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Audit: Oregon Regulators Lax in Monitoring Pot Industry

An audit released by the Oregon Secretary of State finds regulators charged with tracking the state’s recreational marijuana business have been too lax. Source: Audit: Oregon Regulators Lax in Monitoring Pot Industry – KXL

Credit union was ready to return cannabis cash

Maps Credit Union prepared to return funds held in accounts by marijuana businesses in Oregon after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo in January, a credit union executive stated Monday. “If we think our members might need more cash than normal, we would prepare by ordering more cash supplies from our account […]
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Oregon cannabis industry leader: State market solid, but enforcement could tighten

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Portland Business Journal. library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. An Oregon cannabis industry leader left a Friday “summit” called by U.S. Attorney Billy Williams believing the chief federal law enforcement official in the state “does not appear to be inclined to shut down the regulated […]
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Williams seeks more info on Oregon black market marijuana

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams Friday convened a closed-door ‘marijuana summit’ of elected officials, law enforcement and other stakeholders. Standing before a group of government officials, cops, and representatives of public health, banking, tribes, and the cannabis industry on Friday, Oregon’s lead federal prosecutor renewed his call for more information about the state’s illegal marijuana market. […]
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Deschutes County talks marijuana with OLCC

With four meetings behind them, county commission to look at new rules Over the past three weeks, the Deschutes County Commission has met with representatives from state and local agencies to learn about different aspects of Oregon’s marijuana industry with an eye toward revisiting its rules around the controversial crop. Source: Deschutes County talks marijuana […]
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What to do with marijuana-generated cash

Officials seek banking privileges for marijuana business owners. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum along with 19 other attorney generals wrote to Congress urging them to advance legislation allowing states with legalized medical or recreational marijuana to bring that commerce into the banking system. Banks are currently hindered by federal law from providing financial services to […]
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On the Scene, Part II: Cannabis industry faces new regulatory pressures

Cannabis industry businesses weigh next steps in a new regulatory environment. Entrepreneurs who attended the annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference this Wednesday discussed survival tactics under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has ramped up regulation of the nascent industry. Members also learned they need to do a better job keeping product away from minors. Source: Oregon […]
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Oregon marijuana racketeering lawsuit settled

A lawsuit over alleged racketeering by marijuana growers has been settled, but a similar complaint was recently filed elsewhere in Oregon. Rural landowners in Oregon have settled a lawsuit filed that accused their marijuana-growing neighbors of violating federal anti-racketeering law and reducing property values. Source: Oregon marijuana racketeering lawsuit settled

West Coast Cannabis Groups Band Together To Protect Interests

Cannabis trade associations in Oregon, Washington and California say they are banding together to “protect West Coast cannabis interests.” Source: West Coast Cannabis Groups Band Together To Protect Interests

Marijuana groups form West Coast alliance

Collaboration to aid lobbying efforts in state capitals. Advocacy groups in Oregon, California and Washington joined forces Wednesday to form a West Coast lobby for legal marijuana. Source: Marijuana groups form West Coast alliance; Collaboration to aid lobbying efforts in state capitals