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Policing pot

Oregon Liquor Control Commission inspectors are fanning out across Southern Oregon to scrutinize local marijuana grows as part of Operation Good Harvest. The goal is to make sure growers are complying with regulations and not straying into the black market. “I came down to Southern Oregon because we’ve just started up Operation Good Harvest, which […]
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Oregon marijuana growers now must notify officials about harvests

Before Matthew Miller harvests marijuana this fall from his fields in Southern Oregon, he’ll have to notify the state for the first time ever — a process that could bring inspectors to make sure none of his pot is being illegally diverted. The new harvest notification policy, which took effect Saturday, is the first of […]
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Toxic pesticides found at most illegal California pot farms

Investigators suspect some illegal grows are now being moved into agricultural areas where they blend in alongside legitimate marijuana and other crops. Nine of every 10 illegal marijuana farms raided in California this year contained traces of powerful and potentially lethal pesticides that are poisoning wildlife and could endanger water supplies, researchers and federal authorities […]
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Deschutes County marijuana SDCs come under fire

Oregon Farm Bureau asks lawmakers to review fee. Potential marijuana growers and processors in Deschutes County must pay a road fee called a system development charge. That charge, now under fire from the Oregon Farm Bureau, is unique to the county, which adopted it about two years ago. Source: Deschutes County marijuana SDCs come under fire – KTVZ

City limits size on some pot grows

Anyone living in a residential area in Nyssa city limits that is commercially growing marijuana — recreational or medical — who “is operating in an area larger than 500 sq. feet in a residential zone,” whether indoors or outdoors is violating city zoning laws, according to an emailed response from Nyssa City Manager Jim Maret. […]
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Small OMMP Growers To Be Inspected This Month

-Growers who claim to provide medical marijuana for fewer than 3 patients can expect an official compliance inspection sometime in August.- Oregon Medical Marijuana Program inspectors will fan out across the state during August to inspect grow sites that reduced the number of patients designated to be grown for at their locations to fewer than […]
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Marijuana abundance driving price downward

A gram of marijuana costs $5 at one shop in Brookings. At another, it’s $3. And at a third, it’s $2.50. Source: Marijuana abundance driving price downward;

Marijuana and jail crowding have big impact, Jordan says

Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan says two issues — marijuana and overcrowded jails — are having far-reaching consequences on Jackson County. Speaking Monday at the Chamber Forum, Jordan told the gathering at Rogue Valley Country Club that 20 percent of Oregon’s licensed grow sites for marijuana are in Jackson County, and another 13 percent are […]
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Oregon seeks to monitor marijuana harvests

Public hearing set for June 15 in Portland. Concerned that recreational marijuana is being diverted to the black market, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is looking into tightening controls by seeking more notification from growers. Source: Oregon seeks to monitor marijuana harvests; Public hearing set for June 15 in Portland

California, US team up on an issue that divides them: pot

An alarming increase in the use of a highly toxic and banned pesticide at illegal marijuanafarms hidden on public land in California is leading U.S. and state officials to team up on an issue that recently divided them: pot. They announced Tuesday that they will use $2.5 million in federal money to target illegal grows even […]
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