […]
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Oregon Lawmakers And Lobbyists Say Sexual Harassment, Poor Behavior The Norm In Salem

Angi Dilkes has been a lobbyist in the Oregon Capitol for nearly two decades representing clients who work on juvenile justice, environmental policy and education. For years, she prided herself on “not being one of those women who couldn’t take a joke.” Source: Oregon Lawmakers And Lobbyists Say Sexual Harassment, Poor Behavior The Norm In […]
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